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Every couple tries to save up money where they can. Weddings come with a lot of costs. But you could economize when it comes to your wedding invites. They can easily be done at home. You can put all your efforts and creativity to work. The invites need to have a clear concept. This should be based on the theme of your wedding. For a fall theme you should go with some colored pumpkins or some leaf applications. For a tropical or beach inspired wedding, choose some interesting pal tree designs or some sunset images. For a more comical approach you could use some pirate images. Each one of these themes has a lot of elements and motifs from which you can get inspired. For a fairytale wedding, go for some fairy images or castle.

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If you are looking for simple yet classical invites, choose the typical black and white one or go for some floral patterns. Flowers are very feminine and they represent purity and beauty. You can never go wrong with flower wedding invites. Once you have decided on a theme you need to download the images. Choose the colors for the cardstock and print the images onto the cardstock. You will also need to type in the information.

114256 cheap invitations for wedding Cheap Invitations For Wedding

Cheap Invitations For Wedding (Source:

Make sure to use a script style that everyone can understand. State the location and time details regarding your reception. An RSVP should be included so the guests can respond to your invitation. As for the wedding invites you could also use some silk ribbons or some other embellishments to decorate the cardstock. Look online and you will surely find a lot of helpful tutorials. They will tell you how you can modify and make the invites truly unique and interesting. All you needs is some good computer skills and patience to learn. You will surely cerate some lovely invites and you will manage to impress the guests. You will also cut down on the costs for these invites.



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