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The wording for the invitations depends on what kind of information you would like to share to your guests but in general the cheap elegant wedding invitations should contain the basic information about the wedding ceremony and reception or party: the names of the bride and groom, always mentioning the name of the bride first, the names of the wedding hosts if the wedding was paid by the bride or groom’s parents or both their families, the location of the ceremony and/or reception and the address, with a some details such as directional signs or a printed map, the time, date and the RSVP.
The custom of sending the wedding invitations has its long history but so does the wording used to express the inviting to the wedding. This is the reason why we often talk about the wording etiquette for the elegant and cheap wedding invitations which generally demands the use of a traditional and formal language. Its modern alternative is the use of an informal language, sometimes being humorous or funny and sometimes starting the invitations with a favorite quote, verse or poem or expressing in simple words the feeling of love.

The RSVP is an abbreviation usually written at the bottom of a wedding invitation card or on a separate one, only when the bride and groom expect for an attendance response, which might be very important for planning the final arrangements for the ceremony or reception. If only the non-attendance responses are expected, the RSVP is replaced by the expression “Regrets only” and an added phone number for contact.

Should underline the fact that not all weddings are paid by the couples parents; sometimes they decide to pay for their own wedding or accept only a small financial contribution from their families so it should be their personal decision whether to include the names of the parents or not on the invitations.

The designs of those invitations come in a large variety of different and outstanding shapes, color combinations, patterns or sizes and even though the offers are multiple you can be sure that you will find some elegant and/or cheap invitations, just perfect for your wedding budget.

By the beginning of the twentieth century the wedding invitations became a popular custom among people from all social ranks; if people were to poor to buy and send the wedding invitations they had the option to announce the wedding day in a local or national newspaper.

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The simple and white wedding card with a hand written text was soon replaced by the elegant but cheap wedding invitation card, especially after the discovery of innovative printing techniques such as thermography.

Thermography creates a raised letter and pattern effect and even today is seen as the cheapest and fastest method of printing the invitations although the wedding invitations with an intricate calligraphy obtained only by hand writing the text is considered classy.

In truth, this method is very expensive so if you are looking for some inexpensive wedding invitations you might want to use thermography.

The online manufacturers give you the possibility of personalizing the invitations by creating some unique and one of a kind invitation cards or you can directly purchase the wedding invitations after viewing the samples on the internet and selecting your favorite patterned and color design for wedding invitations.

Before sealing the invitations in their double or single envelopes make sure to read them again just to be sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes or wrong addressing forms or honorifics and mail them out with minimum six weeks before the actual wedding day if the attendance reply is important.11

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