Champagne Colored Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | June 08 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Ever since the modern bride started to incorporate more colors into the wedding dress, the palette of nuances started to change a little bit too. During the past few years the majority of the bolder brides who dared to wear wedding dresses with colors used to incorporate all kinds of vibrant, dynamic and rich shades or bright red, burgundy, purple, black, brown, bright yellow, light blue, orange or green.

Nowadays, these colors are only used in powerful colored themed weddings. In 2010, colored wedding dresses are more likely to feature pastel, warm and skin toned nuances that have the only purpose of making the modern bride look as natural as possible.

Among the most recent colors that can be seen in wedding dresses of our century are cream, champagne, ivory, butter yellow, eggplant, antique white and orange, peach, lime green, turquoise, navy blue, mate tomato red, violet, teal, silver, blush, pearl gray, ruby rose, baby pink or bronze.

These splendid colors can emphasize the natural charm, sophistication, femininity, elegance, style, class and beauty of the bride in a very unique and romantic way. But let’s talk some more about champagne colored wedding dresses and what type of wedding affair they can suit best.

Champagne is a very smooth, soft and delicate shade that is situated somewhere between cream, yellow, ivory, beige, brown and gray. A champagne colored wedding dress can make the perfect election for sleek, refined and dainty weddings, held in fancy restaurants or locals, during the afternoon or evening.

A bride who decides to wear a champagne colored wedding dress should adapt the whole wedding to this delicate, refined, elegant and stylish color. The event can be classy and semi-formal, or more casual and chic, depending on what you prefer or choose as a formality and theme for the wedding.

The majority of the brides who are willing to try on something more distinctive, unique and different from all the classical white wedding dresses and put on a superb champagne colored wedding dress are usually looking for romantic necklines and floor sweeping lengths. The champagne color requires a more graceful, divine and draping design, that is why full floor length off-the shoulder champagne colored wedding dresses are so popular among unconventional brides who fancy the champagne color.

If you’re looking for something more unsophisticated, simple, dainty and informal, you can opt for a charming sweetheart champagne colored wedding dress or for a Roman bohemian style champagne colored wedding dress with one shoulder bodice or an empire waist and a flowing slim or A-line skirt. For a more modest and discreet look, you can try on a cap sleeve champagne colored wedding dress or a dress with petal or balloon sleeves.11

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  1. Saira

    April 14, 2011 at 9:53 am

    I also believe that after white, champagne is one of the best colors for a wedding dress. It’s so sensual, so decent and yet so elegant. And when you combine this color with a totally deadly beautiful dress, the impact on the body and on the viewer is simply deadly. From your article I can see what kind of dresses I should look for in order to acquire this effect. But from the pictures, only the first one can enter this category I am dreaming about. But still is not what I have in mind. Not quite a good selection of dresses for this article this time.


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