Celtic Style Wedding Dresses

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Those of you who wish to spend a more unique, romantic and distinctive wedding day and love the renaissance period can adopt it as a theme and try on a Celtic style wedding dress to complement the special character of the wedding. It doesn’t really matter why you choose to wear a beautiful classy medieval Celtic style wedding dress as long as you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Most brides who fancy the Celtic style and decide to incorporate it into their wedding as a theme are usually looking to honor a family tradition, heritage or the renaissance era. With so many renaissance themed wedding affairs these days, more unique and amazingly beautiful Celtic style wedding dress designs appeared on the market for the brides to find the dream dress easier and faster.

The renaissance period seems to be fancied of many contemporary brides who love the idea of wearing a fairy-tale or a classy princess style wedding dress on their wedding day. The renaissance theme started to gain more and more popularity in wedding cakes field as well, because of the many romantic and original decorative elements, toppers and patterns available for this period. So, if you’re decided to wear a Celtic style wedding dress on your special D-day, you have to know a couple of things first.

Before you go shopping and do any try-ons, picture in your mind what should the dream dress look like. It’s possible that the regular bridal bouquets, consignments, thrift stores or specialized stores you go search won’t provide with the colors, shapes and fabrics that you‘re looking for.

So think first of these aspects and then ask if they have any Celtic style wedding dress that contains your specifications in colors, fabrics, embroideries and styles. Perhaps you’re not pleased with a classical white Celtic style wedding dress and you want something more non-conventional, casual and distinctive as color. There are some great suitable colors for Celtic style wedding dresses such as green, blue, deep red or burgundy. When it comes to the fabric, the most popular types are those heavy-weighted or thick materials like cotton, velvet, lace or silk. Usually, the most known style for Celtic style wedding dresses pictures a tight bodice and a flowing layered skirt with large and long sleeves and high necklines.

Celtic style wedding dresses can be simple, ornate, traditional or modern, formal or informal, depending on the style and amplitude of the wedding. If you can’t find a pre-made Celtic style wedding dress design that you like, consider a custom-made or a personalized Celtic style wedding dress that can falter better your body figure and your personal style. Get in touch with a local seamstress who knows how to sew Celtic patterns or make the dress look more authentic and body-fitting.11

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