Catholic Wedding Songs

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The wedding music, especially the one that is displayed inside a Catholic religious service is introduced only for the purpose to serve and not for the one to dominate, therefore with the displaying of a Catholic wedding ceremony, the presence of secular music is not recommended. The worshipers of a Catholic faith are assisted by a music that is meant to express and at the same time to share the feeling of faith, its power that lies within them, in this way strengthening and nourishing the commitment to the faith. In the planning of a Catholic wedding ceremony, the wedding couple needs to get in touch with the priest and find out what is the proper way to unfold the music.
Some of the couples could be tempted to insert in their Catholic wedding ceremony the recorded music, but if you want to go by the book, you have to consider that the liturgy is a complex of messages and signs expressed lively by human beings, this is the reason why most of the times the music is preformed live by one or more of the church’s musical staff and/or assistants of the priest. But if you need to have your own selection of Catholic wedding songs and they are not on the list of live performed songs, then you should talk with the priest and see what does he recommend.

The insertion of Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” is another option that has given birth to a lot of controversies in the range of the religious figures, partly because this instrumental piece has its origins inside a theatrical repertoire which has the story based on fantasy and other pagan details and partly because the focus is woven on the bridal appearance alone. This is why in the displaying of Catholic wedding songs you should consult the religious officiant and see which is the most appropriate repertoire in the unfolding of a Catholic wedding ceremony.Choosing a Catholic wedding planner guide will help you a lot in picking your Catholic songs for the wedding.

You would be advised that the best of these songs are the ones to belong to the assembly participation, therefore they will need to know about the songs that are performed and together to join in their performance. In case there are invitees of other faiths it would be nice and considerate of you to have some ceremony programs printed which include the displaying of the sermon and the songs accompanying it. There could be guests who are not aware of the ways a Catholic ceremonial for wedding takes place, and having presented these programs is a good mean of showing respect and thanking toward their attendance.

Some of the Catholic songs that could be used as wedding songs in the expression of a Catholic religious service for wedding ceremonies are: “Air” from “Water music” by Handel, “Canon in D” by Pachelbel, “Jesu, joy of man’s desiring” by Bach, “Rondeau” by Mouret, “The Lord is kind and merciful”, “Panis Angelicus” – “O God of life” by Josh Groben, “One bread, one body”, “Allegro Maestoso” from”Water Music” by Handel, “The four seasons” composed by Vivaldi.

All of them could be selected in the presentation of your bridal appearance, in the presentation of gifts, in exchanging the vows and as such pronunciation of husband and wife, and for the last part when you as a married couple prepare to exit the church accompanied by the gathering of your faithful guests.11

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