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What can be more dream-like location for a wedding ceremony if not the site of a beach? Choosing Alabama as a wedding reception place opens a lot of opportunities to give your wedding party the touch of exotic and freedom. Alabama is a state located in the southern region of the US, being its thirtieth largest state. The climate here is described as temperate with an average annual temperature of 64 degrees F, but in the southern part the temperatures tend to be warmer. Summers though are among the hottest in the US, reaching temperatures of 90 degrees F.

Alabama beach offers the couples a unique wedding experience in romantic surroundings and because of the themes popular in this place, Alabama beach became an attraction for people coming from all over the world. The scenery that displays itself as a perfect background for the wedding conveys at the same time the magical image of a dream. To organize a party down there is quite at handy, since wedding planners are to be reachable, together with the different services needed for the planning and the party itself.

alabama beach wedding flowers 300x199 Alabama Beach Wedding FlowersOrganizing the wedding on the beach requires for the couple to let their guests know about the location in order for them to get dressed accordingly. Next to the invitation is good to add a weather forecast, since there are situations when the nature plays unexpected surprises, in this case you and your guests might need to be prepared.

Floral decorations, wedding bouquets, bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, flowers for men’s boutonnieres are also an important detail of your wedding plan. Be sure you find the florist, along with your other researches, that can integrate the relevant flowers to your party. Considering that the temperature is quite high during the summer season, natural flowers may loose easily their freshness, so you might consider the option of silk made flowers. The art of the florists in this matter is exquisite, since they can replicate the natural flowers in such a manner that one can not tell the difference from a real one to the artificial one.

Lately a way of preservation the fresh flowers appeared on the floral market: the  real plants are treated with a glycerin mixture, thus enabling them to have the same look of freshness and the beauty is that they do not need watering to display the same freshness.

Alabama beach wedding flowers come in a variety of style and color and exotic. The most favored flowers are naturally, the roses. They are also to be found in a wide range of styles and names, such as: bridal pink roses, candia (creamy white with dark pink edges to the petals), Champaign, darling (creamy peach rose), Delores (a soft pink rose), Jacaranda (a hot pink rose), Lady Diana (pale peach rose), Sterling Silver (small lavender rose). Other flowers that are not less appreciated are Orchids – this one comes also in a variety of sorts; Lillies; Anemones – shaped similar to poppies and available in white, blue, red violet, and yellow; Anthuriums; daffodils; freesia; gardenia; lilac; iris and the list can go on. Due to the mirage of its beaches, Alabama is a great place to organize your wedding ceremony!11

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Wedding bouquets are important elements that can complement the look both for the brides and bridesmaids. The bridal bouquets with all other forms used in the wedding ceremony originate way back in the era of ancient Greece where brides used flowers that had fragrance and herbs to chase the evil spirits away. The way nowadays the brides hold in hands the flowers arranged in a bouquet dates from the Victorian Period; at that time this small easy to hold arrangement was created out of a single type of flower that symbolized the feelings of the bride towards her future to be husband.

In present times the brides use for their bouquet a combination of type of flowers, that does not necessary mean something. Sometimes these bridal bouquets are created merely for the sake of beauty and effect of the colors. Before they used to have meanings and symbols, which brides, and not only them, were aware of.

wedding bouquet flowers 258x300 Wedding Bouquet FlowersBut if we think better, in those times girls, the future brides, didn’t have anything else better to do than fall in love and dream for the day when that love will materialize in a wedding. They had all the time in the world to think of that day and to choose the meaningful flowers, since they knew by heart their significance as there weren’t so many. But today, only to take into account the meaningful flowers, the ones that fully express your feelings, may take hours, if not days, moreover that there are so many types and colors for each type to decide upon.

A helping suggestion might be the one that offers the option of hiring a wedding florist who can indeed come with a variety of possibilities that match the note of your wedding events. There are also the so-called “bouquet designer galleries” that unfold an entire show of  arrangements one more colorful and meaningful than the other.

The bouquet you have to decide upon has to match your height as there are different types of bouquets (the short and rounded ones for tall brides and the longer bouquets for the short brides), they have to match the colors of your wedding and last, but not least, the theme of your wedding ceremony.

The most pleasing flowers that appeal to the brides are roses, white lilies, gerbera, tiny wild flowers that come in a variety of vivid colors, but these too have to relate to the season when the wedding takes place. Other aspect you may have to take into account is that wedding bouquets can be made of silk flowers which allow the decorators to use their imagination and create elaborate wedding bouquet flowers that do not necessary have to imitate the real ones.  The intricate design of these silk flowers wedding bouquets is a feature that determines the brides to select them; beside this we don’t have to omit the fact that these silk made flowers do not die, do not give pollen allergies, do not get damaged.

Choosing the wedding bouquet flowers is sometimes hard, as there are so many types of flowers, but with a little help from the professional florists or websites this choice will not appear to be difficult after all!11

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Let’s face it: when we say 50 years we think of a half of a century, it is a long period of time when lots of things can change, especially nowadays when we live in a constant discovery of new things that turn a yesterday belief into ashes. What was thought yesterday to last for a life time can change in a matter of seconds for tomorrow to bring a new beginning, a new way to look at things, and as such new perspectives. If we put it in this way we can consider a life time spent in a marriage across all these 50 years, than it really deserves to be celebrated. People use to call this celebration the “golden wedding” and it makes a real difference to be able to attend such a celebration and see that love and respect and commitment a couple has promised 50 years ago are still standing.

And to pay your own consideration to their long lasting love you have to think of a gift which carries the symbol of your appreciation and what can be the best gift to offer if not the flowers? Offering flowers can never go wrong especially with a couple that has reached the age of total accomplishments, be they material or spiritual. Flowers are all the time welcomed as a gift, they nourish your soul and they ennoble the space you live in turning every day into a celebration of life bringing the immensity of the nature’s beauty in the limits of the small dimensions of your existence.

golden wedding flowers 300x300 Golden Wedding FlowersSince this wedding anniversary is called the golden one, then the best choice of flowers is the golden flower which we may call it in our context the golden wedding flower. The most favored flowers that have never failed and never will are the yellow roses. Roses in their meaning are known to be the most chameleonic flowers since their symbol gets changed with every color they present. The yellow roses have even gained the name of “roses golden wedding” as they are known to be presented to the couples who celebrate their 50 years of marriage. The meaning is of friendship, delight, gladness, joy, “I care”, tenderness, features that a couple married for so long has definitely experienced and still is at their wedding anniversary.

Other special flowers that worth mentioning as golden wedding flowers are camellias golden anniversary. The flower through its own way of living expresses everlasting union since the calyx of the camellia holds as long as the petals are lasting, when the petals go down so does the calyx, Chinese seeing this as a representation of the spirit of a lady (the petal) that has entrusted the man (calyx) as her protector.

Along with these flowers there are some others that make the object of a nice way to wish the couple all your best thoughts, delicate flowers such as violets, a nice bouquet with assorted fresh flowers as a symbol of love that is kept fresh in a marriage, because without the fresh scent of love a marriage couldn’t last for so long.11

Ladies, we have Brenda from Merry Me Bouquets today with us. She’s here to talk about why brooch bouquets are slowly becoming the favorites of brides all over the world.

Q: We’re here today with Brenda, a florist that creates some of the most amazing wedding bouquets you’ll ever see. Brenda, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

A: Thank You! That’s very flattering.

I am very passionate about weddings and flowers. I also have s soft spot for brides.

I am constantly working because it’s what I enjoy doing with my time. My family is very supportive and understanding about the amount of time I spend building my business.

Q: How did you start working in the wedding industry and why a florist?

A: I started when I began making bouquets for my own wedding. I found myself in a very happy place while creating bouquets and especially while making brooch bouquets.

Q: What do you feel that sets you apart from your competition? What do you have to offer brides?

A: I believe I am set apart by my style and technique and my ability to make a brides vision for her bouquet come to life.

I won’t give away my secret but I take extra steps when building brooch bouquets that make them even more securely put together.

I have been told by my clients that my work stands out from the others and they chose me because of the unique pairings and the fact that my bouquets do look different.

Q: What is your biggest business challenge?

A: Managing my supplies! I have many drawers and compartmentalized cases with so many little pieces of jewelry and a 6 foot long table covered in vases full of flowers. I have a bin and several boxes overflowing with ribbon. It’s a lot to manage but I usually know where everything is so that I can work quickly.

Q: I’m sure brides would love to know what the 2015 trends are as far as wedding flowers are concerned. Don’t spare any details.

A: I am getting a lot of requests for lilies and Picasso lilies. I am also getting a lot of requests for Tiffany Blue with Coral accents . That’s a popular color combination from what I am seeing.

Q: What is your best selling product and why?

A: My custom made brooch bouquets. I think it’s because every bride wants something that is different and only theirs. My bouquets are very carefully made and I use different techniques that make mine different from others.

Q: From your experience, have you found that brides make mistakes when choosing their bouquets and florists?

A: not in my experience. Sometimes brides just need a little help deciding on what they want in the first place. Very bride I’ve worked with has been thrilled with their choice of bouquet, as far as I am told.

Q: If you come across a bride that wants to order her wedding flowers, but is not sure where to start, what would you recommend?

A: I recommend searching Pinterest and wedding websites to look at pictures and get ideas. If they have no idea what they want, I generally start with the bridesmaid dress color and show them options or what would look nice with her choice of dresses. I also have them look through my catalog of bouquets on Etsy. They will usually find something they like there and we just make color or flower changes to bring it together.

Q: If you could change one thing in the current bride mentality, what would it be?

A: I would change the amount stress that brides put on themselves while wedding planning. I do everything I can to make this portion of their wedding planning fun and stress free.

Q: Any last piece of advice for future brides?

A: Try not to be overwhelmed by the planning. Enjoy it and make memories along the way.

image2 Interview With A Brooch Bouquet Manufacturer: I would change the... image5 Interview With A Brooch Bouquet Manufacturer: I would change the... image71 Interview With A Brooch Bouquet Manufacturer: I would change the... image111 Interview With A Brooch Bouquet Manufacturer: I would change the... image121 Interview With A Brooch Bouquet Manufacturer: I would change the... image161 Interview With A Brooch Bouquet Manufacturer: I would change the...

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Ladies, we have something juicy to teach you today! Gabriela, handmade jeweler, was kind enough to share one of her tutorials on how to make your own wedding brooch bouquet. We’d love it if you shared this article, I really thing Gabriela deserves a round of applause for her talent. Here we go!

Have you decided what kind of flowers to choose for your wedding bouquet? Are you having a vintage wedding? Then what about a brooch bouquet?

I would like to share with you an easy way, how to make your very own brooch bouquet.

What you will need:

  • Polystyrene ball, you can find it in any craft shop
  • handle, you can use a cling film roll after it has finished(we all have it in our kitchen)
  • lace ribbon or fabric flowers (or both)
  • brooch
  • hair pins
  • a piece of chiffon, bid enough to cover our polystyrene ball with a little extra to be able to fix it to it
  • silk ribbon, to cover the handle
  • glue
  • scissors


Bouquet supply 1024x768 How To Make Your Own Brooch Bouquet

You can make your own lace flowers. I am using them because not just they look beautiful, but it’s easy to pin them to the ball.

Here is how you make them:

  • You need to cut off 10x the width of your lace ribbon for each piece of flower. In same size stitches work through one side of the textile, then tie the two ends to each other. Use big enough stitches, as this will give a lovely depth to your flower. It will look something like a picture shown below. You can use different width of ribbon, to make different size of flowers.LaceFlower 1024x768 How To Make Your Own Brooch Bouquet

Let’s go to make the actual bouquet:

I am using a 15cm diameter ball, you can buy a bigger or smaller one, it’s up to you.

First you will need to fix the handle to the ball. The polystyrene is soft enough, so you can push it in without a problem. Make sure that you push it in straight also glue it to the ball for a better hold. You can shorten the handle, if you find it too long.

Bouquet2a 1024x768 How To Make Your Own Brooch Bouquet

  1. Use your chiffon square to cover the ball, make sure there is enough to fix it to the handle with a thin ribbon. Then start to pin your lace flowers to it starting from the very top. If you are using a ready-made flower then glue it to the chiffon.
  2. Cover the whole piece with flowers. Arrange them as you wish.
  3. Cover the end of the handle with a piece of ribbon or lace. Don’t worry if it isn’t even, you won’t see it at the end.
  4. Now you can start to cover the whole handle with a silk ribbon, covering the piece of chiffon that is over, then covering each layer of ribbon partially with a next one. You only need to glue it to the handle at the beginning and at the end.

TIP:  If you are using only ready-made flowers, make sure that you fix the chiffon to the ball with the hair pins on few places for a better hold.

If you know how to make a crochet flower, you can use (make) them. You will be able to pin it to the ball easily just like in a case of a lace flower.

Now you can pin the brooches to the flower. You can adorn the handle with a different color ribbon, beads ribbon…

Here is my version of it, as you can see I made a neutral bouquet, you can choose any color ribbon, flower to work with:

DSC07326a 1024x1024 How To Make Your Own Brooch BouquetDSC07331b How To Make Your Own Brooch Bouquet

Enjoy! Hope you are having a great creative time with it!

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When we say silk flowers we instantly let ourselves carried away back to the times when our grandparents had their wedding ceremony. Actually the first use of these silk flowers has been dating since approximately the 27th century BC, when Chinese people manufactured silk clothes as well as silk floral imitations. As the same time as Marco Polo explored the world he brought to the Italians the art craft of making artificial flowers.

Starting with the 14th century French began to develop this art craft too and pretty soon it was already spread in England and from there carried by the emigrants into the New continent.  In the 20s, US companies began to supply silk wedding flowers to tailors and room decorators. By the 70s, silk made flowers were already the products of many factories from Thailand due to the lower price production costs. They were imported by the US and appeared on the markets in an abundance of colors, design and variety of blossoms.

wedding flowers silk arangements 300x300 Wedding Flowers Silk ArangementsIn our days, mainly China and Thailand are the countries to export large amounts of silk flowers production as a lot of modern techniques developed in order to produce real-like silk flowers for all kind of events. So accurate their look is that they are always mistaken for the real ones.

In wedding ceremonies silk flowers are to be preferred for floral arrangements the florists offering a vast range of possibilities to combine colors and designs in an unfolding of creativity and imagination.

A variety of flowers to begin with is available on the market in where mixtures of tulips, roses, callas, lilacs, petals of different type of  flowers used in spreading on wedding couple’s treading paths lead to the same effect or even better that natural floral decorations display.

Silk wedding flowers arrangements challenge every florist imagination in trying to obtain a pleasing, refined and unified effect in respect to wedding couple’s personality and desire. A variety of ideas is given starting from spreading flower petals throughout the reception hall, on the tables to putting tiny colorful flowers with stem and leafs into small glass containers to decorate the empty spaces on the corners of the reception room…

Monochromatic floral display can be  also classy and interesting in silk wedding flowers arrangements using a mixture of different shapes and sizes to delight the eye. The beauty of all this consists in that that the silk made flowers are easy to remodel in case they do not fit in the size pattern or the desired setting.11

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Decorating the space of your life is part of how we see the idea of a piece of beauty into our existence, and flowers, be they natural or artificial, make the object of the notion of beauty. We use flowers to decorate our rooms, to be part of our garden, to decorate our various occasions that take place in our life, all in one flowers are part of our life in a way that nothing else could offer to our senses and need for charm.

That is why we say that flowers are unique, because through their way of giving themselves to us they make us feel surrounded by a piece of nature, refreshing our senses and letting us enjoy their own beauty.

Flowers are also part of decorating the weddings, together with their presence they bring special meaning to the couple and to their big event. Due to this fact, wedding couples try to find unique wedding flowers in that they have to render the feelings couples have toward their wedding celebration and toward what it stands for. Every wedding flower can be unique in its own way, since it carries the symbol that the couple has chosen to represent their personality and belief.

unique wedding flowers 199x300 Unique Wedding FlowersWhat can be unique, I mean more unique than what has been mentioned before, is the arrangement that the flowers could have while being used as bridal bouquets, as table centerpieces, as boutonnière decoration, bridesmaids bouquets, or elements to decorate different pieces belonging to the wedding space, such as candles, corners of the reception hall etc.

For instance to use other flowers than roses in the bridal bouquets is an aspect that requires knowledge about the meanings, in case they are different than the ones that are carried by the roses. Let’s take orange blossoms, which they say that they have been included in the bridal bouquet for centuries. Orange blossoms have a different meaning than the one that roses have, they carry in their trait the significance of abundance and this feature was passed along to the one who was holding the flower. Not too many people are aware of these kind of things, but as long as the decoration looks nice and special, one can use it even if it is known only by few present at the wedding event.

Using garlands with twisted satin ribbons as the center of each wedding table is another interesting thing to turn your floral arrangements into unique wedding flowers. And if you set a candle in the middle of the garland it can make it look even more special considering that the flicker of the candle brings a kind of mystery to the whole atmosphere. Present your guests with floral corsages or boutonnières is that kind of attention that you pay to your invitees making them feel important for the biggest day of your life. Is like inviting them to be part of your happiness and sharing this to them you lay a piece of happiness into their heart as well, and this has always been the most appreciated gift one can ever get!11

We do agree that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your floral decorations and you bridal bouquet. However, flowers are flowers, and chances are that at least one other bride in this world has had the exact same ones as you did. What if I told you there’s a new trend out there that provides not only unique wedding flowers, but also a chance to be eco-friendly. You do want to be eco-friendly, don’t you?

Here’s where My Eco Flower comes in. Imagine that you could have your wedding bouquet forever, kept in a special vase, in the corner of your living room, or above your fireplace, for everyone to see. How would you feel if you went to visit a friend who was at your wedding and you saw that they were keeping flowers from the wedding right next to their TV set or their family pictures. How would that make you feel. My Eco Flower creates flowers that never die.


Because they are made 100% out of recycled materials. Sola wood, birch-wood, corn-husks, pine cones, old novels, music sheets, brooches, you name it. In fact, here are some photos to convince you this is the work of some very talented people.

All My Love What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

All My Love

Bejewled What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?


Coral Reef What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Coral Reef

Holiday Centerpiece What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Holiday Centerpiece

La Jolla Beach What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

La Jolla Beach

Love Story What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Love Story

Map to my heart What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Map to my heart

Mothers Hubbard What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Mother’s Hubbard

Poker Face What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Poker Face

Sophisticated Centerpiece What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

Sophisticated Centerpiece

The next thing that you absolutely must remember is that their flower bouquets are uniquely scented with fun scents like apple pie, dark chocolate or lavender.


Special holiday offer

Since we love My Eco Flower so much and they really seem to love us back, the two of us made a deal. Here is our gift for you guys.

Each one of you can get a special 10% discount on purchases from My Eco Flower, just by using the following coupon code: theweddingspecialists

In the end, I’ll leave you with an awesome picture gallery, all revolving around these beautiful wedding bouquets.

1 1 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses? 2 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses? 4 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses? 5 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses? 6 1 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses? 7 1 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses? 8 1 What If Your Wedding Flowers Could Be Completely Different From Everyone Elses?

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Flowers as part of the nature offer us the sight of everything that can be beautiful in relation to the nature. There are other elements contained in the nature, and they also make the object of beauty, but unfortunately some of them we can not take home with us, and we are left with the only option to take their picture as a reminder of the element that enchanted our soul at a certain moment. But with flowers, is a different story, you can pick them up, you can grow them in your garden, you can even manufacture silk flowers in a way that can confer the same freshness and delicacy that a real flower does.

When the wedding day is already set and you start planning for the details that compose a wedding ceremony, you include also the flowers element and begin thinking of a best way to obtain the most beautiful wedding flowers to turn your wedding ceremony into a celebration of beauty and color.  In the present times, so many flower types have emerged on the market that many would agree with the fact that generally the ones that are more expensive are also the most beautiful. Well, if we think again, we can say that the price is normally set according to the way that flower was cultivated or if it was imported from lands that make it far to be reached at. In this respect not all the expensive flowers can make the object of your most beautiful wedding flowers, since lot of couples are seeking to use flowers that through their meanings and colors confer significance to the moment.

most beautiful wedding flowers 300x212 Most Beautiful Wedding FlowersAnother aspect that contributes to setting the price for flowers is the manner in which they are presented to the potential customers; details that enrich the arrangements, be they represented by bridal bouquet, boutonnière flowers, corsage, bridesmaids bouquets or table centerpieces, can also reflect the price for flowers. There are lots of accessories to be used while decorating a bridal bouquet such as satin or tulle ribbons, colored rings, green leaves all adding a plus of delicacy and specialty to the wedding floral decoration.

Therefore we can not say what are the most beautiful flowers, since all of them are beautiful, charming, filled of shiny colors that do their best in decorating not only your wedding day, but also the rest of your days. If we consider the most popular flowers that are used in wedding events, this aspect can render the flowers the status of being the most beautiful; they have to be the most beautiful otherwise brides wouldn’t choose them to take part in the most important day of their life.

In this respect we find the beloved rose with its complex meanings reflected by its colors, too, calla lilies, Stephanotis, Hydrangeas, daisies, orchids, peonis, hyacinths, tulips and we have to apologize to all the other existing flowers for not mentioning them at all, but everybody has to be aware of the fact that when we say flower we say beauty and there is nothing out there in the world to chase their beauty away.11

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It doesn’t matter if your wedding is in summer or in winter; you still want to have a beautiful bridal bouquet that will match your wedding dress, the theme and style of the ceremony. Bridal bouquets are an important part of the bridal wedding outfit as their role is to enhance the beauty and elegance of the wedding dress.

If you are having a winter wedding, choosing the right bridal bouquet that will suit your desires can be a difficult task as many flowers are out of season. Fortunately most florists know of this difficulty and have always a stock of all flowers or if the flowers you want for your bridal bouquet aren’t available, they can always advise you and help you find other beautiful flowers that will match your wishes.

winter bridal bouquets 254x300 Winter Bridal Bouquets

Winter Wedding Bouquet from flower-arrangement-advisor.com

When it comes to winter bridal bouquets there are actually no color restriction. You can choose whatever color you want, but at the same time it is a good idea to have some winter accents (like pine cones, holly leaves, baby’s breath, berries and others) on your bridal bouquets. The trend colors for winter bridal bouquets are deep green, red, mauve, aubergine with accents of bright winter white and a touch of pink, blue, gold or silver. When choosing the color of your winter bridal bouquet take into consideration other elements of decoration (like table linens, centerpieces or even the cake) or the wedding theme and style.

Thanks to the year round availability of many hybrid flowers, you do not have to limit yourself to only a few flowers. Almost every flower you like and love can be found nowadays also in winter. For your winter bridal bouquet you can use some of the following winter flowers: freesias, lilies, poinsettias, hydrangeas or even roses. Beautiful winter bridal bouquet can be made also out of snowdrops, orchids and magnolias.

winter bridal bouquets 2 240x300 Winter Bridal Bouquets

Winter Wedding Bouquet from marthastewartweddings.com

Add to these flowers springs of Christmas Fir and Mistletoe and other winter accessories and you will get a beautiful and romantic winter bridal bouquet. The size and shape of your winter bridal bouquet depends on the style of the wedding and on your body size. For a more formal look, choose a cascade bridal bouquet while for a more casual look go for a hand – tight bouquet.

A beautiful romantic bridal bouquet that just screams out winter should be made out of deep red, perfectly wide open velvety amaryllis blossoms and Hypericum berries. This winter wedding bouquet will make a great contrast to your white or ivory wedding dress and to the snowy landscape. It will surely stand out of the ordinary and will be a high light. A hand – held wreath made of blue-gray juniper boughs and deep green arborvitae on which delicate and graceful snowdrops are tied, could be beautiful and outstanding winter bridal bouquet. The dramatic shape of the bouquet determined by the branches combined with the cascading tiny and beautiful blossoms would make your winter bridal bouquet be one of a kind and memorable.11

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Whoever said summer is the most romantic season to get married, has obviously never seen pictures from a winter wedding. You’d think that people are uncomfortable attending a marriage planned in the cold season, but the ladies look stunning in a beautiful long gown and a fur coat.

Here are some thoughts on your winter wedding bouquet:

1. Since we call it the white season, why not go for a white wedding bouquet? Something like a combination of white roses, white tulips and maybe some silver pine cones?

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The wedding day was almost there. We had it planned till the smallest detail, but the flower element we have left it aside on purpose. Partly because we have decided to have them in their fresh shape, and partly because a friend of mine dealing with a florist business was out of town. Of course, there were other options we could have taken into account, since there are so many vendors in this department, all willing to help and advice on your wedding floral decorations. But I took my chances in asking my friend to do flowers for wedding, because I feel quite at my ease in her presence, and besides there is this long friendship that ties us in a way that makes us open ourselves to each other.

Frankly, it comforted me the most the thought of sharing my ideas to a good friend of mine, especially that she for some time into the florist business. And anyway, since this detail is better to be fixed closer to the wedding day we couldn’t say that we were in such a hurry. So we waited till her arrival, five days prior to our wedding day and I approached her in this matter. I was surprised to see how many new things were there to know about the flowers meant for a wedding ceremony. My friend was well informed on this subject, since she had experience in assisting many weddings in this problem, so I let myself confidently into her hands.

asking friend to do flowers for wedding 150x150 Asking Friend To Do Flowers For WeddingShe knew that I was a fan for roses and together we tried different approaches of these flowers regarding my bridal bouquet, the table decoration and the room decoration as well. As my wedding didn’t have a specific theme, due to the small budget available, it was simpler to find variations both for the roses’ color and their arrangements. She told me that for my classic wedding my choice for roses was the best because they symbolized innocence, love and passion, all these symbols being related, of course to the color. She has shown me some photos of her best floral arrangements and told me that if I had other ideas she was more than glad to listen to them.

The photos I have seen contained not merely roses, but combination of roses with other flowers or plants that took the ubiquitous aspect of roses out of the ordinary. After deciding on the combination of flowers she told me that I should better have a bouquet that complement the design of my wedding dress and we browsed again the photos that referred to the style of the bouquet and the length of it. The one we agreed upon was a small, stunning one that had a fresh and brilliant aspect. It was perfect for the moment when I was supposed to walk along the aisle.

Next step was the floral decorations meant to ornate the wedding reception table. We agreed on a combination of white and yellow roses and the style she chose fit exactly the width and the length of the table. I was very satisfied with her service and considering that all her assistance was also her gift for my wedding day, it turned out to be even better!11

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Shoshone Indians, also known as the Snake Nation, were nomadic people who traveled over a vast region of Western US. Their way of life was simple, they used to find everything they needed in the nature around them and because they weren’t a sedentary tribe, they didn’t use to own much in terms of belongings till later after the 18th century when horse trading started to delimitate their people in rich and poor. As many other Indian tribes, they had a spiritual leader called Medicine Man because he was considered to have magical powers in healing both physically and spiritually. Their religion was called Sutteeism, the act of self-sacrifice.

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Decorating your wedding ceremony include also the use of flowers that can turn your wedding space and outfits as well into an explosion of freshness and color throughout your whole wedding reception. Flowers arrangements can include a lot of objects to be decorated starting form your wedding attire (both man and woman) to wedding table at the reception party. The variety comprises fresh flower wreath, garland flowers decoration, wreath centerpiece, flowers to decorate gift baskets, corsage and boutonnieres, flowers heart cascade, dinner table flowers centerpiece and the list can go on depending also on other elements that constitute your wedding planning, such as location, both for church service and official service, theme of the wedding, number of guests and how large is the space where the reception party is being held.

The best way to find the best flowers arrangements is hiring a wedding planner that can assist you with a professional florist to do the decorations and everything that it is to do regarding the chapter “flowers”. But in case that your wedding budget is too restricted, you might think of finding a way to do all these by yourself. You have to consider all the options that are given to you that concern the type of flowers selected for your decorations: the fresh ones or the silk made ones? Either way you need to spend some time in doing some market research, and when finally you have decided upon the types of flowers, colors and use than you can start planning the arrangements.

wedding flowers arrangements instructions 294x300 Wedding Flowers Arrangements InstructionsWedding flowers arrangements instructions can be found on websites where a richness of possibilities opens in front of your eyes, that you might be overwhelmed. But it is good to know what you want, because in this way it would be easier for you to look for and find that specific thing that you need. For the wedding bouquet and boutonnieres flowers is not so hard to create the types, so long as you have a pretty picture of how they might look like. For the table centerpiece there are several creations, depending on everybody’s tastes, or personality as well. You need to be equipped with tools and details to help you through the process, such as, scissors, dry floral foam, ribbons, hot glue, greening pins, wire and wire cutter. These tools can be used for arrangements on dinner tables that can comprise candle floral arrangements with the stem of the flowers cut in different lengths depending on the order you want to use to decorate around the candle.

Using ribbons with the ends cut on angles to give a nicer look you can add a plus of elegance to the decoration itself, the silky and colorful they are, the greater effect will render. The table centerpiece can use glass bowls on different sizes, depending on how wide the table is, bowls that contain bouquets of flowers that can overflow like in a cascade of freshness, color and elegance over the table’s surface. These centerpieces can give joy to the guests while they sit at the table and savor your wedding menu.11

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The traditional and classic white and green flower corsage is gracefully bowing out. Strutting right in with elegance to take their rightful place in this year’s halls of the season are the elegant, bright, lush and euphoric sorts of flowers such as the garden roses, the peony and the hydrangeas. This is a risk leap for brides into more colorful wedding endeavors, gracefully twisting tradition as they walk smiling down the aisle.

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Brides who are planning their wedding on a beautiful spring season day are definitely the luckiest ones of all! And this is because the spring season is the best time of the year that can provide us with so many diverse and unique types of fresh natural flowers, one more beautiful and attractive than the other.

The wide range of choices in this filed is generous with every single type of bride and her own preferences or tastes in matters of flower arrangements, colors, shapes and perfumes. Well, this is another advantage that a spring time wedding offers to a bride, and that is the magical fresh smell of spring flowers and herbals. Almost all types of flowers available in this season are gifted with a stunning divine fragrance. What more can a bride wish for her wedding day than a colored, aromatic frilly and playful seasonal wedding flower bouquet and décor theme? In the following lines we are going to discuss about spring narcissus wedding flowers and hopefully the images that we attached to this article will be somehow helpful or at least inspiring for you.

Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers 300x225 Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers

We adore narcissus type of flower and we find it among the most suitable, romantic, enchanting and charming flowers to be used on a lovely wedding day in spring. In this same season you can also look for lilacs, lilies of the valley, cherry blossoms, Billy Balls, sweet peas, anemones, freesias or orchids, which can also look sublime when used in the correct colors, shapes and doses. In case you’re not satisfied with the way a simple narcissus flower arrangement looks like, you can always incorporate few additional stems of any type of flower listed above. However, we think that narcissuses look at their best when they are used alone in bridal bouquets and centerpieces, or when they are combined with sweet peas, marigolds, Billy Balls, irises or hyacinths in simple, loose and natural touch arrangements.

Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers 2 300x300 Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers

Nevertheless, it’s your wedding after all, and you are free to use these pretty flowers just the way you want. No one should stop you from obtaining the look and the wedding of your dreams! These are only suggestions that we thought you might like to read about and in the end see for yourself whether they are worth taken into account or not. Narcissuses are great because they can be found in a stunning impressive and cheerful yellow shade which can help the bride who is planning the wedding in the nature to obtain a more inviting, warm and casual vibrant atmosphere. Besides this, a yellow spring narcissus wedding flower bouquet can also bring more luminosity, brightness, happiness and glitter to the bride’s face. You can also find narcissuses in white blooms beautified with yellow or orange centers.

Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers 3 292x300 Spring Narcissus Wedding Flowers

In case you are planning a white and yellow themed wedding you should definitely go with a bicolor type of spring narcissus wedding flower bouquet using these two marvelous nuances. The final effect is going to be simply remarkable, romantic and original. Browse for more pictures of spring narcissus wedding flower arrangement pictures and articles on our website.11

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The option of creating wedding floral arrangements “in house” is considered by an increased number of brides this year. A crisis came as a to blame Pinterest and its inspiration boards, as new men, florists, blame them because they make it look so easy as child’s play … not sure, it is certain that more and more brides are seriously thinking to quit the services of a florist for your wedding day and deal with them for their floral arrangements.  Well … not good! I’ll try, objectively, to show you, my dear brides (depleted) why such an idea will destroy the most beautiful day of your life.


Low costs. For a wedding to look like those on Pinterest it will require a minimum investment of 1,000 euros. Amount reflects many flowers, many hours of research, sketches, long time for the development of design and the details. If you’ll take care only of flowers, you will pay only flowers. And that I think would be the only advantage, however, think well before making a choice!

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  • High costs. Yes, yes, I was wrong. At first glance it might seem that you, by making flower arrangements for the wedding alone will save the expense. In fact, you’ll spend many hours watching tutorials on YouTube by searching thousands of “DIY” on the net, making phone calls and asking where you can buy a particular flower. We add nerves and frustration.
  •  Florists working with flowers and importers offer direct deposits. This means that you can provide quality flowers to withstand handling and heat. In addition, each firm importing cut flowers for florists partners have special offers that you want and can offer flowers at a great price.

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To understand the Irish modern wedding one has to go deep into the old Irish weddings, as the scent of tradition is present into the contemporary Irish wedding. Customs are still incorporated into wedding celebrations, where history and folklore mingle casting a image on how weddings were celebrated in Ireland long time ago. There is a saying in wedding Irish tradition that suggests the fact that a bride should not marry in May as she will feel sorry for the day, but in April when the couple can enjoy better.

That is a reason why some couples decide to have the wedding on the month of April, even nowadays when they are said to leave superstitions aside and mind the priorities offered by a modernistic way of looking at life. Ireland though is a place that the traditions are still alive and not only because of a certain commodity, but because the customs of a wedding celebration have proved and still prove to be more colorful and meaningful.

modern wedding flowers ireland 200x300 Modern Wedding Flowers IrelandIrish people love to celebrate and wedding party is a reason that can gather them together in a feast of old combined with modern details. It is a common knowledge the fact that the traditions that have the roots in nature and elements generated by it are the ones that defeat the passing of time. By taking part in these delightful traditions of the past and present, a wedding becomes a tribute to the ancient inheritance.

There are many occasions that display flowers in ways of decorations or gifts, and wedding in Ireland is one of these. Specific flowers, color of flowers and placing the flowers are important aspects to be taken into account while considering a wedding planning.  The flowers for the bride’s bouquet are chosen very carefully. The arrangements of the flowers in a bridal bouquet are combinations of the traditional with the modernistic style.

The design is simple but the appearance is all the same impressive. The richness and freshness are features that come out from the style of arranging the flowers; combination of small delicate wild flowers with roses and gerberas produces a delight for the eye. Other Ireland‘s modern wedding flower used are  English lavenders that keep their utilization also from old customs having the symbol of love and devotion. Wildflowers are often used as wreath in bride’s hair instead of a veil; other brides and their bridesmaids carry myrtle which the bridesmaid burry after the ceremony as a symbol of her future wedding to come.

In modern Irish floral decorations for the weddings, ivy is seen as well, it carries the symbol of fidelity and stability of feelings throughout the marriage. An addition of a sprig of rosemary conveys the remembrance of a deceased loved one. If one discovers the significance of tradition in an old Irish wedding it won’t be hard to understand the symbols of the modern weddings in Ireland.11