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Wedding dresses during the medieval period were quite different to the ones we wear today. First of all the color was the main element to be chosen for a wedding dress since the colors carried symbols that depicted the character of the bride or her social status. Thus blue was the color of purity instead of white, the white we have today for our weddings. This doesn’t mean that the dress was mainly blue, it was suffice to be other color so long as it had some blue in it.

As the color was the thing that could tell about the bride’s status in society, we have to add that white was a color to use for wedding dress, but the brides to wear were the peasants’ brides; this fact also symbolized that it was a cheap medieval wedding dress and that the bride didn’t bring anything on her wedding.

cheap medieval wedding dresses1 Cheap Medieval Wedding DressesOn the other hand, the color green was to be preferred as it meant youth, while yellow and gold were somehow excluded as they symbolized jealousy.

White dresses became popular in Brittany in the 17th century; the gown was made of two layers, an overdress and an under dress. The wedding dress pattern was however the one with longs sleeves and some gowns came also with caps and hoods on top of these. If the wedding couples choose a medieval theme for their wedding it is better that the period of time for this to be selected in late fall or in winter.

The style of the dresses differ through that that the sleeves are either detached from the dress or connected to the gown by extra material that make them look like sided wings.

Medieval weddings as theme for a wedding are very romantic and because of the richness of the fabrics and their elaborate designs the medieval wedding dresses can be very expensive. Considering that this gown a woman wears only for one night it is recommended to be hired or if one desires to keep it as a memory or to customize it for other thematic parties there are places where one can purchase cheap medieval wedding dresses at a reasonable price.11

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Barbie is the name of a fashion doll manufactured In America by the businesswoman Ruth Handler and launched for the first time in March 1959. The inspiration in creating this world known doll was the German doll called Bild Lili. Barbie has been an important “piece de resistance” in the toy fashion doll market, she was the subject of innumerable controversies and lawsuits, mainly because of the parodies appeared on the doll’s lifestyle.

The story of conceiving goes like that:

Ruth Handler watched on several occasions her daughter playing with paper dolls and calling them adult names. At that time the most popular children toys were imitations of infants, and Ruth thought that an adult-embodied doll would cover an important segment of the toy market. She shared this idea to her husband who wasn’t very enthusiastic and neither his directors form the Mattel toy company.

 Princess And Barbie Wedding DressesIn one her visits in Europe, Ruth Handler came across Germany where she spotted the German toy doll that existed on the market. It was an adult-figured doll mostly popular among the adults preferences as it came with separate outfits to be dressed. Ruth took the doll back home and redesigned it giving a new name as well: Barbie (named after her daughter’s name – Barbara).

She exhibited the doll at American International Toy Fair on the 9th of March 1959 and this date was known to be the official birth date of the Barbie doll. The doll was released on the market as “Teen Age Fashion Model” and was offered to the buyers together with entire sets of outfits.

Among these outfits, princess and Barbie wedding dresses wore the most astounding gowns made in real silk and tulle and brocades, almost everything that is to be found as fabrics for wedding dresses fitted also for the Barbie dolls wedding gowns. Starting from the dress itself to purses, earrings, shoes, gloves, the sets of wedding outfits were wonderful examples of fashion and inspiration for the future to be bride.

The delicacy of Barbie dolls and the suppleness of her body lines made the wedding gowns to fit perfectly conveying the status of a fashion model to be followed both by designers and by the models to wear their creations.11

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Being selected as bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding is an honor and a joy that confers this role a dimension of a unique experience. As a bridesmaid you are given responsibilities not only material but also spiritual ones. Bridesmaid has to be the shoulder that the bride leans whenever the tasks of planning a wedding seem to be too overwhelming and together with the excitement that such a day is bringing often end up in nervous breakdowns or tears starting to fall out of nowhere. In these particular moments you, as a bridesmaid, have to be close.

In the position of a bridesmaid you have to think of yourself as a main pawn in so many aspects that a bride has to consider while planning her wedding. You have to think that beside the fact that you are her closest friend you are also her intimate confident, the bride could share you thoughts or opinions that she otherwise couldn’t share to her mom, or her future mother in law.

wedding bridesmaid dresses 150x150 Wedding Bridesmaid DressesBut next to these responsibilities you have to think of your own appearance in public in the role of a bridesmaid. You have to start chasing for best wedding bridesmaid dress because you wouldn’t want to let your friend down by showing yourself dressed into something that doesn’t lift up to your best friend’s expectations. Consider that your outfit has to complement in a nice way the bride’s gown and at the same time to be cozy while wearing it and attractive for the invitees. These aspects have to take into account first of all the budget available for your dress, the color preferences of the bride if there are ones, and the style that has to match the wedding theme as well as the style of other bridesmaids if there is the case.

Internet websites is a great source for you to get inspired, or even to order the dress that you find to match the criteria; you can do the internet surfing accompanied by the bride and together to decide what would be the wedding bridesmaid dress for you to wear. Well of course that even in this matter there are trends to follow, trends that offer a wide range of styles, in fact that wide that it would be difficult for you not to find something appropriate for this occasion.

In case your budget doesn’t allow you to order one of those stylish dresses advertised on the websites, you can decide on a design and start looking for a couturiere to have it hand made. In this way you can be pretty sure that the size fits you well and everything that belongs to the dress is tailored according to your desires: colors, fabrics, design, embellishments etc. If the dress you have chosen has a classic design you don’t have to wear it only once, you can keep it and have for later social events you will have to attend to, so here is another reason for you to make an appropriate selection. But whichever your choice you have to be sure that your appearance doesn’t eclipse the bride’s wedding gown, since after all it is her wedding day and she has to be the center of attention!11

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The beauty of the informal style, whatever it comprises, from fashion to behavior and taste, is that it doesn’t require too much money to spend. One may say that this style shouldn’t be approached when it comes to attend big social events, for instance a cocktail party thrown by your boss for your promotion, or a party thrown on the occasion of exhibiting your first art creations, or most important your wedding. Every bride wants to look spectacular while wearing the wedding gown, and most of the brides think that this is possible due to the most expensive wedding dress that fashion designer create with their signature of one-of-a-kind outfit.

But this is wrong; the conception according to which a wedding gown can look gorgeous due to its exquisite price is totally not applicable, as there are these informal wedding dresses that can look wonderful even at a lower price. And anyway, the cost of the bridal gown is not displayed on view, so why make an issue out of it?

informal wedding dresses 150x150 Informal Wedding DressesIf your wedding location is set on the beach, backyard, cruise ship, out in the landscape of a mountain surrounding, then the options for these informal wedding dresses are innumerable; for instance there are other shops which you can visit next to the ones that are strictly bridal, where you can find casual dresses that fit the scope of your wedding day. It is quite a good aspect in this matter since your wedding budget can be considerably saved for other elements that constitute part of your ceremony.

Another aspect that need to be emphasized is that for this informal dress you don’t have to look for heavy adornments to decorate your dress, it has to be plain and simple or perhaps to incorporate some tiny sequins and pearls, but in a delicate almost invisible embellishment. If this is hardly to be seen it doesn’t necessary mean that you won’t look stunning, and besides there is a richness of styles that display elegant dresses even in their simple cut of the design. The variety of styles stretch from dresses made with a slit up one side, strapless, spaghetti straps or sleeves, a shawl worn on one shoulder, to ¾ length of a dress or long trained skirt, everything can be found in order to satisfy your taste and to match your size and desire.

Beside all the afore mentioned variety of styles you have to look also at the bright sides of your choice: it can save you money, these informal dresses are reported to be up to 90% cheaper than the traditional ones, it can save you time considering that you can take it immediately with you at home, it offers you the possibility to wear it for a second, third time or over and over again, and last but not least it gives you the feeling of coziness, you do not have to worry about carrying its long exhaustive train, or to take care not to make extra wrinkles etc. So, choosing an informal wedding dress it’s not such a bad idea, after all!11

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A wedding dress is that kind of clothing that you would like to preserve at least some time after your wedding day is gone. In case it is a stylish one, and its design is the one that can defeat the fashion trends in time, you may want to further keep it till your child is having his/her own wedding. But for this thing to happen, you need to have it proper, and after the wedding is over, everything but proper one can not see her wedding dress to be. After all, you have worn it through a whole long day, with flowers that you carried in your hands, with snacks serving after the religious service, with glasses of champagne to cheer, with a dinner to have, and not to mention the wedding cake to cut.

All these moments have their risky part, in that you might very easy stain your dress, and even if you are too careful, the wedding dress is getting dirty anyway because of the sweat and the dust in the air; being a bride you are not absolved from these things to happen, unfortunately. So before thinking to preserve the dress you have to take it to dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses. It is mandatory to find these kind of services because they are specially designed to clean these fabrics that need special care and special chemicals that won’t destroy the structure of the fabrics.  Maybe it is better to consider the option to have it sent it to a dry cleaner that takes individual interest in it, since the “wholesale” dry cleaners provide the service for 30 gowns at one time.

dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses 150x150 Dry Cleaners Specializing In Wedding DressesYou really need to know that your wedding dress benefits from one of the best care and cleaning, after all you plan to keep it for some time in its perfect condition and not wrinkled or stained or even yellowed. The dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses that are not wholesaled pay close respect and attention to your wedding gown, they make first a general inspection while you are present, to establish the parts that are stained or yellowed or dirty, and after the cleaning process is through they inspect it again, in order to be sure that the cleaning is properly made and only after that they proceed in pressing it to look impeccable till you come and pick it up.

The dry cleaning process uses perchlorethylene, Stoddard solvent, Exxon DF-200 (called Hydro-carbon) and Greenearth, which is a new silicone-based solvent. The use of solvents depend on the type of fabrics used for the wedding dress; for instance, there are wedding gowns that have instructions on their label to be dry-cleaned only with solvents based on Petroleum. But no matter the solvents dry cleaners use, after all it is their job to know which one is the best, you have to point out the parts that are dirty for in the end, when you come to take the deliverance you have to be sure that you get back a wedding dress that is worth being admired by the generations to come.11

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Getting ready for your wedding day is loaded with as much as excitement as it is with sleepless nights and thoughts and ideas on how your wedding gown should look like. Brides begin fervently to browse the websites looking for pictures that might bring them a piece of suggestion in an attempt to smooth this endless agony. If this search doesn’t come to a satisfactory result, there are the wedding planners that could have the ace in their sleeve and perhaps a great advice for the wedding dress. If this doesn’t work either, brides should not panic, the wedding fashion experts are just one click away to guide them through the maze of thousands of types of wedding gowns.

And one day, when the exhaustion has put a print on your mind and soul, it might happen that a randomly found wedding dress website to unfold the wedding dress you’ve been waiting for so long. You could have as well passed by it, but there is something that made it look special. And if you pay more attention you realize that what makes it to be special drawing your attention from the very beginning is the touch of lavender on the white color of the dress. Yes, it is this lavender and white wedding dress that summoned you to have a closer look and to instantly fall in love with it!

lavender and white wedding dresses 234x300 Lavender And White Wedding DressesIt is a fact that our reaction to color is almost on the spot and has a deep impact on the choices we make, whether we are aware of it or not. In this case lavender is actually a pale nuance of violet and has its name from the flower that has the same name. And it is known that the flower of lavender means devotion for one, and it is the favorite flower of genteel ladies, the tint of purple in it suggesting refinement, grace, elegance. It is not in vain that royalty used to wear outfits made with fabrics colored in lavender, since it reflected this elegance specific to high society ladies.

On the other hand, white conveys the meanings of purity of thought or action, clarity of the spirit, and in the religious perspective is seen as the color of light and emblem of the divine. Considering all this background meanings of the colors, the lavender and white wedding dress mainly has it all that a bride has been dreaming of while imagining her gown.

With this new revelation opened in front of your eyes you have to start searching for the style of the dress. The more appealing, in this type of colors combination, are the sleeveless wedding dresses with the waist well defined and a long rich train to leave behind. This style of dress defines better the special meaning of the dress, and together with the significance of the colors it should guarantee the success of your wedding day. You will surely feel the queen of the day!11

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In modern tradition the wedding dresses leave behind the concept according to which white is the compulsory color for wedding gown. There are new tends in defining the “wedding white” as nuances of cream derived from eggshells, ecru and ivory. But these trends come also with the cultural background that influences the brides’ decisions in choosing the color for the bridal dress.

For example, Eastern Culture have colors that relate to different state of mind of future to be marital couple, this aspect being an important factor in creating the gowns. Dresses made in vibrant shades of red, turquoise, or hot pink, to name only a few,  are creatively combined with fabrics, designs or sparkling embellishments, characteristics that make them look different than any other wedding dresses.

wedding dresses with colored floral embellishments 216x300 Wedding Dresses With Colored Floral EmbellishmentsThe Asian traditional colors of female wedding dresses are often red, ivory or hot pink; the bride opts for red saris, ghararas or shararas and change into white for the reception after. The elements of the gowns consist of a top made of ivory chiffon shirt having heavy embellishments on neckline, straps, laterals and hem. Heavy sequins work among the floral embroidery. At the bottom we find an ivory banarsi jamawar two-legged gharara that features orange and hot pink dip-dye effects.

The veil/Dupatta is heavily embellished from borders with scattered sequins all over the dupatta. Floral embroidery is enriched with beads, Swarovski crystals, cut-glass and gemstones.

Wedding dresses with colored floral embellishments need bridal trains in order to emphasize the line of a style and shade that flatters brides’ body. The train itself originates in times of Royal style with trains worn by Queens, which themselves are derived from seeing a Peacock used as royal birds.

Many brides that choose the colored floral embellishments are doing so guiding themselves after the seasons. For spring and summer brides pale pastel colors are the most favored.

For autumn brides the yellows, golds and shades of orange seem to match best the choice of the season.

Either way it’s a common fact that wedding dresses with colored floral embellishments are often more difficult to find since the best way of getting them is mostly related to special orders and implies hand made manufacture.11

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In case you decide to choose the beach as a location for your wedding it is better to check first the weather’s forecast. Next and most importantly, you need to plan your wedding dresses. Some may be classic, some may vary on the modernistic style of the wedding you have decided to organize. Couples can choose from a variety of nowadays wedding themes especially when these weddings are to be performed on a beach location.

But whether it comes to Caribbean, Hawaiian, Tropical or Butterfly theme one has to consider that summer time is hot. The outfit must be made of easy fabric (cool linens and airy cottons) and with the sand that gets hotter so fast one needs to plan also a good footwear (men footwear is to be simple and must convey comfort).

wedding dresses to wear at the beach2 203x300 Wedding Dresses To Wear At The BeachNo matter how the climate goes the hairstyle must be kept simple adorned with flowers or easy to wear accessories. The heavy ones are to be worn for the following party! Also short trains for bride’s gown should be considered as trailing in the sand won’t be much of a fun both for the wedding couple and for the guests. The groom can choose a casual look by wearing linen pants, not necessarily white and plain cut shirts in linen or cotton.

Wedding dresses to wear at the beaches do not require predominantly white as a color; one can choose from shade in ivory, vanilla, light coffee and beige. Either way, the effect is the same as long as the theme goes well with the couture and the accessories to wear. A special event like a beach wedding needs to be enlighten by the choice  of dress of the bride. A wedding is more likely to be special if the bride sparkles in her gown and positively attracts the guests’ looks.

Some may say that for this white works wonders; the sun light and the magic of wind blowing over the garments can add the beach scene a shade of romance. According to the climate, one has to coordinate layered linings internally and off shoulders and strapped ones for hot summers. The make up is to be subtle with a little eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick. Unless you would like a tan it is better to make sure to sun screen all over. Everything has to match your personality even it comes to manicure and pedicure or footwear. Do not be afraid to choose that dress that will accentuate your beauty.

Normally a wedding dress to wear at the beach has to have the print that distinguishes one from the rest of the guests. For grooms top quality shirts are accessible in self print preferably flowery or leafy pattern. Casual capris are also stylish. As for the sandals and flip-flops they come in amazing men collection.

A beach wedding party is somehow demanding and requires thorough planning and because it depends on weather’s moods, its coordination has to consider every unexpected event that might occur.11

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The Renaissance bridal customs have their origin in the Middle Ages. As the foreign trade increased it brought new ideas in fashion and costumes as well. This aspect reflected the advancing culture while more clothing materials became available. Some of the fabrics bore the print of the nobility since only the upper classes reserved silk, velvet, brocade for themselves. Nobility were the ones to dress themselves in elaborate and brightly colored robes, gowns and other vestments.

The nowadays fashion designers have borrowed the style of the Renaissance costumes in order to revive the spirit of richness, elegance and creativity. The pictures of Renaissance wedding dresses can prove it. There is this thing that kept the spirit of dressing still present, that people wear their finest clothing to a wedding.

pictures of renaissance wedding dresses 208x300 Pictures Of Renaissance Wedding DressesThe Gothic Victorian gowns give the designers the possibility to alternate colors, fabrics and embroideries with the most audacious ideas.  There is a variety of colored fabrics that one can order a renaissance wedding dress to be specially created: baby-blue, burgundy satin, gold rose brocade, emerald green satin, ivory satin, hot pink satin…

The Elizabethan Royal wedding dress is another example of elegance conferred by the linen under dress and a rich brocade robe. The stand-up collar shows the look of a truly royal outfit.

What gives uniqueness to the cut of these gowns is the technique of “slashing” as it is to be seen in the pictures of renaissance wedding dresses. At the beginning it was merely a way of the lower classes to express their displeasure against the nobility decreeing that these classes should wear only one color gown. So the lower classes put two layer of different colored fabric and slashed the outer layer to let the inner layer’s contrasting color show through. These cuts started first as geometric shapes in the sleeves and skirts, but later in time they advanced to long vertical slits with the inner fabric pulled out -for the sleeves- or the outer fabric sewn back towards the sides -for the skirts.

The fact that this renaissance style gives a vast range of creative possibilities determines the designers to approach it with the endless potentials of imagination.11

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The traditional Japanese weddings involve many ceremonies and traditions that are still kept alive around Japan. Although in modern Japan many of these are now disappearing, there are many young women that prefer to wear the most gorgeous wedding kimono called Uchikake. The kimono as a clothing item goes back in time at the beginning of 8th century and has changed since then as it became a reflection of the society and culture as well.

As many other Western clothes, kimonos are worn to compliment the seasons and their texture and colors are worn based off a persons age or by the event. At the beginning the textile for kimonos – consisting mostly in silk and brocade – came from China and Korea, but later on the Japanese started to produce their own and manage to develop it to a level rarely seen elsewhere.

The Japanese wedding dress, the Uchikake kimono, is made of silk and silk brocade. Rich in fine embroidered patterns and embellished with flowers, pines or nature motifs, this kimono is presented also in many different colors either it comes to weddings or social and cultural events.

The bride’s hair style is adorned with golden combs and accessories called kanzashi.

There is also the white wedding hood worn by the bride its purpose being the one to hide two front horns worn during the wedding ceremony to symbolize obedience.The kimonos have a specific length adjusted to hang just at the ankle showing one of the two basic types of Japanese sandals or Japanese shoes called the geta and the zori. Lately the Japanese manufacturers produce sandals, purses and hair combs to match the exact pattern of the kimono thus completing the ensemble.

Lots of accessories and embellishments that are part of Japanese wedding dresses carry with them the symbolic print of a good luck charm.There are two characteristics that define the formal Japanese clothing: very elaborate designs or simple elegant designs. Out of the later, European fashion designers have created stylish wedding dresses  made in fabric silk satin and lace bearing a note of distinction, elegance and subtlety.11

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The term “hippie” appeared for the first time during the mid 60′s and defined itself as a countercultural movement. Initiated by the youth in US was soon known to spread all over the world. This movement promoted peace, freedom and exploration of alternative states of consciousness. It brought a major impact in television, film, literature, and arts. Its religious and cultural diversity have gained widespread acceptance, and the Eastern philosophy and spiritual concepts have attained a vast audience. Its legacy can be noticed in contemporary culture in several forms – from healthy food to music festivals, and even to cyberspace revolution.

Hippie’s influence can also be remarked in our nowadays awareness of our impact on the environment. This impact extends to our clothing as well through the concept of an environmentally friendly clothing. There are more and more couples to consider before getting married in what way their wedding affects the world around. In respect to this hippie wedding dresses might be the right choice since in the process of their manufacture organic, or otherwise sustainable produced, fabrics are used. One may find natural fibers like silk, bamboo, cotton, linen or hemp as important texture for hippie wedding dress.

hippie wedding dresses 162x300 Hippie Wedding DressesWhen we say hippie dress we don’t necessary have to think of a shapeless sack or an unaesthetic result of a hippie-like cut for a gown. Modern designers have lots of options from where one might choose.   Either it comes to two pieces gown or one piece wedding dress the common feature is mirrored in both of the conceptions: that they fit on all body types.

Another thing that gives accessibility to a hippie wedding dress is that  one can choose an existing design and have it modified according to one’s will, all these at an incredible low cost. Added to the gown a vintage beaded or embroidered purse works wonders! And if the bride needs a hairdo it can be done brilliantly by decorating the hairstyle with tiny flowers to confer the air of freshness and joy to the marital couple.

In order to go with the spirit of hippie movement and what it stands for designers cut the simplicity into organic fibers fabrics thus succeeding to create unique eco-conscious dresses. Combining all these features, hippie dresses manage to preserve their flavor of freedom, purity and freshness, the well-known flower power style.11

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Leonardo DaVinci is defined to be the most representative figure of the Renaissance period, a man whose unlimited curiosity turned him into a source of permanent inspiration and creativity in his quest for finding answers to the big questions of life and nature. The era of Renaissance was the favorable ground that offered DaVinci excellent conditions to sow his seeds of curious nature and grow the plant of innovation. He was the most prolific character of his times dealing with a lot of intellectual domains which he was attracted to in order to get the answers that were supposed to quench his endless curiosity.

So how does Leonardo DaVinci relate to the present DaVinci Wedding Dresses? What makes these dresses to be so DaVinci-like? One of the answers might be connected to his creativity that we see spread all over his work and the other answer might be related to the age of Renaissance, a period that brought a lot of changes in the fashion style of that time. Back then fashion imposed a status in society; the more expensive the fabrics of a dress were, the wealthier the woman proved to be. At that time the elaborate design with embroideries and jewels to adorn the dresses made the clothing  to retain a value that later on could be pawned in case of hard times.

davinci wedding dresses 215x300 Davinci Wedding DressesAccording to DaVinci there are three ways to look at your creative work: the objective point of view that enables you to approach the work from a stranger perspective, the other one was getting away from your work and return to it later in order to be offered another vision that came with your detachment, and the last one was to study your work from a certain distance, thus being able to have an overview upon the entire work and be able to find its flaws.

The DaVinci wedding dresses incorporate in them all this perspective of creation, in that the fashion designers look to obtain the brilliant effect of elegance, purity, and innovation as well. Their creativity combined with the Renaissance style give birth to special characteristics of the gowns that one can hardly find in other designers’ style.

In this respect we meet dresses made of taffeta with a sweetheart neckline cut, bodice adorned with floral embroidery and beading, the waist side-draped defined with rosette, draping A-line of the skirt extending into chapel length train. Other dresses use satin with a lace overlaid bodice, waist being defined with band and bow, presenting the same chapel length train, a characteristic for the DaVinci dresses style.

Most of these wedding dresses uses satin, tulle, taffeta and elaborate embroideries to give the gowns a plus of refinement and elegance.

Looking at these wedding dresses you are stunned about the creativity of the designers and due to their style you are prone to the belief that once you wear them it will cast the spell of eternity on you and your wedding day.11

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Chicago is called the “City of Big Shoulders”, or “Second City”, the “Chi-town”, or “Windy City”.The city has a population of 2,896,016 inhabitants, is the third city in America, and some of the citizens of Chicago get marry. So there must be some company in Chicago that deals with selling wedding dresses. But to ease your work, you must use the modern world technology. Forget the old way of looking for a  wedding dress and ease your work. I talk about wedding dresses online. Fortunately, the companies of Chicago have websites where you can see their products and you can buy a wedding dress online.
If you need a wedding dress, the following paragraphs will help you in the search of one.

Cyntia’s Consignments is a stylish shop that is selling wedding dresses that are very bright and beautiful at pretty good prices and a significant reduction. The owner is Cyntia, a model known who owns 5 stores. Whit a 13 years experience in the marketing of wedding dresses and he made some partnership with great name like: Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Armani, Prada, Gucci and many other designers that make wedding dresses worn by some masterpieces worthy of any queen . Cynthia’s Consignments has been voted as Chicago’s best resale store. At Cyntia, each bride is greeted with a warm smile and helped to find a perfect dress. Their headquarters is in Lincoln Park at the intersection of Clybourn with Webster.

wedding dresses chikago Wedding Dresses Chikago

Ultimate Bride continues its tradition as one of the most exquisite wedding salons in America. Everyone will be charmed by how well you look after you use the services of the Ultimate Bride. They have a wide range of styles available like: the Baroque style, 1040′s style, traditional styles, or trendy, contemporary styles but even futuristic styles. With an experience of over twenty years this company  opened salons in several locations, making so much women to smile and feel beautiful on the happiest day of their lives. The headquarters is at: 106 East Oak Street. CHICAGO. There will expect you, skilled tailors who will guide you to choosing the perfect dress.

wedding dresses chikago 2 225x300 Wedding Dresses Chikago

Kasia’s Bridal is a boutique for special occasions, specialized in organizing weddings. To chose their services is a motivated work in many ways, but the most important is that the owner, Kathy, better known as “Kasia”, once appealed for her wedding to a “chain-store bridal scam” from Chicago, when she command a wedding dress almost 2 years before the wedding. She had never received it and did not have returned any money. Therefore she decided to open her own boutique for weddings.. For the pain that a woman feel is enormous, when all your wedding plans are destroyed and you’re about to see your dream ruined. She opened this business and soon managed to make it a “One Stop Store”, as it provides all the most elements for a wedding and here we talk about: wedding dresses, rings, shoes, tiara, veil, accessories, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and many other accessories that are all equally important in a wedding. The service “One-on-One” that Kasia’s Bridal apply for the woman who wants find the perfect wedding dress. They are programed to Kasia’s salon where they have the opportunity o try hundreds of dresses. Salon is located at 6039 W. Irving Park Road.

wedding dresses chikago 3 Wedding Dresses Chikago

Belle Vie Bridal Couture is led by Amanda Bonnell who is owner of this business too, that with his experience as an entrepreneur, with aspirations in the fashion world and with a good business experience, Amanda has always wanted to work with brides and help them  to create a dream wedding . This company was founded in 2001 and there is working a staff not only friendly and communicative, but composed of skilled tailors, very talented designers and brilliant and inspiration experts in fashion and have an impressive resume having worked for the famous houses fashion. At Belle Vie Bridal will do everything possible to make from the try, change and buy wedding dress to be a very pleasant and hard to forget experience. In local decorated in Victorian style, the team there will treat you as a guest at their own wedding, they will make you feel at home and would try to help as much as possible. You have at your disposal a personal designer of wedding dresses, you will walk through all the company show rooms where you’ll find the entire collection of dresses from which you can draw on to create dresses propose. Prices are between 2,000 and 20,000 U.S. dollars depending on what the client wants. Still have a specialization in addition, are experts in the field of “Making Dreams a Reality”, and your experience in planning a wedding will be in memory at least as beautiful as the wedding itself.

wedding dresses chikago 4 248x300 Wedding Dresses Chikago

Eva’s Bridal of Orland Park is a place where they deal in detail of your wedding and help that the road to start a family to be as beautiful and pleasant as the foundation of the family itself. Being part of the exclusive Premiere Pronovias Store, have partnerships with famous designers such as: Belső, Val Stefan, Moonlight, Jasmine, Eden, Enzoanii, Jim Hjelm, Maggie Sottero and many other designers specialize in creating wedding dresses at modern standards and after latest European trend. The staff consists of people with experience in organizing weddings and create dresses and accessories, will guide you through the 5000 dresses in show rooms, all designed exclusively of Eva’s Bridals Co., of which either you choose one or you will create a dress inspired by what you saw. To find someone who loves you and that you love and you will stay together for better or worse until death do you apart is your job and for that person to hold you in memory so beautiful as to wedding day will be the responsibility of their staff at Eva’s Bridals.

wedding dresses chikago 5 222x300 Wedding Dresses Chikago

Now in the 21st century, you can use the computer to do your wedding plans and if you’re in Chicago and you want to marry this article will help enormously. Good luck for shopping!11

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We believe that this article will make many women happy because we know that many of you are waiting to see more information and pictures of bridesmaids dresses here on our website. Well, here we are again with a beautiful series of bridesmaid gowns created by Allure Bridals for one of their ultimate 2011 collection.


We recommend this wonderful collection especially to those of you want to wear something visually more attractive. We like the colors used by these designers for the entire collections, colors that can fit perfectly an autumn wedding or a hot summer time wedding spent in the afternoon or in the evening.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


The oranges, the yellows, the magentas, blushes, peaches, violets, deep reds and black are the tones that set the mood of this collection and invite the bridesmaids to envision themselves wearing one of these gowns to a glamorous wedding. These nuances are perfect for evening receptions as we said because they are very sensual, feminine, soft and luxurious.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 2 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


But we recommend these fabulous Allure Bridals bridesmaid dresses also for spring or summer season weddings that take place in the middle of the nature. The bold theme adopted for this Allure Bridals 2011 bridesmaid collection is definitely one of the most unique, eye-catchy and fashionable that we’ve seen in the collections we’ve explored so far.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 3 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


Chic, refined, diversified and exquisitely cut, these unique gowns can also make wonderful attire selections for the female wedding guests who are looking for something more romantic, flowy and colorful for the wedding they must attend.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 4 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


The variety of silhouettes, fabrics and colors offered by this unique Allure Bridals 2011 bridesmaid collection can fit many expectations and preferences and this is why we believe that these gowns will be chosen by many women.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 5 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


In general, the brides are the ones who decide upon the most adequate types of dresses that their bridesmaids should wear, dresses that must suit the general line of the wedding, the formality, the season, the theme and the venue.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 6 236x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


Besides this, the bride must also make sure that the dresses she picks for her girls can complement the wedding dress she’s wearing and therefore complete her own beautiful look! We like the fluid simple lines used for these gowns and the empire waist designs that can add more femininity, sensuality and elegance to the silhouettes. Alluring and flirty, these dresses are ideal for both young and mature bridesmaids.11

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Focus on Finding a Dress that Best Suits Your Body 

A long line of teensy gem buttons and a nicely placed ruffle can mean the variation between a good wedding ceremony dress and the best one. However, before you begin nitpicking the specifics, first determine the silhouette that goes well with you. It would be better not to get trapped in the trend of the time, but rather concentrate on your own style and what highlights you most.

DO NOT Forget the Top of the Dress

A gorgeous, long wedding suit with a nice hem is the best for all-times. Just keep in mind that the peak of your dress will be noticed most and will be shown up in wedding pictures.

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DO NOT Be Concerned about Wedding Dress Sizes

Bridal dresses run three to two sizes larger than the regular. Once you wear that, be practical; focus on how it appears, ignore the label. It will take you some time to cop with that yourself just because you were tensed with the size!

Try as Many Wedding Dresses as You Need

Almost any gown can seem gorgeous on a hook or the opposite. Avoid snap judgment. Once a gown is on a lady’s body, it normally takes on various looks and shapes. This indicates that a woman will try on many gowns and she must do so.

Wear a Gorgeous Bra with Wedding Dresses

Appreciating your new bra in between dresses will make you think much more optimistic than catching a glance of the shabby old grayish one you have had for ages. Furthermore, a fitted bra can really help with your wedding. Visit a department store, which has a bra fit expert, or a nighty shop and get a new wonder bra.

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Nowadays, the number of modern brides who are planning a spectacular old fashion wedding is getting bigger and bigger. More and more couples decide to organize the whole event in a more vibrant, chic and impressive style, just to obtain a more original atmosphere or to celebrate a special date or event in their lives. Going vintage can be a real challenge for brides who are looking for the perfect wedding gown. And we say this because the palette of choices is quite diverse and generous, and not because one won’t be able to find beautiful and unique styles to choose from.


While for some brides a broad range of styles can help them choose easier the best type of outfit for their wedding, for other brides this thing can only get them even more stressed and confused. Selecting a single design from so many original and outstanding styles can be a very overwhelming task for the undecisive bride to accomplish.

kuwait wedding dresses 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

However, we think that no matter how difficult it may be to choose a single type of wedding dress from more different style, having a larger palette of styles to choose from can only be good news. This means that more and more bridal fashion designers of today are receptive to the modern bride’s preferences and expectations and acting in consequence means providing with more beautiful and remarkable styles!

kuwait wedding dresses 2 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

In this article we are going to present you a few of our favorite types of vintage or old style wedding dresses signed by the famous Novia D’Art bridal couturier. As you can see in the images below, these gowns are anything but standard, plain or predictable. The designs are pretty elevated and fashion-forward despite the fact that the style is old and antiquely vibrant. We think that this is one of the biggest achievements in the industry of wedding dresses: creating wedding gowns which can combine perfectly the old fashion glamour with the modern designs and luxurious fabrics.

kuwait wedding dresses 3 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

This mixture between the old and the new style is actually one of the most inspiring ideas that a fashion bridal designer could ever have! We are glad to see that the number of bridal couturiers who are creating splendid classy and glamorously vintage wedding dresses for contemporary brides is constantly growing. We are also impressed that more and more brides of today decide to go for an old charm wedding dress over a vanguardist design. Both the old and the modern styles are able to ensure the bride’s original look, but choosing a vintage wedding dress is always a more intimate and personal choice.

kuwait wedding dresses 4 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

These fabulous glamorously vintage wedding dresses belong to one of the most romantic and highly qualitative sensual bridal collection designed by Novia D’art especially for brides who are planning a sophisticated, extravagant and one of a kind wedding ceremony in 2011. From chic and playful tea length wedding dresses to gorgeous antique inspired drooped waist dresses and modified A-line highly embroidered sensual silhouettes, in this collection you will be able to find lots of breath-taking gowns.11

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We are here to present you with joy and excitement more of the superb bridal dresses made by Pepe Botella for the wonderful White Moon 2011 bridal collection hopefully the models we’ve selected for this article will meet your preferences.


We are happy to see that your reactions and responses to the other Pepe Botella wedding dresses posted in our previous articles are positive and this is actually one of the things that encouraged us to present you more of these ample and sumptuous pieces on our website. We must also admit that we are pretty fascinated by these dresses as well and we are convinced in one way or another that many of you will be happy to see these superb gowns on our website.

crow wedding dresses 9 240x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


Pepe Botella is one of our favorite bridal fashion designers who is renowned worldwide for his stunning and impressively fashionable simple and clean wedding gowns of a higher quality and prestige than you can actually expect to see or imagine for your own wedding dress.

crow wedding dresses 2 240x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


The impeccable white silhouettes, the clean lines, the bold cuts and the classy designs are the ones that make these dress masterpieces look so attractive, highly elegant and appropriate for both class and modern brides.

crow wedding dresses 3 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


We can also affirm that both young and mature brides can choose one of these charming Pepe Botella wedding dresses for their own wear because these styles are gifted with all the qualities that a perfect wedding gown should have, and these are: comfort, uniqueness, practicality, refinement, elegance, classy designs, vogue, exuberance, exquisiteness, sophistication, simplicity, delicacy, femininity, drama and romanticism.

crow wedding dresses 4 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


We are pretty sure that many of you will be able to spot at least one gorgeous design to consider for your own wedding among these splendid models we’re proposing you here. The White Moon collection is definitely a hit and this designer truly managed to reach the expectations of many brides today. Those of you who want to wear something classy, natural and feminine but with a modern twist should definitely opt for one of these delightful Pepe Botella wedding dresses.

crow wedding dresses 5 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


Although the majority of the designs are classic and natural constructed, we must admit that the overall image on these dresses screams uniqueness and originality. We think that this designer understood exactly what women of today want for their wedding dress.

crow wedding dresses 7 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


And the secret of creating these outstanding, fashionable, remarkable and beautiful wedding dresses that this designer has is totally related to the simplicity of the style. The modern elegance promoted today is based on the simplicity and cleanliness of the designs and this is exactly what Pepe Botella tried for hid dresses and succeeded eventually.

crow wedding dresses 8 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


In this one of a kid collection you can find lots of spectacular and dramatic A-line wedding dresses made especially for the brides who want to obtain a dreamy romantic princess like look but in a more contemporary, chic, fresh and voguish way. We find the entire collection extremely romantic and simply ravishing. Browse for our previous articles on Pepe Botella wedding dresses on our website!11

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The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in these romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses shown in a few pictures below. We think that these wedding dress designers can speak right through the heart of every romantic woman.

These styles are bale to make any bride – even the most pretentious one scream with joy and pleasure. As you can see in these images, romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses are totally outstanding, refined, glamorous, soft and unique in all their clever artistic details. The amount of work used towards creating these dresses is enormous! We can only imagine how many details and tiny embroideries wedding dress manufacturers had to handle and take care of.
designers pink wedding dresses shows 225x300 Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses
The ultra-beauty and the smooth romanticism of these types of dresses transpire outside through these splendid designs, fine lines and cuts, sweet girlish embellishments and embroideries. You can choose from different types of romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses (of the newest 2010 dress collection) according to exact style that you’re looking for. But you should know that the general line of these styles screams youth, innocence, sweetness, femininity, playfulness and sensuality. You can even find colorful romantic wedding dresses made in soft pastel shades of blush pink, coral pink or delicate ivory and cream.
designers pink wedding dresses shows 2 214x300 Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses
Off the beat brides who are planning a romantic wedding in nature (perhaps in a beautiful garden or in a park) should definitely opt for a colored Jill Stuart wedding dress. These enchanting and mesmerizing shades will make you doubt again and again that the perfect ideal wedding dress should really be white and only white! The main features of most romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses are: delicate soft lines and cuts, subtle asymmetrical designs, artistic vibes, playful ruffles, frills and soft pleats or ruches, smooth and touchy textures and layers of light-weight materials like chiffon, lace, tulle, feathers and crochet, flower inspired ruffles and patterns or girlish fairy-tale designs and colors.
designers pink wedding dresses shows 3 225x300 Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses
The fairy tale wedding still makes the perfect dream for many modern brides of today. And with these romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses any dream or wish can fulfill. We are sure that you had already fallen in love with these gorgeous one of a kind ravishing art pieces. The biggest challenge that you must face now is actually choosing a single type of dress for your wedding. The collection features incredibly outstanding breath-taking wedding dresses that you have to make your pick from so we think that is going to be a hard decision.

The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in these romantic

The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in these romantic11