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Winter weddings are considered to be off – season since there are not too many brides willing to face blizzards just for getting married in a fairy tale natural décor. However, a bride will look really special in winter, even though this will mean she has to be a little more covered than usual. As much as she will be excited, it will not be enough to keep her warm. What should a woman know about winter wedding dresses?

winter Winter Wedding Dresses

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A wedding dress

Wedding dresses are generally more delicate and simple in comparison with the luxurious gowns. Regardless if the wedding is held in December, the bride could easily have a summer wedding dress, sleeveless or strapless, but to cover herself with other elegant accessories. A shrug or a shawl are good choices, but she will look even more elegant with a velvet wrap, a white natural or faux fur or even a hooded cape.  If the dress is white, imagine how gorgeous will look a colorful accent, such as a red or a green cape. For a Christmas wedding theme, red and green are a beautiful contrast.  And a hood will make a bigger visual effect instead of the headpiece or veil that we are used to.

dress2 Winter Wedding Dresses

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Gowns are probably more adequate because they cover the bride a lot more. With long sleeves, full length, eventually with some floss on the neckline, on the hem or on the sleeves. Richer fabrics such as velvet, velour or brocade will be more than welcome. Even a gown made of thick satin could be perfect. Nevertheless, because gowns have a lot more volume, and because of the thicker fabric, a long train could make you feel uncomfortable, so pay attention to this aspect.


Can you guess what has been missing from the landscape? A pair of long and warm gloves. For a winter wedding, they should be on top of the list. If you need some extra coverage while you are travelling between the locations, consider a cape. It will allow your sleeves to fit in it without problems and the hood will be large enough to protect your head and still keep the hairdo at place. A pair of delicate boots could also find their place in your feet. It looks like you have got everything you need in order to face the winter on the biggest day of your life.11

As a guest, dressing up for a wedding may be the ultimate challenge. You need good taste. You need to match accessories with the dress. You need to be sexy, yet elegant. Since we are always here to help, here are some tips on what you should never do as far as wedding clothing is concerned.

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You have a wedding that you’ll be attending soon. You need something to wear, the perfect dress for such an event, cause you simply can’t go with the same dress you wore at the last wedding receptions. So…where do you go from there? What options do you have when searching for the perfect dress?

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Unexpected surprises can appear in the life of every couple. If you and your husband decided to get married, but a baby appears unexpectedly you don’t have to be worried. Today, there are a wide variety of maternity wedding dresses that are absolutely marvelous. This article offers you information on maternity wedding dresses in order to choose the one that fits your body best.

Where to find maternity wedding dresses?

Usually, every wedding boutique has a maternity section, but if you are on a tight budget you can choose a great bridal gown from maternity consignment shops. There are many wedding shops that don’t have on their stock maternity wedding dresses, but they can order one for you from various catalogues. If you don’t find anything you like on consignment shops or maternity stores, you can always check some great online sites that offer various models for pregnant brides. Some of the most amazing sites that can help you refer to MaternityBride.com, ElegantMaternity.com or Nicole Maternity Wholesale.

White wedding dresses

Usually, white wedding dresses are for virgins. Today, people have become much more forgiving than before that is why brides can wear what color they like. Maternity wedding dresses can be found on a wide variety of colors from traditional colors like white or ivory, to modern one like red or black. Another great wedding dress you can try is the one with floral prints because it is feminine and really amazing.

97232 maternity wedding dresses 2 Maternity Wedding Dresses

Maternity Wedding Dresses (Source: firstqueen.net)

Styles for maternity wedding dresses

Maternity wedding dresses have a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics. For example, a bride can choose from elegant empire-style dresses with a high waist, to short dresses. The important thing is that the wedding dress highlights your features and your forms. Brides who want to minimize your pregnancy you can choose a dress that is simple below the bust and that it is more detailed above. If you choose a plunging neckline wedding dress you will draw attention away from your belly. On the other hand, if you want your pregnancy to show and if you want everyone to know that you are going to be a mom, you can choose a form fitting dress made from a soft fabric that flows on your body.

97232 maternity wedding dresses Maternity Wedding Dresses

Maternity Wedding Dresses (Source: sarah-houston.com)

Style and comfort

Due to the fact that there are a wide variety of options for maternity wedding dresses, the bride has to choose a dress that is chic, elegant and sexy. The important thing is that the wedding dress also has to be comfortable so that you feel relaxed during the wedding party.

Maternity wedding dresses offer brides a wide variety of colors and styles that they can choose from. The important thing is that they select a wedding dress that makes them feel chic, but also comfortable.


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Retro-style weddings are more and more preferred by the brides nowadays, and the style from 50s and 60s seems to be the favorite one. It is quite fascinating to look back into the history of wedding fashion and find out the changes that have occurred over the years. The 60s were the years that generated waves of cultural changes, both in art, music, fashion design and behavior. These were the years when rock’n’roll was born, the years that created the monsters Hollywoodian stars, the years that the hippie movement started to show its style, for in the 70s to be at its peaks, the years where the long wedding dresses carried the influence of short casual skirts.

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We may think that living in the era of modern technology, with a pragmatic way to look at things, everything that belongs to our spiritual side is somehow forsaken, or at least it isn’t granted its everyday existence, which, by the way, is present, whether we mind it or not! But as much as we let ourselves carried by daily routine with its ineluctable material concerns, there are moments that we cross in our lives that require our sensitivity and desire to find beauty. One of these moments is the wedding time! It is then when we feel more than ever the impulse to be different, out of ordinary, special.

Once the marriage is settled we indulge ourselves with dreams about our wedding gowns, and problems start rising: what dress should I wear, a classic style, a modernistic one, a retro style, and so on.  The trends in fashion change so quickly that sometimes you think if it won’t be better to bring out the grace of eras that are long gone. A romance era wedding gown can be an option to consider, either it is from a current fashion design house or purchased from the restoration of romantic era wedding gowns workshops. The later has the advantage that can create from an old authentic wedding dress a brand new one tuned into a fairytale gown, with spectacular headpieces and flowing train from ages past. Elements of romantic era gowns, such as Victorian collars, Renaissance bodies, Elizabethan waistlines, are so exquisitely restored that one can swear that the bride is not descending from that Romantic Era that the gown belongs to.

restoration era romance wedding gowns 248x300 Restoration Era Romance Wedding GownsThe Victorian style defines the best the Romantic Era and if you are an enthusiastic of this historic period you just let yourself float on the wings of dreaming for a fairytale dress and let the couture service do the work! The majesty of the Romantic Era dresses was due to the crinoline used as an underskirt to push out the skirt hem width in an architectural way, making them look like a bell, especially during the Victorian Era.

The vintage reproduction gown is also another option; a wedding dress of 20 years old is less expensive than an antique dress from the Victorian era and it can be submitted to the restoration of romantic era wedding gown couture service that will be able to incorporate the same stylistic elements creating the same effect that a Romantic Era gown does.

Victorian era displays maybe the most popular styles of historical bridal fashion, for it featured so many elements that could bear changes or additional fabric to enrich the style. On those times the bridal gown had a fitted bodice, small waist, and rich skirts, the commonly met fabrics being: organdy, tulle, lace, silk, cashmere or linen. The veil, another element that gives a plus of mystery and refinement, was made from fine gauze, lace or sheer cotton.

Restoring Romantic era wedding gowns is an act of artistry, especially if the couturiere is playing with her creativity and adds a touch of sensitivity with extra silky elements to make a stunning wedding dress compared to that of a princess.11

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What can be more relevant for a wedding theme than the one of Renaissance? The name just says it all! “Renaissance”(which is the French for ‘rebirth’) theme selected for the wedding can lead you to think of a reborn of your being into the one that you and your man  now through the vows of marriage are forming. It is the rebirth of your spirit into a new one, the one that you as a couple have got throughout the blessing of a holy matrimony.

Renaissance as an historic moment took place for the first time in Italy, and it came as a result of a nostalgic interest for the classical age. This is the era of Michelango, of Leonardo da Vinci, of a spirituality that related to the ancient Greece, to its great philosophers and poets.

rennasiance wedding gowns 217x300 Rennasiance  Wedding GownsMany couples nowadays look for having their wedding celebration in an original way, and for this many choose the Renaissance theme, since it offers to them on one hand the spiritual meaning of the word itself and on the other hand the possibility to display their wedding in a note of romance that defines what the spirit of wedding stands for. The locations for such weddings are preferred to be chosen in the ambiance of a stone castle, or a Tudor style residence.

The types of the wedding gowns can differ form the simple appearance of a peasant attire to a sophisticated, royal appearance of a queen. The Renaissance wedding gowns offer themselves in a variety of choices on the websites, so it can not be so hard to decide on them. The only thing one has to bear in mind is that not all Renaissance attire is cozy to wear, some in fact being quite restricting. The designs offered by different couture services are meticulously constructed, with handcrafted accessories that evoke the majestic style, elegance radiating the essence of the bride’s soul.

During the Renaissance times, the wedding gowns were meant to be worn on several occasions, not only once as it happens in our modern times. Colors were chosen in the way to flatter the bride, or as a ‘compliment’ to the house color that belonged to a noble groom. The white wedding dress was not at all popular at that time till Queen Victoria had chosen a white gown for her own wedding dress. But to give you an idea of the style of Renaissance gowns, you can think back at the times of King Arthur or those of Romeo and Juliet and you will realize that indeed white wasn’t the color for the wedding dress.

Nowadays the design of the Renaissance wedding gowns is applied on the white wedding dress, while the elements keep being the same: an under dress and an over drape; the dress has a bodice beaded with very detailed motifs, the sleeves have loose fabric in a shape of a cone, that makes them look like wings – all these show the look of a princess or a character came off the atmosphere of a fairy tale. These designs assure the bride to appear on her wedding day wrapped in the perfume of romance and royal elegance as well.11

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Being the mother of the bride is quite an honor but a difficult one. The mother of the bride has to be elegant and needs to have an exquisite dress. Mothers of the bride can wear either a dress or a costume for their daughter’s wedding, but the important thing is to select the outfit that suits her best.

What to choose?
When choosing your dress you have to know that it is important the color, the length or the type of dress you choose. These elements are very important when choosing your dress because you have to select something that fits your body and taste best. For example, there are a wide variety of designs that fit some ladies, while there are other designs of dress that are suitable for others.

mother of the bride dress 2 195x300 Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses (source: mycarinadresses.com)

Choosing the color
Selecting the color of your dress is also very important because as you know, every color has a different meaning. Black is more elegant, red is sexy or green symbolizes the nature. The color of your dress has to match your skin type, the color of your hair or the theme of the wedding.

Green mother of the bride dresses
A green dress is quite amazing for a wedding, but depends on various factors as mentioned before. If you decide to wear a green dress you can either go for a simple green dress, or for a green one with other color accents. Green symbolizes hope, safety, great mood or relaxation. It is perfect for a wedding and it sends a great message. This color is perfect for a wedding and it is perfect for spring, summer and also autumn. Choose a green mother of the bride dress because you will definitely shine.

Green.Halter.V Neck.Princess.Court.Satin.Traditional.Mother.Of.Bride.Dress.be036d29de3e6d597ae62dad43952438.image.178x235 Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses (source: bridalshopmag.com)

How to accessorize?
This color offers you a lot of ideas for accessorizing. Green goes with almost every color, but our advice is to choose blue or yellow because the combination is amazing. For a green dress you can use a wonderful brooch with gems, or a great jewelry set with earrings and a bracelet. Finish your out outfit with black shoes and bag.

Mother Of Bride Dresses BMM1273 Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses (source: weddinggownsonsale.co.uk)

Green wedding dresses are an amazing idea for a bride’s mother, but you have to make sure this color suits you or the theme of the wedding. Make crazy and nonconformist color combinations!11

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The most important trends of wedding dresses for 2014 are stunning, flowing and romantic creations, adapted to all tastes and styles. In the new collections of wedding dresses, a mix of old and contemporary was done in order to be given a fusion of materials, lace, embroidery, crystals and transparencies emerging in plain fabrics and structured dresses cut.

Can also combine the transparency of dresses with stones, bows and accented necklines in order to highlight the beauty and femininity of the bride. Another big trend in dresses for 2014 are dresses with some or a lot movement, soft and light, with delicate and fluttering in opposition of classic dresses with straight cuts and tighter that was in the past very used by the brides.

jovani wedding dress jb2257 2014 Wedding Dress Trends

In terms of necklines, classic linear top continues to be high , especially in the heart-shaped neckline, offering the bride a sensuality striking. Excessively voluminous skirts now give way to that mark and cuts favor the woman’s body through creations that stand out for classic elegance. Although the skirt in A continues to be trend, the trim is more structured and hove much more lightness. One of the most big trend in the wedding dresses for this year is the short dresses, ideal for brides who want to break with tradition, or who simply want to get a lighter and daring without losing aspect in romance and sophistication. In this case the bride has to feel completely confident with her body and she will shine like a princes.

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Starting with the 16th century Spain has become a force in the industry of fashion due to the unique features the traditional Spanish dress possessed; features like elegance, austerity and plenty of decorations were only a few to define the uniqueness of the design. The cut and combination of colors rendered the dress and to the one that wears it an impetuosity resembling a queen. For the normal outfit black and red were the most popular colors for dresses made of heavy fabrics rich in decorations and silver strands. Black symbolized the bride’s character that will be left to the groom to uncover. It could seem quite strange to other Europeans as black for many people is the color to reflect the mourning for a dead person!

With the occupation of Moors (a race belonging to modern Muslim population) the Spanish traditional dress was influenced by the rich embroideries and use of ornaments, jeweled buttons and heavy collars. Many sophisticated motifs were imprinted in the design of the dress, turning the outfit into a celebration of elaborate form and essence.

spanish wedding dresses 212x300 Spanish Wedding DressesFor Spanish wedding dresses brides can choose different colors, starting with black and reaching the combination of white with red. The shawl is another element in the gown which can be draped over one’s shoulder, thus conferring the bride’s image an intense sensuality. A tint of mystery could be added by wearing a black tulle veil that frame the face and lead the attendants to a sincere admiration.

Among the most favorite materials to make wedding dresses we can number the chiffon, silk, taffeta, organza and tulle. Their texture is very delicate to the touch and to the eye alike. The embroideries that go with the gown can be adorned with beads, diamonds and crystals. They show an exquisite effect on the wedding dress bearing a royal attitude both through the design and the person to wear.

Another design a bride could opt for her Spanish wedding dress is the flamenco-style cut where the rich several layers of flounces border both the sleeves and the edge of the skirt. This specific cut gives even the not so slim-waist brides the advantage to look elegant with fine curves and lines for the hips and waist. So, ensure yourself that the style of dress you choose to be in your advantage as this is the only day in your life when you are in the centre of the attention and therefore treated like a queen!11

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To be sure of your choice when you decide on a wedding dress should you should bear in mind the following steps:

  • Browse some pictures of styles that you think are best suited to be analuysed and chosen.
  • Accept proper advice from professionals in the field. Do not forget that they are in charge of these things every day and the experience of hundreds of brides that they have helped you before .
  • Be open to try something completely different to what you have in your mind, it may give you an idea of ​​what you want .
  • Try out simple models. There will be many dresses with accessories that you may be at a disadvantage wearing and become the starting point for you in your search trial.
Ball gown wedding dress wallpaper A Perfect Plan For A Perfect Wedding Dress
  • Probably the dresses that fit  your estimated budget will also be among those you should consider. Even if you are tempted to try on a dress that might be more expensive it is likely that the whole experience will end in disappointment for you.
  • Keep in mind the season when the happy event will be and choose the model that fits the period.
  • Remember the wedding style that you want. You do not want the arrangements to be in total contrast with your dress. Think about what style you want:  traditional, elegant or casual?
  • Do not buy the first wedding dress that you have tried if you do not like it. Allow yourself enough time to test several models and to have more time to think before you make your final decision.

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You can easily choose your wedding dress, following these ten simple steps during the planning process.

1. Firstly you have to keep in mind the wedding season then think about the reception locatio. These two aspects are very important and must be taken into account. If you have chosen to have a spring or summer wedding, choose lightweight materials and in case your wedding will be in the autumn or in the winter opt for great materials such as the velvet.

2. Then it is very important to know some basic terms . For example if you know and welcome shades of white and you can differentiate them then they might just be your perfect choice . Then it is better if you documented in stores or websites about the latest designs and trends. You can make a list of picture cuts from magazine dresses that you like. This way when you go to a store you already know all about what patterns you prefer and you can orient yourself.
Wedding Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress
3. Great accessories cost about 10% of the total budget wedding. Besides the dress, you have to buy some accessories, such as the veil or hair accessories , shoes, jewelry.It’s also good if you have a spare in case the dress needs some alterations or modifications and that of course if the store where you buy the dress from does not do this .Then it is recommended to start looking for your wedding dress about six or nine months before the wedding. It is better to start early than to let it to the last minute.

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Wedding dresses during the medieval period were quite different to the ones we wear today. First of all the color was the main element to be chosen for a wedding dress since the colors carried symbols that depicted the character of the bride or her social status. Thus blue was the color of purity instead of white, the white we have today for our weddings. This doesn’t mean that the dress was mainly blue, it was suffice to be other color so long as it had some blue in it.

As the color was the thing that could tell about the bride’s status in society, we have to add that white was a color to use for wedding dress, but the brides to wear were the peasants’ brides; this fact also symbolized that it was a cheap medieval wedding dress and that the bride didn’t bring anything on her wedding.

cheap medieval wedding dresses1 Cheap Medieval Wedding DressesOn the other hand, the color green was to be preferred as it meant youth, while yellow and gold were somehow excluded as they symbolized jealousy.

White dresses became popular in Brittany in the 17th century; the gown was made of two layers, an overdress and an under dress. The wedding dress pattern was however the one with longs sleeves and some gowns came also with caps and hoods on top of these. If the wedding couples choose a medieval theme for their wedding it is better that the period of time for this to be selected in late fall or in winter.

The style of the dresses differ through that that the sleeves are either detached from the dress or connected to the gown by extra material that make them look like sided wings.

Medieval weddings as theme for a wedding are very romantic and because of the richness of the fabrics and their elaborate designs the medieval wedding dresses can be very expensive. Considering that this gown a woman wears only for one night it is recommended to be hired or if one desires to keep it as a memory or to customize it for other thematic parties there are places where one can purchase cheap medieval wedding dresses at a reasonable price.11

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Barbie is the name of a fashion doll manufactured In America by the businesswoman Ruth Handler and launched for the first time in March 1959. The inspiration in creating this world known doll was the German doll called Bild Lili. Barbie has been an important “piece de resistance” in the toy fashion doll market, she was the subject of innumerable controversies and lawsuits, mainly because of the parodies appeared on the doll’s lifestyle.

The story of conceiving goes like that:

Ruth Handler watched on several occasions her daughter playing with paper dolls and calling them adult names. At that time the most popular children toys were imitations of infants, and Ruth thought that an adult-embodied doll would cover an important segment of the toy market. She shared this idea to her husband who wasn’t very enthusiastic and neither his directors form the Mattel toy company.

 Princess And Barbie Wedding DressesIn one her visits in Europe, Ruth Handler came across Germany where she spotted the German toy doll that existed on the market. It was an adult-figured doll mostly popular among the adults preferences as it came with separate outfits to be dressed. Ruth took the doll back home and redesigned it giving a new name as well: Barbie (named after her daughter’s name – Barbara).

She exhibited the doll at American International Toy Fair on the 9th of March 1959 and this date was known to be the official birth date of the Barbie doll. The doll was released on the market as “Teen Age Fashion Model” and was offered to the buyers together with entire sets of outfits.

Among these outfits, princess and Barbie wedding dresses wore the most astounding gowns made in real silk and tulle and brocades, almost everything that is to be found as fabrics for wedding dresses fitted also for the Barbie dolls wedding gowns. Starting from the dress itself to purses, earrings, shoes, gloves, the sets of wedding outfits were wonderful examples of fashion and inspiration for the future to be bride.

The delicacy of Barbie dolls and the suppleness of her body lines made the wedding gowns to fit perfectly conveying the status of a fashion model to be followed both by designers and by the models to wear their creations.11

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Being selected as bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding is an honor and a joy that confers this role a dimension of a unique experience. As a bridesmaid you are given responsibilities not only material but also spiritual ones. Bridesmaid has to be the shoulder that the bride leans whenever the tasks of planning a wedding seem to be too overwhelming and together with the excitement that such a day is bringing often end up in nervous breakdowns or tears starting to fall out of nowhere. In these particular moments you, as a bridesmaid, have to be close.

In the position of a bridesmaid you have to think of yourself as a main pawn in so many aspects that a bride has to consider while planning her wedding. You have to think that beside the fact that you are her closest friend you are also her intimate confident, the bride could share you thoughts or opinions that she otherwise couldn’t share to her mom, or her future mother in law.

wedding bridesmaid dresses 150x150 Wedding Bridesmaid DressesBut next to these responsibilities you have to think of your own appearance in public in the role of a bridesmaid. You have to start chasing for best wedding bridesmaid dress because you wouldn’t want to let your friend down by showing yourself dressed into something that doesn’t lift up to your best friend’s expectations. Consider that your outfit has to complement in a nice way the bride’s gown and at the same time to be cozy while wearing it and attractive for the invitees. These aspects have to take into account first of all the budget available for your dress, the color preferences of the bride if there are ones, and the style that has to match the wedding theme as well as the style of other bridesmaids if there is the case.

Internet websites is a great source for you to get inspired, or even to order the dress that you find to match the criteria; you can do the internet surfing accompanied by the bride and together to decide what would be the wedding bridesmaid dress for you to wear. Well of course that even in this matter there are trends to follow, trends that offer a wide range of styles, in fact that wide that it would be difficult for you not to find something appropriate for this occasion.

In case your budget doesn’t allow you to order one of those stylish dresses advertised on the websites, you can decide on a design and start looking for a couturiere to have it hand made. In this way you can be pretty sure that the size fits you well and everything that belongs to the dress is tailored according to your desires: colors, fabrics, design, embellishments etc. If the dress you have chosen has a classic design you don’t have to wear it only once, you can keep it and have for later social events you will have to attend to, so here is another reason for you to make an appropriate selection. But whichever your choice you have to be sure that your appearance doesn’t eclipse the bride’s wedding gown, since after all it is her wedding day and she has to be the center of attention!11

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The beauty of the informal style, whatever it comprises, from fashion to behavior and taste, is that it doesn’t require too much money to spend. One may say that this style shouldn’t be approached when it comes to attend big social events, for instance a cocktail party thrown by your boss for your promotion, or a party thrown on the occasion of exhibiting your first art creations, or most important your wedding. Every bride wants to look spectacular while wearing the wedding gown, and most of the brides think that this is possible due to the most expensive wedding dress that fashion designer create with their signature of one-of-a-kind outfit.

But this is wrong; the conception according to which a wedding gown can look gorgeous due to its exquisite price is totally not applicable, as there are these informal wedding dresses that can look wonderful even at a lower price. And anyway, the cost of the bridal gown is not displayed on view, so why make an issue out of it?

informal wedding dresses 150x150 Informal Wedding DressesIf your wedding location is set on the beach, backyard, cruise ship, out in the landscape of a mountain surrounding, then the options for these informal wedding dresses are innumerable; for instance there are other shops which you can visit next to the ones that are strictly bridal, where you can find casual dresses that fit the scope of your wedding day. It is quite a good aspect in this matter since your wedding budget can be considerably saved for other elements that constitute part of your ceremony.

Another aspect that need to be emphasized is that for this informal dress you don’t have to look for heavy adornments to decorate your dress, it has to be plain and simple or perhaps to incorporate some tiny sequins and pearls, but in a delicate almost invisible embellishment. If this is hardly to be seen it doesn’t necessary mean that you won’t look stunning, and besides there is a richness of styles that display elegant dresses even in their simple cut of the design. The variety of styles stretch from dresses made with a slit up one side, strapless, spaghetti straps or sleeves, a shawl worn on one shoulder, to ¾ length of a dress or long trained skirt, everything can be found in order to satisfy your taste and to match your size and desire.

Beside all the afore mentioned variety of styles you have to look also at the bright sides of your choice: it can save you money, these informal dresses are reported to be up to 90% cheaper than the traditional ones, it can save you time considering that you can take it immediately with you at home, it offers you the possibility to wear it for a second, third time or over and over again, and last but not least it gives you the feeling of coziness, you do not have to worry about carrying its long exhaustive train, or to take care not to make extra wrinkles etc. So, choosing an informal wedding dress it’s not such a bad idea, after all!11

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A wedding dress is that kind of clothing that you would like to preserve at least some time after your wedding day is gone. In case it is a stylish one, and its design is the one that can defeat the fashion trends in time, you may want to further keep it till your child is having his/her own wedding. But for this thing to happen, you need to have it proper, and after the wedding is over, everything but proper one can not see her wedding dress to be. After all, you have worn it through a whole long day, with flowers that you carried in your hands, with snacks serving after the religious service, with glasses of champagne to cheer, with a dinner to have, and not to mention the wedding cake to cut.

All these moments have their risky part, in that you might very easy stain your dress, and even if you are too careful, the wedding dress is getting dirty anyway because of the sweat and the dust in the air; being a bride you are not absolved from these things to happen, unfortunately. So before thinking to preserve the dress you have to take it to dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses. It is mandatory to find these kind of services because they are specially designed to clean these fabrics that need special care and special chemicals that won’t destroy the structure of the fabrics.  Maybe it is better to consider the option to have it sent it to a dry cleaner that takes individual interest in it, since the “wholesale” dry cleaners provide the service for 30 gowns at one time.

dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses 150x150 Dry Cleaners Specializing In Wedding DressesYou really need to know that your wedding dress benefits from one of the best care and cleaning, after all you plan to keep it for some time in its perfect condition and not wrinkled or stained or even yellowed. The dry cleaners specializing in wedding dresses that are not wholesaled pay close respect and attention to your wedding gown, they make first a general inspection while you are present, to establish the parts that are stained or yellowed or dirty, and after the cleaning process is through they inspect it again, in order to be sure that the cleaning is properly made and only after that they proceed in pressing it to look impeccable till you come and pick it up.

The dry cleaning process uses perchlorethylene, Stoddard solvent, Exxon DF-200 (called Hydro-carbon) and Greenearth, which is a new silicone-based solvent. The use of solvents depend on the type of fabrics used for the wedding dress; for instance, there are wedding gowns that have instructions on their label to be dry-cleaned only with solvents based on Petroleum. But no matter the solvents dry cleaners use, after all it is their job to know which one is the best, you have to point out the parts that are dirty for in the end, when you come to take the deliverance you have to be sure that you get back a wedding dress that is worth being admired by the generations to come.11

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Getting ready for your wedding day is loaded with as much as excitement as it is with sleepless nights and thoughts and ideas on how your wedding gown should look like. Brides begin fervently to browse the websites looking for pictures that might bring them a piece of suggestion in an attempt to smooth this endless agony. If this search doesn’t come to a satisfactory result, there are the wedding planners that could have the ace in their sleeve and perhaps a great advice for the wedding dress. If this doesn’t work either, brides should not panic, the wedding fashion experts are just one click away to guide them through the maze of thousands of types of wedding gowns.

And one day, when the exhaustion has put a print on your mind and soul, it might happen that a randomly found wedding dress website to unfold the wedding dress you’ve been waiting for so long. You could have as well passed by it, but there is something that made it look special. And if you pay more attention you realize that what makes it to be special drawing your attention from the very beginning is the touch of lavender on the white color of the dress. Yes, it is this lavender and white wedding dress that summoned you to have a closer look and to instantly fall in love with it!

lavender and white wedding dresses 234x300 Lavender And White Wedding DressesIt is a fact that our reaction to color is almost on the spot and has a deep impact on the choices we make, whether we are aware of it or not. In this case lavender is actually a pale nuance of violet and has its name from the flower that has the same name. And it is known that the flower of lavender means devotion for one, and it is the favorite flower of genteel ladies, the tint of purple in it suggesting refinement, grace, elegance. It is not in vain that royalty used to wear outfits made with fabrics colored in lavender, since it reflected this elegance specific to high society ladies.

On the other hand, white conveys the meanings of purity of thought or action, clarity of the spirit, and in the religious perspective is seen as the color of light and emblem of the divine. Considering all this background meanings of the colors, the lavender and white wedding dress mainly has it all that a bride has been dreaming of while imagining her gown.

With this new revelation opened in front of your eyes you have to start searching for the style of the dress. The more appealing, in this type of colors combination, are the sleeveless wedding dresses with the waist well defined and a long rich train to leave behind. This style of dress defines better the special meaning of the dress, and together with the significance of the colors it should guarantee the success of your wedding day. You will surely feel the queen of the day!11