Beautiful Traditional Wedding Dresses From Around The World

25 August 2016 0 Comments


Those beautiful white wedding gowns created by famous designers are attractive for every bride-to-be around the world. Still, nowadays, the wedding dresses became less personal and more commercial. Don’t get us wrong, they are still beautiful, but there are some brides who desire to have an original approach on their wedding outfit. It is very […]

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Wedding Dresses With Colored Floral Embellishments

08 January 2016 2 Comments

In modern tradition the wedding dresses leave behind the concept according to which white is the compulsory color for wedding gown. There are new tends in defining the “wedding white” as nuances of cream derived from eggshells, ecru and ivory. But these trends come also with the cultural background that influences the brides’ decisions in […]

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Wedding Dresses To Wear At The Beach

08 January 2016 6 Comments

In case you decide to choose the beach as a location for your wedding it is better to check first the weather’s forecast. Next and most importantly, you need to plan your wedding dresses. Some may be classic, some may vary on the modernistic style of the wedding you have decided to organize. Couples can […]

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Pictures Of Renaissance Wedding Dresses

26 June 2015 2 Comments

The Renaissance bridal customs have their origin in the Middle Ages. As the foreign trade increased it brought new ideas in fashion and costumes as well. This aspect reflected the advancing culture while more clothing materials became available. Some of the fabrics bore the print of the nobility since only the upper classes reserved silk, […]

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Japanese Wedding Dresses

26 June 2015 1 Comment

The traditional Japanese weddings involve many ceremonies and traditions that are still kept alive around Japan. Although in modern Japan many of these are now disappearing, there are many young women that prefer to wear the most gorgeous wedding kimono called Uchikake. The kimono as a clothing item goes back in time at the beginning […]

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1940’s Wedding Dresses

26 June 2015 2 Comments

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The 20th Century Fashions during the 40s was predominantly influenced by the Big Band era; swing music reflected the way people dressed. But at the same time there was the influence of the World War II. The times revealed a certain difficulty in creation as shortages both economically and socially were present all over the […]

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Hippie Wedding Dresses

26 June 2015 10 Comments

The term “hippie” appeared for the first time during the mid 60’s and defined itself as a countercultural movement. Initiated by the youth in US was soon known to spread all over the world. This movement promoted peace, freedom and exploration of alternative states of consciousness. It brought a major impact in television, film, literature, […]

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Davinci Wedding Dresses

26 June 2015 1 Comment

Leonardo DaVinci is defined to be the most representative figure of the Renaissance period, a man whose unlimited curiosity turned him into a source of permanent inspiration and creativity in his quest for finding answers to the big questions of life and nature. The era of Renaissance was the favorable ground that offered DaVinci excellent […]

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Restoration Era Romance Wedding Gowns

26 June 2015 0 Comments

We may think that living in the era of modern technology, with a pragmatic way to look at things, everything that belongs to our spiritual side is somehow forsaken, or at least it isn’t granted its everyday existence, which, by the way, is present, whether we mind it or not! But as much as we […]

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6 Short Wedding Dresses That You Will Fall In Love With

17 June 2015 1 Comment

Picking your dream wedding dress is never easy. Mini or midi, princess or mermaid, white or colored, the wedding dress is a real headache, especially if you are that type of bride that likes to stick with the tendencies. Short (or mini) wedding dresses make for an extremely versatile choice and you can become a […]

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Renaissance Wedding Gowns

11 June 2015 0 Comments


What can be more relevant for a wedding theme than the one of Renaissance? The name just says it all! “Renaissance”(which is the French for ‘rebirth’) theme selected for the wedding can lead you to think of a reborn of your being into the one that you and your man  now through the vows of […]

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Green Mother Of The Bride Dresses

03 June 2015 0 Comments


Being the mother of the bride is quite an honor but a difficult one. The mother of the bride has to be elegant and needs to have an exquisite dress. Mothers of the bride can wear either a dress or a costume for their daughter’s wedding, but the important thing is to select the outfit […]

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The Elegance of Nude Wedding Shoes

22 May 2015 0 Comments

It’s a well-known fact that nude wedding shoes are a perfect match for any day-time or evening gown. As a bride, not only can you proudly wear them on your wedding day, but they are also easy to match with other outfits that you’ll be wearing in the future. Nude wedding shoes are a great […]

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1 Bridesmaid Dress, 10 Different Possibilities

12 May 2015 0 Comments


You’ve got it ladies! No more fussing over bridesmaids dresses, as Cocomelody brings yet another superb chiffon dress that can be worn in 10 different ways. This convertible bridesmaid dress is made by Cocomelody’s L.A. designers. “Since it’s very difficult to balance everyone’s features and preferences, Cocomelody releases this new arrival product in order to […]

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Astonishing CocoMelody Wedding Dresses – Shopping Links Included

27 March 2015 0 Comments

Casual A-Line Square Half Sleeve Knee Length Tulle Wedding Dress with Appliques

After our really awesome interview with Sherry from CocoMelody, we decided to show you some of their most mind-blowing wedding dresses. Each photo has a link under it that will lead you to the detail and purchasing page. If  you are not certain which types of wedding gowns are trending in 2015 or how to […]

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[INTERVIEW] 2015 Wedding Dress Trends & Picking A Gown To Match Your Silhouette

27 March 2015 9 Comments


Today we have a pretty amazing interview with Sherry from CocoMelody, a company selling some of the most beautiful and affordable wedding dresses you’ve ever seen. Sherry has some pretty awesome advice for all the future brides out there, including how to choose the wedding dress that its your body shape and which are the […]

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The 4 Main Dress Styles That Will Dominate In 2015

17 March 2015 1 Comment

We’re looking at some major changes here ladies. Are you ready to hear about the 4 wedding dress styles that will dominate in 2015? 1. Futuristic – If you are not that type of romantic bride and are not in love with silks, crystals and lace, then the futuristic style, with bold cuts, innovative and […]

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The Nightmare Of Finding The Right Wedding Shoes

13 March 2015 0 Comments

Now that’s a real challenge, especially when you’re the bride to be. Choosing the right pair of shoes is a nightmare to every woman, so can you imagine the pressure of picking one for the most important day of your life? If you are used to wearing high heels, it will be easier for you […]

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