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Pretty soon your wedding day will knock at your door and when this happens you want to be prepared to meet it in a way that leaves nice memories in your future life as a wife. You have already set the tone of your wedding through the wedding invitations that you have sent letting everybody know about the modernistic style you want to wrap the atmosphere of your wedding celebration. You and your future hubby have decided to approach the modern style since you have both been the kind of non conformism couple. You remember how many times you have attended, together with your beloved one, weddings that bore the print of casual and you have since then told to yourself that it was exactly the style that you would approach when your wedding takes place.

And now here you are, planning your wedding, paying attention to every detail of its composition, adding here and there hues in the colorful palette of elements, but you finally come across the element called modern wedding gown and this is the moment when you start to freak out; you know how clumsy you are while deciding to pick up your own wardrobe, how long all the clothes’ shopping took you and how indecisive you have always been when it came to try a dress, a skirt, T-shirt, even pants. But shopping for a wedding dress can not at all compare to shopping for the ordinary outfit; it is a wedding dress we are talking about here, and this minor element “wedding” is that makes it look a big deal.

modern wedding gowns 195x300 Modern Wedding GownsYou have to think of finding someone to help you take a right decision and instantly you think of your parents, but at a second thought you drop the idea, since your parents can never in this life time be impartial with you, they will always find you beautiful no matter what you decide to wear. So, in case you do not find anyone, as everybody’s schedule is too overloaded, you have to consider of doing your shopping in stores that have personnel who are able to provide professional fashioning assistance.

If you choose to wear a modern wedding gown that is tailored according to the normal rules of a wedding dress meaning the white, long trained wedding gown then you can easily find professionals to assist you in the matter. Besides not only the white long trained dresses are available since there are brides that might want to have their weddings performed on a beach and in this case they need something simpler and not that long and maybe in different colors that are offered also in a wide range.

But you, more than anybody else, need to wear a modern wedding gown that nobody had ever worn before and this desire of yours makes your shopping more delicate and suddenly you realize that you are done with all the wedding stores you knew to exist in your city, when suddenly you pass by a window that displays an elegant light blue colored dinner dress and you fall in love with that dress thinking that it is the best choice that was given to you so long as your wedding will take place by the sea and that blue of the dress matches quite perfectly with your event and taste as well. So, let the wedding day come, as there is nothing left to be afraid of.11

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Vera Wang is already a benchmark for wedding dress designers everywhere. Her superb creations, while not the most affordable, are the most envied dresses for brides getting married all over the world.

The pictures below are some of the iconic dresses which are part of her 2015 fall bridal collection. We’d love to know which one is your favorite, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

1414005032 f Fall2015 Look1 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection

dfs 1414005055 f Fall2015 Look3 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection

dfs 1414005091 f Fall2015 Look4 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection

dfs 1414006156 f Fall2015 Look5 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection

dfs 1414005178 f Fall2015 Look6 1 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection

dfs 1414005242 f Fall2015 Look7 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection

dfs 1414005373 f Fall2015 Look11 Catch a Glimpse of Vera Wangs 2015 Fall Collection


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Every bride needs to know that her wedding dress is the sensation of her wedding day therefore she constantly looks to find something that suits her style and personality and that it is at the same time beautiful and special. For you, as a future bride, doing the research takes so much time, that you’ve wished you were Cinderella and the good fairy to come one night and plant the dress in your room. While browsing the websites you see so many models wearing the most elegant wedding dresses in a feast of beauty and shining. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize that with your extra pounds gained it might be difficult to find something that beautiful and elegant for your size.

But you won’t need to worry, since the fashion designers have always something to offer for every type of woman, and especially for the one that has to look gorgeous in the day of her wedding. So you have to browse for plus size wedding dress and you’ll see that the dresses are there for you waiting to be viewed and selected for the big event of your life. Collections of wedding dresses you’ve never expected to open in front of your eyes are offering to you in a wide range of models that you just need to pick up the one that fits your personality and flatters your body curves.

plus size wedding dresses 200x300 Plus Size Wedding DressesFashion houses display a richness of wedding gowns created in a note of style, quality, elegance and sophistication, conveying the essence of glamour and the sense of romance in a way that every plus size bride can find her own expression of beauty and personal charm. Everything seems ok up to this point, you have seen so many that you could have chosen more than one for your wedding day, but there is another aspect to be taken into account: the wedding budget. Plenty of the dresses due to their designer signature seem to cost much more that you could ever afford and you even start considering of borrowing some extra money in order to be able to purchase the dress of your dream.

But again you don’t need to worry; there are sites where affordable wedding dresses are offered even for the plus size wedding dresses and suddenly these sites make your day. You can find in there dedicated websites to display a vast range of larger size stock with gowns to be sourced from best known designers label. The option to even tailor the dress according to your taste and size through their design and alteration services is also an offer that these sites so generously display.

Fashion consultants are there too to give suggestions, to make you decide which is the one to be selected suiting your budget at the same time and of course your style. Thanks to them you don’t have to try to squeeze in some miniscule dress that you like and necessary want, you don’t have to spend hours in your quest for answers to questions like “does it look ok for me?”, “I wonder if this one can be tailored to fit my size?” or “does this curve outlines in a bad way when I bend like this?” and so on. No more with these tiring questions, the fashion consultants are there to help you become princess for a day and this is all that matters!11

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While this is supposed to be the happiest day in every woman life, weddings put a lot of a pressure on the female presence. Mostly because everyone expects you to look your best. Since all eyes are on you, the wedding dress is by far the most important statement you can make.

Shopping for the right wedding dress is supposed to be fun, but it sometimes ends up being a nightmare. While the process is rather complex, we’ve tried to narrow it down to 7 main steps that you have to follow on your wedding gown hunt.

wedding gowns shop excellent 7 Steps To Help You Choose A Wedding Dress


  1. Choose the type of dress that you want. No matter how much a tight dress catches your eyes, you might not have the curves that you’re required to have in order to look you best. You also need to take into account the outfit of your spouse. After choosing the style, you need to pick the color of your dress. While most brides go for white, some can choose pearl or another variation. Make sure that when you’re picking out your dress, you benefit from as much natural light as possible: artificial light within a store can be deceiving.
  2. Take pictures when you try on dresses. You can either take some selfies in the mirror or ask the shop assistant to take them for you. When you get some, you will be able to take your time and make a proper comparison between dresses.
  3. There is RARELY a cheap and beautiful dress. While some affordable dresses may look adorable on the mannequin in the shop window, you will soon notice the true quality of the dress when you try it on. The real reason why some wedding dresses are cheaper is because the manufacturer compromised the quality of the fabric.
  4. Train or not? Choosing a dress with a train makes it easier for you to move around without people stepping on your dress all the time. However, it is true that a train will make the dress look even more elegant, so the choice is entirely up to you. Do you choose comfort over elegance?
  5. Last fitting. The last details and adjustments need to be done about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Even if you buy the dress 3 months in advance, chances are that you may lose or gain some weight or you may want to add or remove certain embroideries from the model you’ve chosen.
  6. Wear the dress before the wedding. Sometimes brides choose astonishing wedding dress models which are not that comfortable to walk around in. on your wedding day, you need to be able to move around and dance naturally. It’s not every day that we wear long dresses, hoop skirts and dress trains, deep cleavage or corsets, so you need to make friends with your dress before the big day. Wear the dress inside your house, preferably with shoes on. Make sure that you’re not wearing any makeup when you’re trying on the dress, to avoid staining it. Also take a shower before and wear perfume, to keep the dress fresh. Sit down, stand up, do a pirouette, maybe even dance around a little, until you feel that you can make all these moves in a natural way.
  7. Flowers are a touch of color. Speculate as much as you can with the color potential of your wedding bouquet. It makes you stand out and it creates a beautiful contrast with your wedding dress.

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As part of the wedding party, the bridesmaid will always be admired by the guests of a wedding. Looking your best is a must, whether the color or model of your dress is imposed by the requirements of the bride or not.

We’ve put together a series of dresses that are in trend in the 2015 wedding season.  Under each photo, you will discover the link that will redirect you to the source/seller of the dress, so you can track it down in no time. Happy shopping, ladies!

W144 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Short Strapless Asymmetrical Lace Bridesmaid Dress

W164 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Chiffon Empire Strapless Best Full Length Bridesmaid Dress

W172 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Elegant Sleeveless A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

W186 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Chic A-line/Princess Knee-length Bridesmaid Dress

 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Navy long chiffon gown with draped bodice and cowl back

715 010 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Dress Style 715

 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Dress Style 694

bg 31035 150 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Dress Style 31035

8472 main detail 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Style 8472

8430 main detail 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Sheath Bridesmaid Dresses

8376 main detail 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses

52217d335bb0d247ec6f020de0f8c761 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Knee-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Bow(s)

5848b6bc52f6b9d24f48cbc3cfb8abd5 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Knee-Length Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle Flower(s)

8d90bf87c4c8bff0df0da86f4720603f 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

A-Line/Princess One-Shoulder Floor-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle Flower(s)

1d493bf8ab517824ac88d61682cefa8e.image.589x750 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Collection: Lily Maids Spring 2015

8ede564be8678ede779f6824ece0eb69.image.589x750 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Collection: Lily Bridesmaids 2014

7 1432F2 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Style: 1432

7 1404F 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Style: 1404

bm1749f 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season


10454613 1 20 Bridesmaid Dresses That Fit The 2015 Wedding Season

Hot Selling Flowers One-shoulder Floor Length A-Line Bridesmaid/Prom Dress

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It is no secret that the mother of the bride is a very important person at any wedding. Aside from the bride/groom and the bridal party, lots of eyes will be turned to admire the mother of the bride.

This is why it’s imperative to have an impeccable appearance, in both terms of behavior and looks.

Today, we’re focusing our attention on bringing you a selection of adequate mother of the bride dresses that will ensure and elegant appearance. You will find the source for each dress under the given picture.2015 01 16 12 15 52 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Long Glitter Jersey Dress with Beaded Waist


Eliza J Lace Faille A Line Gown Nordstrom 2015 01 16 12 18 18 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Lace & Faille A-Line Gown

j4466 jade by jasmine mother of the bride dress primary 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Jade by Jasmine

212677 cameron blake mother of the bride dress primary 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Cameron Blake

k2283 jade couture mother of the bride dress primary 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Jade Couture

 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

R&M Richards Sleeveless Beaded Evening Gown

 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

SL Fashions Plus Size Necklace Tiered Dress and Jacket

 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Jacques Vert Lace Top Evening Dress, Navy

 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Coast Monochrome Eva Dress, White/Black

 Burgundy Lace Dress 2015 01 16 12 33 13 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Cap Sleeve Lace Dress

cristallini dress ska235 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Cristallini SKA

cristallini dress ska111 1 2015 Mother of the Bride Dress Suggestions

Cristallini SKA

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We all know that white is the color of purity, so that’s why white wedding gowns make the most sense. But why would you choose purple as your secondary dress color?

Purple is all about mystery and it is one of the rarest colors found in surrounding nature. It’s also referred to as “the color of power”, being often wore by kings. Most painters and musicians found their inspiration while being surrounded by a violet light.

Here are some other things you may not have know about purple:

  • It represents the most intense electrochemical power and it stimulates the nervous system.
  • It feeds and energizes the human brain.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci said that our meditation capacity is increased if we sit in a room with purple windows when the sun is at its afternoon glow.
  • It suggests luxury, wealth and sophistication.

If you’re on the market looking for a white and purple wedding dress, here are some suggestions. You can find the source for each model under the picture.

Best%20Selling%20White%20and%20Purple%20Satin%20A Line%20Wedding%20Dresses%20Empire%20Waist%20V Neck%20Beads%20Appliques%20Bow%202015%20Bridal%20Gowns%20Custom%20Made White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


New%20Stylish%20A%20Line%20White%20And%20Purple%20Wedding%20Dresses%20For%20Sexy%20Women%20Sweetheart%20Lace Up%20Print%20Sweep%20Train%20Tulle%20Garden%20Beach%20Bridal%20Gowns%20SKG White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


purple and white wedding dresses White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


purple wedding dress 1 White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


484345193 589 White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


484345191 737 White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


Pia Benelli Wedding Dress Collections 2012 Purple Corset ottoman topped with a lace organza White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous


eb7c1377 White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous



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Ready to get married in the upcoming year? Have you yet to find a dress to your liking? We have gathered out top 10 proffered wedding dresses that are part of several 2015 spring bridal collection.

Under each photo, you will find the name of the designer/seller, as well a link to the source, in case you want to track it down and buy it.

One other thing: we’d love to know which one is your favorite, so drop a comment and let us know.

P.S.: I absolutely love the first one.


We know you girls love to look at wedding dresses. It’s also the toughest of choices when planning your wedding. Maybe looking at the gallery below, will give you an idea of what you want your wedding to look like.

You simply must tell us which one of these you find to be the most glamorous.

vestido novia rosa reese witherspoon celebrity pink wedding dress Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Reese Witherspoon [Photo source]

Anne Hathaway Wedding Valentino November 2012 BellaNaija013 Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Anne Hathaway [Photo source]

Mama%20Mariah%21%20Poor,%20desperate,%20Mariah%20Carey%20still%20can%27t%20find%20a%20groom%20 %20she%20wore%20another%20wedding%20dress%20at%20Heidi%20Klum%27s%20Halloween%20bash Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Mariah Carey [Photo source]

tumblr m4e7f8yrSU1rvu3h7o1 1280 Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Kate Moss [Photo source]

hilary duff vera wang wedding dress inspired mermaid organza bridal Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Hillary Duff [Photo source]

article 0 04ACD11C000005DC 689 468x667 Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Salma Hayek [Photo source]

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd 669a celeb weddings aol lifestyle uk 211010 Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Jennifer Lopez [Photo source]

Madonna+wearing+her+wedding+dress+16th+August+1985+in+which+she+married+Sean+Penn. Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Madonna [Photo source]

main.original.585x0 Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Ashely Tisdale [Photo source]

Nicole Richie wedding Dress Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Nicole Richie [Photo source]

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Lots of future brides seems to have their concerns concentrated on mostly one thing about their wedding planning: how to save money on several items, such as the wedding dress. Even if there are lots of brides who don’t want to compromise their look on the wedding, we can honestly tell you that you don’t necessarily need a Vera Wang dress to be a princess on your wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, Vera still makes dresses that I would kill for, but where you are on a budget, spending thousands of dollars on your wedding dress is not exactly something you can afford.

This is why I’ve come up with some ideas that can actually help you save money.

 How To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

Vera Wang Gemma Dress – 60% off, at OnceWed

#1: Simple is better. When the price tag seems a bit exaggerated, it’s probably because you are looking at a model with lots of embellishments. If you look for a simple wedding gown, the price will significantly be lower.

#2: Look for second-hand dresses. I hope you ladies realize that if you want a really expensive wedding dress, you’re actually paying thousands of dollars for a piece of clothing that you only get to wear once in your life. Here’s a question for ex-brides: how many of you have actually taken out the wedding dress from the basement/attic/closet/whatever place you store it in, to take a look at it after the big day has passed? Chances are your wedding dress will be forgotten in some corner of the house for the rest of your life. Unless you are one of those mothers who is looking to push her old wedding dress down her daughter’s throat. So, why not opt for a rental? OnceWed is just an example of an online business where you can even find designer dresses at extremely low prices, simply because they’ve been worn once or because some bride has remorse and returned it without even wearing it.

 How To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

David’s Bridal Wedding Dress – Buy for $385, on Borrowing Magnolia

#3: Online is cheaper. As always, shopping online for clothes is cheaper than wasting time, money and energy with having to go from store to store. Of course, the disadvantage is that you won’t get to try the wedding dress on, although there are some online store that will allow you to open the package and check its content before paying the courier.

#4: Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. We’re generally annoying with some of the website subscriptions we’ve made in our lives, mostly because we end up receiving tons of email with content we never really need. Well, when you’re on the market for a wedding dress, subscribing to online stores is not such a bad idea. You will be updates on the latest offers, models and sales and word has it, some stores even create special promotions and discount exclusively for their subscribers.

0ef429d826f73d55b0a89a65ec445518 How To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Gown – Buy for $250, on JJSHouse

#5: It’s a seller’s market. If you do end up buying a really expensive wedding dress, why not sell it once the wedding is over? You won’t be able to recover the entire amount you paid for it, but you will end up having some extra cash that you could use for something else. A Caribbean honeymoon, maybe?

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Dear Alfred Angelo, on behalf of all the future brides of the world, I want to thank you for this dream come true. Everyone knows that most women dream of their wedding dress ever since they were children, back in the days were Disney’s princesses were our best inspiration and our role models.

We modestly bow down before the collection below, as each and every item would make a perfect wedding dress for a fairy tale wedding.

58f1e008 d72b 4fc8 9aa6 1b1b9a56b6d1.enlargedNormal Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses


0b6e728e 150f 4de0 ad63 3e42e48a9bdf.enlargedNormal Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses

Snow White

acbe480b 9773 4b5f 8c98 e0ff6f794a41.enlargedNormal Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses

Sleeping Beauty

29a16dce 3df3 46f6 bf0c ef2e86379a0b.enlargedNormal Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses


3fb2b107 5c8a 4d7c 8777 f966831d9675.enlargedNormal Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses


9ca6c572 333e 4e03 8dc1 4f4c93abc674.enlargedNormal Wedding Dress Line For Brides Who Want To Be Disney Princesses


The entire collection is available here. Which one would you choose and why?

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Even when they are invited to be part of the wedding party, bridesmaids would love to be able to dress into something that fits their own unique style. However, that does not make for some of the best wedding photos. Truth be told, ladies, you should all wear the same type of dress, but in a different style. Why? Because this will set you apart from every other lady present at the wedding. It will make you stand out of the crowd, be the center of attention (alongside the bride, of course) and it requires little to no effort.

You don’t have to stress over what color to choose, what fabric and so on. You all get your own piece of fabric and the bride can let you choose your own dress design. But don’t take our word for it, just take a glimpse at the gallery below.

il 570xN.298596575 Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

two birds Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

il fullxfull.374656570 qhpy Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

Two%2Bbirds Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

il 570xN.314159791 Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

il fullxfull.314289656 Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

sadowsky 1111127533 Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses   Same Dress, Multiple Styles

[Photo source]

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The 20th Century Fashions during the 40s was predominantly influenced by the Big Band era; swing music reflected the way people dressed. But at the same time there was the influence of the World War II. The times revealed a certain difficulty in creation as shortages both economically and socially were present all over the place.  Somehow the designers managed to combine style and practicality to reach the status of elegance and classy.

One can divide the 1940s fashion in two distinguished parts: during the war and after the war.

These distinctive styles are reflected also in the 1940s wedding dresses. In the first period, during the war the style of the dresses was simpler as clothing was rationed across the UK and US. That is why many brides of modest means chose to wear practical dresses. Homemade accessories and curly hairstyle allowed the brides to show their elegance without too much expense or waste. The grooms limited themselves to simply wear the uniform.

1940s wedding dresses 194x300 1940s Wedding DressesThe second period with the war over and materials available again, the French couturiers, gained again suveranity in the fashion realm. Christian Dior was the promoter of the New Look, that featured a nipped waist, fuller skirts with plenty of fabric and a more classical feminine image. His New Look became more popular across the ocean where designers combined several elements in order to get the effects of elegance and stylish. Long sleeves with a point at the end -that made the hands look elongated and brought the wedding ring into attention-, emphasis on waist, often with a “V” shape, made of rayon and sometimes silk, these are few of the elements introduced in the New Look of 1940’s wedding dresses.

Another element not less important is the usange of veil which in time became a trend in wearing it longer and richer reaching almost the fullness of a rich trail.

The 1940’s bride’s hairstyle is still actual and perfect for a formal wedding. The curly style confers a classical and elegant look underlining the features of the face in a delicate manner. Many elements of 1940’s wedding dresses are preserved in nowadays wedding fashion. Designers take interest in creating new looks based on the “old looks” of the 40s.11

Every woman knows that the wedding dress is generally the most expensive item a future bride has to buy for her wedding. And the more Swarovski Crystals and Vera Wang creations you aim for, the more the prices are gonna go up. But let’s assume that you are on a budget and no matter how much you want an expensive wedding dress, you just can’t afford it. What if there was a way for you to get your hands on a beautiful wedding dress without spending a fortune? Oh wait, there is…

0 2041

One of the most beautiful wedding dresses we’ve seen in TV shoes was designed by Vera Wang and featured in the fifth season of Gossip Girl: it was from Blair Waldorf‘s royal wedding gown fitting. She eventually dropped this one and replaced it with another, also created by Vera Wang – but that one deserves a separate article. icon smile Blair Waldorf x Vera Wang   wedding dress fitting @ Gossip Girl

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The idea that you shouldn’t wear a white wedding dress for 2nd time around is a preconceived one. OK, it is known that white color is the color of purity and clarity and innocence, and being a 2nd, a 3rd time bride doesn’t confer you the same status that you have had at your first marriage, when wearing that white wedding dress signified your first step as a innocent and pure girl into the new world of marriage. But next to this detail, we should consider the fact that actually, no matter how many times this thing happens to a woman, it is still a wedding, that takes place next to the beloved man to whom you are supposed to share your love and commitment. The concept of love itself is about purity, and innocence of the soul, and as love comes when you are least expected, you have to embrace it and let it fill you in, whether this requires from you a second marriage or not.

In some countries one can say when the 2nd, or 3rd marriage occurs; through tradition it is the veil that decorates the hairdressing of the brides that is worn on the back side, that says about another wedding of the bride; whereas the veil covering the face is the one that only the virgin brides wear at their first marriage, as a symbol of her innocence that through the marriage is unveiled in front of her beloved one.

wedding dresses for 2nd time around Wedding Dresses For 2nd Time AroundHowever if you are afraid that people might comment on your choice of white for your 2nd wedding ceremony, than you have other color choices that confer equally simple elegance, purity and style. Considering that this dress is being worn only one time (ok, for the 2nd or 3rd time around…!) you can choose a simple design that can be both classy and special for your wedding ceremony. There are in fashion, even for the 1st time to be brides, colors like ecru, ivory, light cream and you won’t be less beautiful and shiny while walking down the aisle. Other option might be choosing a two pieces attire, a white classy pant suit that makes you feel comfortable and flattering as well. This option gives you the chance to wear the suit at further dinner cocktails or other social events.

Another aspect that one 2nd to be bride should consider is the age; you don’t look now as you did at your first wedding, so when you pick up the wedding dress for 2nd time around you have to think of your “enriched”, or better said, modified size. Your new wedding attire should complement your new figure with style and elegance even if you had meanwhile gained some extra pounds. Also if you consider of wearing a sleeveless wedding dress you might think to wear a white elegant shawl thrown around your shoulders, this too can confer a touch of delicacy to your wedding gown.11

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Winter weddings are considered to be off – season since there are not too many brides willing to face blizzards just for getting married in a fairy tale natural décor. However, a bride will look really special in winter, even though this will mean she has to be a little more covered than usual. As much as she will be excited, it will not be enough to keep her warm. What should a woman know about winter wedding dresses?

winter Winter Wedding Dresses

dress from onlineweddingdresses.net

A wedding dress

Wedding dresses are generally more delicate and simple in comparison with the luxurious gowns. Regardless if the wedding is held in December, the bride could easily have a summer wedding dress, sleeveless or strapless, but to cover herself with other elegant accessories. A shrug or a shawl are good choices, but she will look even more elegant with a velvet wrap, a white natural or faux fur or even a hooded cape.  If the dress is white, imagine how gorgeous will look a colorful accent, such as a red or a green cape. For a Christmas wedding theme, red and green are a beautiful contrast.  And a hood will make a bigger visual effect instead of the headpiece or veil that we are used to.

dress2 Winter Wedding Dresses

dress from wedding-splendor.com


Gowns are probably more adequate because they cover the bride a lot more. With long sleeves, full length, eventually with some floss on the neckline, on the hem or on the sleeves. Richer fabrics such as velvet, velour or brocade will be more than welcome. Even a gown made of thick satin could be perfect. Nevertheless, because gowns have a lot more volume, and because of the thicker fabric, a long train could make you feel uncomfortable, so pay attention to this aspect.


Can you guess what has been missing from the landscape? A pair of long and warm gloves. For a winter wedding, they should be on top of the list. If you need some extra coverage while you are travelling between the locations, consider a cape. It will allow your sleeves to fit in it without problems and the hood will be large enough to protect your head and still keep the hairdo at place. A pair of delicate boots could also find their place in your feet. It looks like you have got everything you need in order to face the winter on the biggest day of your life.11

As a guest, dressing up for a wedding may be the ultimate challenge. You need good taste. You need to match accessories with the dress. You need to be sexy, yet elegant. Since we are always here to help, here are some tips on what you should never do as far as wedding clothing is concerned.