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It is in the Rome of the 5th Century that we date back the name of a celebration called Valentine’s day. It came throughout the February festival of worshipping God of fertility and celebrating the sensual pleasure. That was the time when couples could meet their soul mate and because of this fact people needed a ‘lovers’ saint to morally justify their quest for the beloved one.  And that saint was found to be the martyred Bishop Valentine who was accused and sentenced to death because he helped the lovers to get married against the will of a mad emperor.

In the middle age the day of 14th February, the Valentine’s Day, became associated with the romantic love when the tradition of courtly love expanded. Later this day was turned into a symbol of the lovers and gained popularity through Valentine love cards where the drawing of a heart was meant to describe the desires of the lover’s soul. In the 19th century in the United States this day was given the status of a holiday when people exchanged greeting cards with the symbol of the heart. This holiday is estimated to be the second one, behind Christmas, when cards are being send worldwide.

valentine day wedding cakes 240x300 Valentine Day Wedding CakesWhat other day in calendar seems to be more suitable for a couple to celebrate their wedding day if not the Valentine’s Day? Only by choosing this day for the wedding says it all! And for this the bakers all over the world compete in making the most interesting Valentine’s Day wedding cakes. Starting with the shape and reaching the color’s choices they put their imagination at run succeeding in realizing quite desirable and unique wedding cakes.

This special day, the wedding day, combined with the other special day, the Valentine’s Day, which is known as lovers’ day, give a plus of originality in creating and decorating these wedding cakes. Flowers or figurines in the shape of Cupid, are only a few to count for the accessories the bakers use in order to enrich the cake and to transmit the message of both the wedding and the lovers.

The wedding cakes are part of the grand finale to a reception and the wedding couple would like it to be quite stunning and breathtaking, and Valentine’s Day wedding cakes definitely manage to obtain the desired effect.11

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Everything that comes in relation to a wedding ceremony has to carry details or images or figures that have symbolic meanings. Starting with weeding gowns colors, to flowers types, to decorations, to cakes, invitations, all these need to bear a seed of a symbol that connects them to the event itself. Wedding couples use the stylistic of the elements in order to print the mark of their inner feelings toward both the ceremony and the guests.

For those who select as location for their wedding the shore of the sea the symbolic elements display themselves in a variety of choices and picturesque. The sea itself offers a lot of elements that can be used as symbols for decorations, such as sea shells, sea stars, seahorses, pearls and so on. Seahorse, for instance, carries the symbol of the imagination and creative spirit. The ancient Greeks and Romans saw the seahorse as an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon, this attribute conferring it the symbol of power and strength.

seahorse wedding cakes 166x300 Seahorse Wedding CakesThe ancient European had the belief that the seahorse carried safely the souls of deceased sailors to the underworld till they encountered their soul’s destination. In the Chinese culture we meet the symbol of the seahorse defined as one of a good luck.

The creativity that dwells in one of seahorse’s symbols comes from the association of his two eyes that are able to look in different directions simultaneously with the part of the human brain connected to the memory, hence the creativity.  There is a vast range of significances seahorse has in its symbolic definitions, such as: patience, protection, perspective, friendliness, generosity, contentment, high-perception…

Seahorses are known to be very calm sea creatures; their moves are by no means speedy or panicky, they display a constant content for being where they are and who they are.  This feature is a deep example that people have to learn and follow. In turbulent waters, the seahorse wraps its tail around the nearest object in order to anchor itself. This too is a lesson for us that teaches persistency in our goals.

As one can figure, seahorses make object of decorations that have deep meanings for the married couple to be, thus being perfect choices for wedding cakes decorations.

Seahorse wedding cakes send messages of profound feelings, of lessons to carry with us through life and this makes them to be the perfect choice for a wedding having the beach as location for the celebration.11

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We can say about a cake that it is finished after we enhance its edible value by covering it with frosting, icing or toppings. And not only its edible value is enhanced but also the way it looks in the eyes of the people that are meant to eat it. There are so many processes that have developed in time for the topping, frosting or icing, each one of them bringing inventive and creative ways to make the cake look more gorgeous than the one that was baked before.

In the late 20th century new products to decorate the cakes appeared and they became available also to the public. These procedures included several methods to print pictures and transfer images onto a cake. In time they have developed in a real art of finding new designs and decorations for wedding cakes.  These sort of special occasions determined the cake decorators to put their ability at work, being able to create new forms of decorations to help increase the beauty and the oneness of the wedding cakes.

flowers in wedding cakes 257x300 Flowers In Wedding CakesThus the floral motifs made their way into the bakers art craft; adornments with wired sugar flowers, hand-formed fondant flowers, piped flowers or crystallized fruits and flowers are only few of the them to enumerate. Flowers in wedding cakes are quite old as a way of topping or decorating a cake, the design itself and the flowers material are what took a lot of changes in time.

So, we find floral wedding cakes in a various range of designs and material used for ornament. The more colorful and accurate the design of the floral decoration is the more realistic they look, therefore one may find it even hard to swallow the piece of edible flower that was just used to decorate and dignify the aspect of a cake! Flowers in wedding cakes may as well be used in their natural state. Their purpose is merely to adorn the wedding cake and to delight the eye.

The most popular flowers that are required for wedding cake decoration are roses (that come in the most incredible colors and nuances of colors), lilies, orchids and daisies. But it is preferred that these flowers to be used not necessarily in their natural state (i.e. the fresh flowers) because as fantastic and amazing as they look on the wedding cake they can reach to a point where they need to be hydrated and since this thing won’t be possible, they can loose their fresh aspect. So, it is better and safer, too, to use sugar flowers; they can be fantastic on the wedding cake and most important … they don’t die on you!11

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Frosting basically means to be covered with a coating of frost, and “frost” represents a layer of  water vapor , layer that is formed due to the cooling of solid surfaces that stand below the dew point of the adjacent air. In the food industry frosting is often replaced by the word ‘icing’, denoting the sweet glaze used in bakery recipes for cakes.

In the ancient times the only way to sweeten a cake was using honey dotted with fruits and nuts. The middle time of 17th century was the period when frosting was first created and it consisted of sugar, egg whites and flavors which were all boiled together and after that poured over the cake. The effect of glaze was created by placing back the cake into the oven for some minutes and after that removed to be cooled in the opened air.

frosting made roses for wedding cakes 150x150 Frosting Made Roses For Wedding CakesFrosting nowadays has two functions: to give a nice aspect to the cake and to add an extra rich, sweet flavor to the structure of the cake. Bakers have created several types of frosting among which we meet the butter cream frosting rich and thick (a mixture of butter and powdered sugar, that was added flavor), cooked frosting light and airy (egg white mixed with sugar), whipped cream frosting rich and sweet (sugar, whipped cream and flavor). There is another type called royal icing which is actually a thick frosting, often used to help decorating the other frosting types.

Cake decorating ideas vary according to the season, even if the cake is supposed to be eaten, there are couples that prefer to choose decorations according to the season they have the wedding celebration. But most of all, the frosting made roses for wedding cakes are the preferred ones. Because the variety of colors stay well on these type of flowers; though someone may say that they are so common, when it comes to decorate the wedding cakes they give a special and unique aspect. The other reason would be that because of the way roses are structured, in layers of petals, they are also easy to be made in order to be turned into edible elements for the wedding cake decoration.

In this way, the task of a baker becomes tougher, since there are a lot of preferences he has to cope with. And next to these requirements he is expected to put all his creative talent to get simple or elegant or exquisitely detailed decorations for the wedding cake.

Tutorials on the websites show what are the easiest ways to make roses out of frosting. For a certain number of frosting roses one will need 1 batch of frosting, a pastry bag fitted with a coupler, a rose nail, a large rose tip and small squares of wax paper. And the process is quite simple to follow. For the brides that are into the do-it-yourself kind of thing, these tutorials prove to be quite helpful, laying in a beginner hands an art measured to that of a professional baker.11

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Fall, the season that brings nostalgia into our souls, the season that has the scent of romance and love carried by the wind that blows the yellow rusty leaves; fall, the time of year with its alleys in the park covered by thick carpets of leaves rummaged by the paces of the lovers passing by. This note of romance is the one that determines many couples to choose fall as the season of their wedding ceremony. And because it offers plenty of options regarding the location is another feature that helps in the selection. Places like gardens, on the valleys, close to woods, at a farm when the harvest days are over, even in the backyard all offer good location to display a wedding celebration.

It is an atmosphere filled with various colors that autumn reveals to the wedding couples giving them the inspiration they need to turn their wedding party into a feast that celebrates color, picturesque and love. Even if the weather starts to be moody, there are however ways to add a plus of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere of your wedding. There is anything that could happen to prevent you from going on with the party. Just look around and the natural beauty that you find will get you stimulated to move on and make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable memory of your life.

fall wedding cakes 150x150 Fall Wedding CakesDecorating your wedding is also an aspect that offers a lot of choices, starting with elements from nature to artificial decorations that match the autumnal tone of your theme. Considering the legerity of organizing such a wedding theme we instantly see the benefits it might bring in that of money saving. An outdoor wedding is not so demanding if we think that a lot of elements can be at handy, in this way the money saved can be used to acquire other important things that can bring a plus of distinctness to your wedding, such as the fall wedding cake. You can choose to have 2 to 3 or more tiered cake that have fall themed decorations, with elements directly inspired from the autumn’s gifts, such as maple leaves that come in so beautiful nuances of orange, yellow, rusty brown, acorns, roses.

In this matter, the creativity of the bakers is limitless. The numerous websites reveal a richness of models that one can have hard times in deciding which would be the one to be selected for the “grand finale” of a wedding reception. Couples are very anxious to show off with the moment that is called “grand finale” since it is the moment that they take the first step into a life of sharing and commitment, aspect that is so well symbolized by cutting the cake and feeding each other with a bite from the slice.

A wedding cake’s richness is defined not only by its design, but also intrinsically through the symbol that it carries, and that is why most of the wedding couples grand an importance that otherwise, in another context wouldn’t have mattered.11

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Wedding cakes have gained in time lots and lots of representations, due to either the historical times they have emerged with their meanings and superstitions as well or the directions they took in times of defining trends or novelties in the culinary art. If we consider that in the ancient times the wedding cake was merely a dry pastry that was actually broken in pieces on top of the bride’s head to bring her luck and prosperity it is hard to compare what is it now on the wedding cakes market with what was back then.

A richness of wedding cakes has emerged lately in the bakeries not to mention the big number of bakers advertising on the internet on their products attaching the pictures of the wedding cakes, one more appetizing than the other. Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of decorations that cast the work of the bakers into the colorful field of creativity, imagination, hence originality of their art.  Primarily all this variety of wedding cakes, be it attributed to decoration or shape, emerged thanks to couples that needed to turn the moment of bringing in their wedding cake into the special sensation of the wedding reception. This desire put the imagination of the bakers at work, and lately other entrepreneurs have taken the task to create their own style in making a wedding cake different than another.

individual wedding cakes 150x150 Individual Wedding CakesIn this respect appeared on the websites, bakers that invented the individual wedding cakes as a mark of their brand that gave the traditional wedding cake an alternative that worth taking into account. Old bakeries started to affiliate to this new concept and together with their imagination and experience managed to obtain recipes that they now share with internet users in an attempt to make their art popular and easy to approach.

For individual wedding cakes the concept started from the idea to eliminate the old custom of slicing the 2,3 tiered wedding cake and let the guests help themselves with the individual portions that make up the whole of the cake. The visual effect of this individual cake is rendered by the height of the disposal of the tiny portions and the width as well, since the number of cupcakes can be high enough to allow the arrangement to spread all over its stand. Another advantage of this individual wedding cake is given by the fact that it can contain portions that correspond exactly with the number of guests, in this way a wedding couple wouldn’t worry that the cake wasn’t enough for everybody.

Thus the individual wedding cake is given different shapes, such as millefeuille cups, or hand-made chocolate cups, each of them having in its turn different flavors and texture, the bakers even offer the option according to which couples can order a special flavor that suits better to their tastes or their guests tastes in case they are expressed in a way or another. Individual iced mini cakes around 3″ in diameter are large enough to enable 2 guests to share it,  the fillings can also differ in flavor, composition and color adding a plus of savor to the individual wedding cake.

The arrangements of these cupcakes are also subject to bakers’ creativity, enriching the aspects of the cupcakes with various motifs, decorative items in order to confer the wedding cake that note of uniqueness in style.11

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In this whole wide world there are as many types of wedding themes as there are couples. In their turn couples, when it comes to their wedding, have as many different ideas as they have hobbies, or traditions, or religious beliefs. To many wedding couples, weddings have to have a theme, a symbol that being marked in the image of the wedding ceremony reflects their intentions, their hobbies, their way of understanding what the meaning of marriage stands for.

As it was the case with one of my friends; her future hubby was a motocross fan, in fact he even took part in so many motocross races that he ended up by winning some regional trophies which he proudly displayed in his living room space. I mean, you know the spot, on top of the fireplace, where everybody can see and wonder at his skillfulness. His girl friend, my friend, was also into this kind of sport, and they had made a promise that as soon as they were done with the wedding and all they would start saving money to buy her a motocross bike.

motocross wedding cakes1 Motocross Wedding CakesNow the moment had come for them to decide on their wedding theme and what do you think, what was their most favored theme? You got it: a motocross one. It wasn’t too hard to guess, right? Only that the hard problems were just about to come; they didn’t have enough money to afford paying a wedding planner, so organizing the wedding was entirely up to them. I offered to help whenever they thought they would need a helping hand, and it proved they needed more often than I was ever expecting. But I didn’t mind, I had all the time in the world, as long as I had a job that allowed me to move all the time on the Internet’s websites, and this job to be done from the coziness of my home.

So during the day I was doing the research and in the evening after they came back from work I showed them what I had found and after that they selected the options which suited them better. Lucky me that I knew them well enough in order to give my research the best of its results and for them not to waste too much time in deciding. We got along pretty fast and well with the elements for their wedding ceremony, but when it came to the motocross wedding cake we got stuck.

In those times there weren’t too many types to be found, being more specific 2 (two), but I was pretty sure that with the professionalism of the bakers, it wouldn’t have been much of a problem to create a wedding cake of that sort. The two wedding cakes that I had found didn’t reveal themselves as something original and very creative; in fact they represented the first one as a motor biker design that decorated an iced cake and the other one a glassy cake topper representing a biker and his pair on a motocross bike.

And suddenly I came up with the idea to recreate a race track made of plastic threads that connected three or more cakes one of which to have as a topper a replica of one of his winning trophy. My idea winked at them and the next day they drew a picture of what they wanted to have and presented it to the baker. It ended up being the sensation of the wedding reception, go figure!11

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There are wedding ceremonies that you attend to but you don’t have a clue whether the wedding is organized in a certain tradition or carries the mark of a different custom, other than you are familiar to. Well, unless you are told in the invitation, that is! It happened to me once when a friend of mine invited me to her wedding reception. I haven’t attended the religious service since I had some early duties to take care of, but I have previously ensured my friend that I will definitely not miss her wedding party with its… wedding cake, of course.

The wedding reception was supposed to take place in a small intimate restaurant that had a nice view to a beautiful garden ornate with some small delicate replicas of famous medieval sculptures. When I stepped in I was pleasantly surprised by the floral decoration spread on the walls, and arranged in some large vases disposed in the corners of the room with roses cascading through their large openings. The centerpieces though looked a little bit strange to me as I wasn’t used to that style of arrangements. It wasn’t that it didn’t match with the ambience, but I just found it odd, because I haven’t seen that style before and to tell for sure I didn’t even know what was all about.

irish wedding cakes 150x150 Irish Wedding CakesI can say that wedding couples generally try to use decorations that have meanings to the event, but in that case, not recognizing the plants, I couldn’t figure out the meaning either. I found my seat and since I was neighboring an old lady I dared ask her if she knew the name of that plant. She said that it is an Irish custom to put Lucky charms around shamrock centerpieces to symbolize the Holy Trinity and its spirit to guard over the marriage of the couple.

I was quite surprised to hear about this since I had no idea what was the connection that my friend might have with the Irish tradition. Later on when the wedding cake made its entrance the couple explained to us that the cake was a traditional Irish wedding cake which was made of fruits and white icing. As a topper there was a circle symbolizing two arms joining hands at the bottom and the couples explained that it was the circle of life that they both completed through their marriage and commitment to each other. The fruits through their richness presented in the Irish wedding cake symbolized blessings for wealth and prosperity.

They explained all these to us, as it seemed that I wasn’t the only one to wonder about the Irish elements present at their wedding reception. They came up with the adding that actually their parents’ origin was Irish, and they had this request that the wedding dinner party to include symbols of their Irish tradition, in this way to resemble their parents’ weddings and through this resemblance to bring them good luck and stability in the future life as a married couple. I was so impressed that I cried.11

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After your wedding date is set you start feeling butterflies in your belly, no, not those butterflies, the ones that you have because you are excited about the biggest wonderful day of your life is coming up. Although it is almost half of a year till then you still have the thrills. You are about to plan how your wedding dress will look like, your jewelry, your flowers, and, of course the big sensation of the evening …your wedding cake!  And it is a sensation, since your wedding gown and your walking down the aisle has long passed and the surprise moment has been consumed, at the wedding reception there is yet another surprise to come.

Together with your future husband you begin browsing the websites in a long quest for your wedding cake. You have established already the theme for your wedding ceremony; it is a floral theme, and to be more specific, a rose themed wedding. You have decided on these particular flowers because you have met your lover on a Valentine’s Day and it is known that red roses are par excellence this day’s flowers symbol. Though you have heard so many people that they are fed up with this type of flower, they are still an inspiration to you, showing elegance, beauty and carrying the everlasting symbol of love, mainly love, and following this symbol there are other symbols that depend on the color of the roses. So, for now you have a starting point and you can narrow your area of quest limiting yourself only to rose wedding cakes.

rose wedding cakes 223x300 Rose Wedding CakesFrom the internet sites you find out that purple, coral and orange are the colors that compete with the red of your Valentine roses, thus purple roses mean that the one who gives them has fallen in love with the person to receive them, and the coral and orange roses symbolize desire. Then the other meanings follow: yellow roses for joy and friendship, pink roses for gratitude and appreciation, and the white roses meaning reverence and humility.

And an idea pops in your mind: what if you have the roses sorted by the color and use them in the specific moment of the wedding that goes with the meaning of the roses? You could use the red roses for your bridal bouquet, the yellow roses for the bridesmaids bouquets, white roses while dancing with your father on the dance floor and pink, orange and coral roses to decorate your wedding cake.

The websites are so generously displaying rose wedding cakes, in a variety of decorations and types of the cake; 2, 3, 4, 5 tiers wedding cake with roses falling in cascade, roses adorned with Swarowski crystal to add a touch of elegance to the rose, as if it needed (!), fresh roses used as toppers to complement the refinement of a decoration, different colored ribbons attached to the roses to bring a note of joy, and the examples are endless. After the selection part is over you are left with the only desire to get your wedding started and enjoy the moment when you and your husband share a slice from your rose wedding cake.11

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Planning to have a gothic theme for your wedding ceremony requires a lot of research both for the location and atmosphere. The latter includes dresses, flower decorations, wedding invitations, music and last but not least the table setting with its wedding cake. The gothic theme is a demanding one, since there are nowadays trends in fashion, music and literature that bear the mark of modernism in a manner that made possible the preservation of gothic style in a stylistic form of expression.

Gothic romance actually is a phrase that comprises the definition of gothic feeling, which embodies an understanding of the “joys of extreme emotion, the thrills of fearfulness and awe inherent in the sublime, and a quest for atmosphere”. Most of all, gothic is about exhibiting a certain atmosphere that, through its weirdness, induces states of extreme emotions and awareness of sublime. The Gothic era left an inheritance of darkness, of terrifying feelings (as a result of the harsh laws enforced by torture) combined with mysterious and fantastic rituals.

gothic love wedding cakes 222x300 Gothic Love Wedding CakesThe gothic themed weddings can be divided in two periods of the Gothic era: Victorian Gothic wedding and Medieval/Renaissance Gothic wedding. You have to know the difference in order to decide which period suits your tastes the best.  The fashion is different, the jewels, too, not to mention the locations and the settings, as well as the choice of floral decorations.

Added to these two periods of Gothic era, one may have to consider also the modern Gothic of our times, which also has its own style and fashion and ways of decorations. Or in case you want to add a touch of personality and originality you may take into account the option of combining the two styles, and in this way you can have both old Gothic style and the modern Gothic gathered into a single party.

Gothic love wedding cakes come also in different styles: the classic Gothic and the modern one. The classical Gothic love wedding cake can have decorative motifs such as castles, flowers or bows made in an elegant style, exhibiting elaborate shapes and colors, whereas the modern Gothic style has a strange look regarding the decorations, that can be rendered more stylistic, in a way that preserved only the feelings one can have facing an image of decay, therefore unsettling.

The Gothic themed wedding has several options to be considered, and every option has its own way of reflecting the elements that constituted the foundation of the trend itself. Each of these periods exhibits totally different perceptions; the Victorian Gothic theme inspires magnificence, romance in a harmonic way of living it, elegance and royalty, whereas the Modern Gothic theme breaths strangeness, an unsettling feeling that something bad is going to happen, a sort of mysterious, yet undesirable perception.

So, whether you make a choice on one of these themes, or you just decide to mix them both, Gothic love wedding cakes are sure to get the effect the decorator expects to get. Its all the same intriguing for both of the styles, either it comes to Victorian Gothic wedding cake or Modern Gothic wedding cake. This is only up to you to decide what kind of love is the best to display in the decoration of your wedding cake: the royal one or the mysterious one?11

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Muslim people consider marriage as one of the most virtuous institutions, its importance receiving great emphasis in Qur’an and Sunna. In these Muslim ‘Bibles’ Allah says that marriage is about love, affection, peace of mind, inducing in men and women’s heart a longing for the opposite sex. It is said that marriage can bring spiritual and mental peacefulness. Marriage is the one that can preserve man’s existence, through the children that are born during the marriage.

The institution of marriage protects people against immorality and sexually transmitted diseases, preserving at the same time the chastity of those to satisfy their sexual desires in a permissible manner. A respectable society exists and evolve based on the sacred elements of a family.

muslim wedding cakes Muslim Wedding CakesIn the Muslim worlds, wedding traditions vary according to the individuality that belongs to its surrounding culture. Although a Muslim wedding is leveled on a three days celebration, the traditional ritual of the wedding (“nikah” in Arabic) is simple and very brief with three essential stages to follow – the bride and groom are put in separate rooms, the officiant comes and asks each of them if they consent to the marriage and after that the contract is signed with persons to witness the event.

The Muslim weddings are full of color and traditions. Because they extend on the duration of three days, there are plenty of customs to be performed in a show of vivid color of dresses and music to dance to. The decorations that we find on the dresses, in the ambient, and on the wedding cakes, are very rich as well, as they follow the four basic components of Islamic ornaments. The Islamic art is known to be very intricate even if originally it follows the bases of: calligraphy (text transmitted in decorative form), vegetal patterns (highly abstract and fully developed style, known also as ‘arabesque’ style), geometric patterns and figural representation.

After the two days of celebrating the wedding in the traditional way, there follows “Valima” or the feast, where the consummation of the wedding takes place. This “Valima” is the rough version of the American wedding reception and it is known to be the post-wedding ritual where the groom’s family hosts the guests and the celebration continues gathering both of the couple’s families an the rest of the participants. The meals are very rich and spicy, and the Muslim wedding cake can be a real delight added to the wedding table, especially with the cakes that have traditional decorations, where the Muslim art makes a difference.

Symbols borrowed from the decorative art can be seen on the wedding cake, the art craft of the Muslim bakers succeeding to attain the heights of masterpiece. There are cakes decorated with geometric patterns or figural representation in the intricate style of ‘arabesque’ or cakes created in the shape of a mosque with mosaic motifs, but there can also be wedding cakes simple shaped, in one tier, enriched with flowers and tiny pearls that add a sparkle of refinement and elegance.11

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When we say wedding cake, we first think of a cake that is white, as this color’s symbolism is purity and it works the same with the bride’s wedding dress, so these two elements are somehow connected in our mind. The white wedding cake icing first appeared in Victorian times and since then it is a common fact that we bear in mind the image of a white, yummy, creamy wedding cake when it comes to the wedding party.

The cakes older than the white ones from Victorian times didn’t have the color white, because the ingredients for the icing weren’t easy to be found. The icing requires the use of the finest refined sugar and back then, whoever had it was a symbol of affluence for that specific family.

wedding cakes with ribbon on them Wedding Cakes With Ribbon On ThemThe moment when the wedding cake becomes the center of attention is when the traditional cake cutting ceremony is performed. Many of us have witnessed this moment when the first piece is cut by the bride and groom in a joining as husband and wife. After the cutting the guests are served by the bride and this custom dates back to the Roman Empire where this task devolved exclusively upon the bride. After the cake is distributed, the couple starts to feed each other and this custom is also loaded with symbolism; it means the mutual commitment of bride and groom to take care of one another.

In early American wedding ceremonies it was the tradition that the groom had his cake, too. Distinctive to the bride’s cake, the groom’s cake was brown, covered in chocolate and it made its apparition along with the wedding cake. Some states from the South part of America still seem to have preserved this tradition.

What before used to be a simple wedding cake, lately has evolved into what we call a multi-tiered wedding cake. Bakers have created so many styles to decorate the cake that it makes the couple face a real difficult time in choosing the style. The wedding theme has to be the criteria according to which a wedding cake is made. For the ceremonies that have funny themes or retro fashioned theme, or a stylish theme the wedding cakes with ribbon on them are the perfect choice.

The wedding cakes with ribbon on them come in a vast range of options for decorations, most of them bearing the print of the bakers’ fantasy. Ribbons that can be personalized, ribbons with bows, ribbons that match the ribbons and jewels that decorate the bride’s wedding dress, ribbons that have the predominant color of the wedding theme, edible ribbons or plastic made ribbons and the list may go on and on. There are as many styles of weeding cakes with ribbons as many decorative ideas exist in the imagination of the bakers.

If you fancy your wedding cake having a different style than an ordinary one, the cakes decorated with ribbons are easy to prepare if you are into do-it-yourself sort of thing. Ribbons can be the ones made of fabric available in many colors and styles on the market, so don’t hesitate to put your imagination at work and see for yourself how simple this cake can be done adding just a touch of creativity!11

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When it comes to wedding cakes and what are the best or the right colors for a wedding day, no one seems to argue anymore that nay color is suitable as long as it is properly integrated in the context, the general line, theme and décor of the wedding

The questions that modern couples are asking now are even more preoccupied with whether a pink, a red, a yellow, a green, a black or a blue color is suitable for a wedding desert and the answer is always yes! There are no more rules and regulations concerning the aspect of a contemporary wedding cake especially since wedding cake designers started to create more and more colored, fashionable and non traditional wedding cakes. That is why no one tries to wonders whether a blue wedding cake is conventional or not.

blue wedding cakes 300x300 Blue Wedding Cakes

Nowadays wedding cake designers taught us that color is the main thing that has to be considered when choosing a wedding cake and the more one is incorporating more color combinations and flavors the more it is appreciated and desired by modern couples.

Speaking of blue wedding cakes, we have to admit that contrary to traditional beliefs, blue is not a proper color for a wedding, but if we pay enough attention to it, we may actually say that a blue wedding cake could even be regarded as the “something blue” notion that any traditional wedding respects it. But beyond this funny and tricky analogy, a blue wedding cake is definitely a good choice for a wedding, especially is it’s going to take place somewhere on a sandy beach, near the ocean or maybe somewhere even more in the middle of the ocean, on a beautiful cruise.

blue wedding cakes 2 252x300 Blue Wedding Cakes

The blue color is the perfect one to express the sea waves, the breeze, the coolness required on a hot summer wedding day or the delicacy, femininity, elegance and casualty of a beach destination wedding. There are plenty unique ways to decorate a blue wedding cake, starting with environmental decorative figures such as seashells, brown sugared sand, creamy sea waves, sunny, wild flower or herbs motifs, exotic birds, butterflies or intricate and original sand castle shapes. Anything that is able to evoke the ocean and the deep color of the sea is suitable for ten adornment of a blue wedding cake. There are also lots of color combinations that can be made with blue.

Many brides and grooms love the blue and white, the blue and black, the blue and brown, the blue and yellow, the blue and red, the blue and pink or the blue and other shades and tones of darker or lighter blue color combinations that exits. But blue wedding cakes are in generally adored and desired by couple who are planning a winter, or a royal wedding day.

Retro weddings or funny and funky weddings are also perfect for a blue wedding cake. Blue is also the color of innocence, purity, meditation, nostalgia, fidelity, inspiration, creativity, royalty, freedom and affection. A blue wedding cake can create a very dramatic, frivol and elegant look if it is decorated properly.11

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When you choose to make the greatest step in your life, you have a  lot of details to set up. If you are wondering, where the best place  to buy the best wedding cake in town is, the answer is: online.
Online shopping gives you a lot of possibilities: you can shop  whenever you want,  you can visit a lot of stores in a very short time  and see a lot of products, you don’t have to spend money on going from  shop to shop as you would do in the normal shops. If you live in a town  far away from the big stores, no problem, online shopping help you  access their websites and see for yourself which is the choice that fits  best both your taste and budget.

Though, since the wedding cakes you find on wedding websites you can  only see in pictures, and not in the real light of the day or touch, or  measure from an usual angle, those rings you see in the pictures may not  look exactly as perfect and bright in the reality. In a few cases,  those cakes may not even really exist at that site. But don’t get too  worried: most wedding sites really exist, and they also have an actual  store you can visit. So go shop only on wedding websites of companies  you know.

best wedding cakes new orleans 300x257 Best place to buy best wedding cakes

A store or a series of stores with a big reputation will go out of  its way to make sure you get quality and value at the right price. The  same thing is available for  virtual shops, as it is in the store. An  online seller with a big reputation will go out of its way to please you  too. It’s a bit harder is to find out who’s got a reputation online,  since anybody can create a website, sell wedding cakes online and keep  unknown his real identity.

When you go into a store, you can get to see the wedding rings,  compare them, allign and observe them carefully, you discover things you  didnt know before, see the exact quality of those wedding rings. On the  internet, you can’t really see what beyond the picture. You can easily  get to believe that a certain cake is in a way that it actually isn’t.  But this is the market. You get advantaged on the internet  in certain  aspects, and advantaged in other aspects in a real shop. Of corse, the  internet is full of tricks most of us don’t know.

best wedding cakes new orleans 2 225x300 Best place to buy best wedding cakes

For example: when you  pay on the internet, the moment you paid, your money has gone. It has  exited your account. It has gone somewhere else. You have no way of ever  getting that money back, and all you can do is to cross your fingers  and hope that the wedding cakes that arrive are the ones that you  selected, and the quality is the one you have been expecting of.

A common belief is that online shopping is much cheaper than the cost  of operating in a store. But don’t be that sure. As i was saying,  internet has much more possibility to fake reality than a store has. The  internet can easily make you believe that the cost is lower.

But since there are so many websites , and they all need to build  themselves a reputation, publicity is the way. What does publicity mean?  Money. It’s a substantial payment that you pay when you command a  wedding cake online.

Where is the best place to buy wedding cakes? Now you`ve  got the answer!11

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Are you planning your wedding in Canton? Canton offers a lot of options if you are planning your wedding here, you can find anything you need for having the wedding of your dreams. The wedding cake is the last important element in every wedding and will grab all the attention. There are many bakeries and pastry shops to choose from in Canton. Some bakeries offer the typical wedding cake catalog, of varies cake styles, some bakeries offer custom design cakes. The custom include the the colors, frosting type, type of flavors, filling and decorations.

You can choose the classical white wedding cake, or a colorful wedding cake or the dark chocolate wedding cake, according to the theme of your wedding. The number of the layers depends on how many guests you will have, for up to 100 guests you can chose a wedding cake with 2 layers, for 150 guests a wedding cake with 3 layers foe over 150 guests you can choose a wedding cake with 4 or 5 layers. You can choose the classical round shape for your wedding cake, or you can choose the square shape, or you can event have both round and square shape if you want something original.

Every bakery offers a list with classical wedding cakes, the traditional white wedding cake, you can choose from a list of frosting, buttercream frosting, fondant frosting, white chocolate or dark chocolate frosting, a list of filling chocolate, cheese, buttercream, vanilla, you can choose the flavors you want, strawberry, lemon, orange, chocolate, vanilla, mocha, or any other flavor you want. You can choose the classical wedding cake or cupcake style if you want something more modern, or the mini cake shape if you want something more sophisticate. You can customize the wedding cake to match with the theme of your wedding.

Make sure the bakery you choose provides cake delivery to any location you want.

93562 bakeries that do wedding cakes in canton mi Bakeries That Do Wedding Cakes In Canton Mi

bakeries that do wedding cakes in canton mi (source: static-2.socialgo.com)

One of the top bakery shop that provides customize wedding cakes is the Back Home Bakery, located in 42807 Ford Rd. Canton, MI 48187. They offer personalized wedding cakes, birthday cakes, party cakes, for shower parties, tortes, tours, gift baskets. They have a lot of experience in the wedding cake industry and they specialize in creating unique desserts for any occasion.

Another bakery you will want to visit in Canton is Sweetty Cakes located in 572 Cherry Orchard RD Canton, MI 48188. They are known for creating the Detroit's Metro finest cakes. You will find traditional, modern, floral, thematic wedding cakes, they can create any type of wedding cake you want to match the theme and style of your wedding.

93562 bakeries that do wedding cakes in canton mi 2 Bakeries That Do Wedding Cakes In Canton Mi

bakeries that do wedding cakes in canton mi (source: photos.weddingbycolor-nocookie.com)

There are many other bakeries that specialize in unique wedding cakes in Canton. You need to visit many bakeries before you decide.

Visiting bakeries and tasting different wedding cakes is one of the most pleasured experience. Take your time to decide that cake will be perfect for your wedding.



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You are dreaming of a fairytale wedding in a perfect wedding dress, wedding rings as in movies and guests to speak long time from now about your party – so that you fulfill this dream, the best help is a company that organizes events or a person specialized in wedding planning.

In Buffalo there are also some great bakeries where you can find the wedding cakes of your dreams. After you have described, in general, what you want for the wedding, but before the payment, it is recommended to put to the wedding organizer that you call these five questions:

1. Have you ever organized any wedding like the one that I wish? At the beginning of the discussion, the wedding organizer will want to know just what you want, which is the budget that you have and you informed him on the number of guests. Before deciding to work with that specialist, you need to know, on your turn, what experience he has in organizing the type of the wedding that you want. If you want a large wedding with 500 guests, hundreds of fireworks and a menu to match, and the specialist has also organized a party of this size, means you perfectly match!

wedding cakes in buffalo Wedding Cakes in Buffalo

Wedding Cakes in Buffalo from lh6.ggpht.com

2. Your list of providers is flexible or closed? It is very important to know from the very beginning if you can contribute at the choice of suppliers, especially if you have a favorite confectionary in Buffalo from where to choose the wedding cake or a florist that you want to call at any price. There are wedding specialists who work only with certain suppliers and could be that the solutions they propose to you to may not be the ones that you want them too. Ask from the first place if their list of suppliers is open!

3. On how many employees you will call for my wedding? Each event organizer has a number of employees and collaborators who contract them for a party or wedding planning, according to the scale and volume of work. In reality, you’re not interested in the number of contributors necessarily, but this question will help you figure out if your specialist in weddings is really a professional or just an amateur. If you see a lot of hesitation and, eventually, he says “I do not know”, it is possible that you are dealing with an amateur. A strong and positive response is a good sign!

wedding cakes in buffalo 2 Wedding Cakes in Buffalo


4. You will say at the outset the total cost? Marriage is a wonderful event, but expensive, so it is essential to know if this wedding organizer will tell you how much it will cost from the first the full collaboration with him. Ideal is to sign a contract stating the total costs, so you do not end up at the party that the event planning company informs you that you have to pay the initial costs and some hidden.

5. What are the references that you can offer me? If your wedding specialist can provide at least three references from clients or suppliers, it means that is professional and who worked with him before they were satisfied. In addition, if he says that will give you their phone numbers, so you can contact them to ask them their opinion about the experience they had with your wedding specialist, means he is a professional that you can trust!11

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Every couple is looking for a true romance wedding cake that can sweeten the wedding guests in a very unique way. Since the main purpose of the modern wedding cake is to impress and make a statement among the wedding attendants, more and more brides and grooms are looking for ways to make their wedding cake look more original, distinctive, refined, stylish, chic, showy, stunning and striking.

The best way to make any plain, simple and clean wedding cake look hot and trendy is to decorate it with a superb themed topper. And since so many modern couples are planning their weddings on the beach, then we should see what are the most suitable, romantic, gorgeous, unique and adorable beach wedding cake toppers that you could buy to adorn your wedding cake.

beach wedding cake topper 264x300 Beach Wedding Cake Topper

When we think of the seaside or the ocean side, among the first things that come to our minds are the waves, seashells, starfish, sandy beaches, exotic flowers and birds, dolphins, palm trees, corals, umbrellas, bikini, sea foam and any other tropical elements that make the natural surrounding of a destination wedding look so unique, romantic and adorable. Depending on the style, color-scheme, character, location, amplitude and budget of the wedding, you should choose a matching and reasonable topper.

Use any nautical, breezy, pastel or bold and dynamic ultramarine colors like deep blue sea, navy blue, turquoise, assure, sapphirine, pale or hot pink, fuchsia, red, burgundy, peachy, orange, emerald, olive or lime green, bright yellow, egg-white, brown, cream, ivory or gold.

beach wedding cake topper 3 234x300 Beach Wedding Cake Topper

If you want a truly amazing wedding cake you can choose to buy a jeweled beach wedding cake topper that can make your wedding desert look more glamorous, fanciful, mysterious, intriguing, extravagant and brilliant. Have a blue and white heart shaped topper, beautifully adorned with fake or real crystals and diamonds, pearls and beadings, corals and seashells. This topper is a superb choice for a more exquisite and refined wedding affair, because the jewelry looks of the cake will only enrich the fancy beauty and charm of the wedding and make it expensively sweet.

Another option for a magnificent themed beach wedding cake topper is a bride and groom holding hand on a beach, walking barefoot through the sand figurine. The hand-painted topper can be made from porcelain or blown glass. Adorn the cake with tropical fresh flowers and white chocolate seashells.

If you want a more exotic and tropical look for your wedding cake, go with a palm tree beach wedding cake topper. To replace the classy bride and groom figurine, opt for a two tropical palm trees forming a heart or a romantic two coconuts figurine sitting under a palm tree. Adorn the topper with rhinestones, gems and powdered sand.11

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No one can tell what are the best wedding cakes that couples can choose for their wedding day when there are so many unique, original, refined, stylish, unconventional, unusual, whimsical, detailed and creative wedding cakes out there! Many might say that brides and grooms of today can pick the best wedding cake more rapidly just because of so many designs, shapes, flavors and decorations existing.

But in the end, the burden of making a wisely choice is caused by the fact that couples might feel overwhelmed and confused with so many options. Nevertheless, it’s hard to classify best wedding cake that one can choose for his wedding day.

best wedding cakes 200x300 Best Wedding Cakes

We can admit that best wedding cake is that one that gets eaten completely by the end of the wedding day. To make sure that you wont’ have any unwanted leftovers, make sure that you buy the best wedding cake considering several aspects: the size of the wedding, the amplitude, the character, the theme, the style, the location, the number of the guests or the budget of the wedding.

The best wedding cake is that one that doesn’t look incredibly stunning and tastes like… nothing! Therefore, it’s not enough to have a fabulous, showy, elaborated, grandiose and pompous wedding cake and ignore completely the taste. The wedding attendants usually appreciate a wedding by its wedding cake. If it was sweet enough, delicious and yummy, then the wedding will be classified as a succeeded one.

So, whatever intricate design, shape and topper you choose for your wedding cake, make sure that it is appetizing and tasty as well as it is good looking. Among the most popular types of flavors that couples use to make the wedding cake delicious, are vanilla, chocolate ganache, French chocolate, white, black or red velvet chocolate, tiramisu, caramel, cappuccino, coffee, mocha, cinnamon, rum, espresso, cheese, marble, carrot or exotic fruit flavors like mango, banana, coconut, pine apple, strawberry, raspberries, black berry, blue berry, lime, orange, grapes, etc.

best wedding cakes 2 300x183 Best Wedding Cakes

When it comes to the shape of a wedding cake, more and more couples of today seem to fancy those geometrical shapes – hexagonal, triangular, rectangular, oval, square or heart, that can transform a regular wedding desert into a piece of art or architecture. One can combine round, square and oval to obtain a wrapped gift box wedding cake or a diamond shaped wedding cake.

But alternative wedding cakes are also a great choice for those of you who want to keep the pace with the latest trends and save some money for the wedding budget. The best alternative wedding cakes are the cup cake wedding cakes, the individual or the mini wedding cakes, the chocolate fountain, the candy bars or the fruit pies or tarts.11