Casual Wedding Reception

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For a casual wedding reception you need primarily a special location that you can fully exploit in all stages of the event. Such moments, suitable for outdoor wedding can be the launch of butterflies or birds, release of balloons, fireworks or special photo sessions.

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A wedding held on the shores of a lake is not authentic unless you have at least one special moment to walk on the water surface in a boat. If your groom is not an exceptional rower you can do just a short boat trip for the sake of photo session, leaving the walking for later when your dress and his suit will not be in danger of getting wet. Walking on shore can be as pleasant and photogenic as boating on the water. Naturally, the elegant shoes with heels are not necessarily created for such purposes, though it is worth doing a little compromise. Photos taken in nature with the sunset behind you are worth every effort, even if it means that at the end of the ride to clean your shoes.

For a successful outdoor photo session you do not need many ingredients. You need a natural setting, especially if you thought at a wedding in a décor away from the technological invasion. Then you need a few simple tools, if possible made of natural materials such as wood, stone, woven twigs. A transparent container in which to arrange a few simple flowers and a rustic chair are ideal decorations for a casual wedding reception. If you want to give a comic note to your appearance, direct some unconventional shots for your photos.  If you are fond of ecology (and the fact that you organize a wedding outdoor is a sign that you love nature and you are unconventional personalities) organize a brief vintage bike ride on the lake’s shore. Nothing gives more dynamism to an outdoor event than a couple who occasionally parades in front of their guests on a tandem bicycle.

111425 casual wedding reception Casual Wedding Reception

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To obtain a larger effect it is indicated that decorations and arrangements to be organized around flowers. They give optimism, naturalness and charm to the setting. To still give some order for flowers you will have to arrange a few corners where to group flowers in bouquets and to note on panels various funny texts for your guests. If you want to combine the naturalness of the setting with elegance of wedding decorations and arrangements you will need to combine the natural and the artificial in a way that they would complement and create a complete picture of what means to organize an outdoor event.



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