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The simple, white wedding invitations were replaced with the one-of-a-kind or outrageous pattern designed invitation cards, of multiple size and shapes and outstanding color combinations: cartoon themed wedding invitations, custom printed invitations, round invitation, folded invitations, etc.

New printing techniques and technology, in general, made possible the mass production of beautiful and cheap wedding invitations so it is mandatory for all people to use these invitations to make the wedding announcement; back in the first decades of the twentieth century, if people were still too poor to send wedding invitations, they had the alternative of making the wedding announcement in a national or local newspaper.

The themed wedding invitations became popular because of the themed weddings and thermography replaced the expensive method of writing by hand the invitation text; thermography is an inexpensive printing method and with the help of it, the wedding invitations became even more beautiful because of its specific raised letter and pattern effect.

You can personalize these invitations by making them yourself which should not be considered as a heavy task, instead it needs patience and artistic creativity; the easy option would be to purchase them directly from the specialized internet sites where the online manufacturers give you the possibility of viewing some cartoon designed invitation card samples and buy them at discounted prices.

It really doesn’t matter that much the design of the wedding invitations; instead, the wording and the language you choose to use to address the invitations to your guests is very important; there are two wording styles, based on the long-lasting wedding invitation wording etiquette: the formal wording or the use of a non-traditional language. The latter wording style can be used for the funny designed wedding invitations, because a humorous language matched with a cartoon wedding invitation will surely put a smile on your guest’s face.

The basic wedding information is about the location of the wedding ceremony, the time and date, the name of the bride and groom and the wedding hosts, and the RSVP with other important details such as the address of the wedding reception and ceremony location/s, the theme of the wedding party and how should your guests dress up for this theme, etc.

The RSVP is added only if the couple needs the attendance responses but this RSVP can be replaced on the wedding card with the expression “Regrets only” and a phone number for contact if only the non-attendance replies are necessary for the final arrangements for the wedding.

The wedding hosts are the bride’s parents, if they pay for the wedding; in fact, the people who pay for the wedding also act as the wedding hosts and in some cases the bride and groom will decide to pay for their own wedding and they choose not to mention the names of their parents on the wedding invitations.

In fact, if the wedding is planned with weeks in advance you can send ‘save the date’ wedding cards that act as a reminder for your guests that an important celebration will take place in the near future but they do not replace the formal wedding invitations which should be send out even to close relatives and friends by the bride.

The wedding invitations are usually mailed out with several weeks before the actual wedding day and are used with the main purpose of announcing an important event such as the one mentioned before.

This custom is several centuries old and was made popular by the nobles from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries because at that time they were the only ones who had the basic financial possibilities and education to address in writing the invitations to their opulent wedding parties celebrated with great pomp. In fact, in the middle ages, even the wealthy had the difficulty of reading and writing and in some cases the invitations to a wedding were issued out loud by a town crier but fortunately, by the end of the nineteenth century education no longer seemed to be a major problem.

Nowadays, the classic double envelope is still popular but it can easily be replaced with a single one, specially designed for your special themed wedding invitations.

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