Caricature Wedding Cake Toppers

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You want your wedding cake to follow the trends of the season? Then opt for one in bold colors, one that tries to imitate the model of the invitations or one with bright details. In this season modern brides include bright colors and bold when it comes to wedding cake. Think of a cake with red and purple blue flowers. The rule is no longer round 3-storey wedding cake. Nowadays brides mix and match shapes and include both round layers and square layers in the design.

How far would go some brides with the matching in their wedding day? It seems pretty far, if you find that increasingly more and more brides are starting to wax wedding cakes to the model they had for the wedding invitations. If food can inspire the fashion, then why can not inspire fashion the food? Cake designers draw inspiration from couture gowns and the latest trends of wedding cakes include wheels, folds, layers and a caricature topper.

Not all that glitters is made of gold – may be sugar, flour or even ornaments. Details style jewels are increasingly popular and many brides are inspired by their jewelry for the wedding cake design. Caricature is a genre of visual arts, usually a drawing, although it can be executed and in other techniques that represents a person or situation is a deliberate exaggeration of certain traits or characteristics in order to satirize, ridicule or capture the attention.

Essential functions of the caricature is to relax, entertain and attract attention, but also to balance the visual aesthetics of any printed page, and not ultimately to illuminate through relevance. A caricature can be a direct target success and can be more eloquent than many other media complex visual or auditory and / or sophisticated. The quality of the caricature is essential by a single visual form that can not be said of many words or entire speeches. All this things make a good idea for the bride and groom to choose for their wedding cake a caricature topper.

A caricature topper is a magnified representation or deliberately distorted, often grotesque, by exaggerating certain features of physical appearance or character of a person (face, body, moral or mental characteristics), or a situation. With various modes of expression, after its intended goal (friendly, humorous, satirical, critical, attracting attention), cartoon graphics are made by different means, in pencil, in pen or even less often that watercolor painting or sculpture.

Another option is to keep the guests away from the wedding cake until they finish the main course dish. When the time of cutting the wedding cake will come,the light in the room will be extinguished or diminished, and the wedding cake will be brought by the waiters. Usually fireworks or flames are used to make the moment more special. Do not look at the wedding cake just like a delicious dessert that can produce just lust! It has performed in accordance with the number of guests, wedding decor and it’s theme, and sometimes can be considered an element of surprise. Remember the old tradition of Hollywood movies: a huge wedding cake, bunk, with massive amounts of whipped cream, burning or rending of it coming a dancer or various tricks.

The price of the wedding cake is usually calculated by the number of slices. Each baker has set its price. M ore elaborate wedding cakes will cost more. Be sure to taste before any cake you order. Find out if your price includes the delivery of the wedding cake on your wedding day.11

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