Candy Table For Wedding Reception

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Everybody loves weddings because they are cheerful events based on a lot of fun and pleasant surprises. There is nothing more flattering for a guest than a seating place with his name on a delicious meal. The dinner should be appetizing and the cake should also be luscious. But is it enough to impress your invitees? We know many couple who decided to bring something extra to the party, like a candy table. This sounds like a fun and clever idea to dazzle the attendants and make them fall in love with your wedding. There are many people out there who will adore your candy table and hang around it the entire night!

Setting up a candy table at a wedding is a fabulous way of brining something sweet and flattering to each guest in part. Your buffet can contain different sweets from childhood to bring your guest the feel of being a kid again. This is for certain a nice way to make them appreciate and remember your wedding for many years to come. Creating a special table for serving unique candies is also a great opportunity to help your guest get to know each other better and exchange more words. The will have a lot of talk about your candies, or a lot to eat!

Candy Table For Wedding Reception

Candy Table For Wedding Reception (Photo by: Shauna Younge Dessert Tables)

The buffet can contain only candies, or different types of sweet treats. It doesn’t have to be only lollipops, sugar canes and Jordan almonds. You can also bring mini cupcakes, French macarons, madelines, biscuits, éclairs, brownies, and other creamy treats. Don’t forget to add in a few colorful jellies, sugar floss and bubble gum, just for fun. Both the kids and adults at the party will love your candy ideas. It would be nice to invest more thought and money in this table. Make it look special and inviting for the guests by simply using the colors of the wedding for the tablecloth and candy recipients. You can insert a few floral centerpieces amid the candies to add even more romance and sweetness to the setting.

You can even place the cake there among the sweet desserts! Your guest will be enchanted to see the cake so early in the evening and take more photographs of it until the big ceremony of the cake cutting. Creating a seasonal buffet based on candies that correlate with the flavors and colors of the wedding season is another fancy idea. The best thing about candy buffets and dessert tables is that your wedding attendants can help themselves with the treats they like the most. Besides this, you can use these sweets as wedding favors at the end of the party. Use unique bowls and a creative way to display the candies.


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