Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors

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Candy favors can be used in a variety of containers. They can be placed in some jars, scoops, tins or bottles. But before deciding on the container you will have to choose the candy. They can be filled with all kind of flavors such as vanilla, fruity ones, yogurt, almonds and lots of delicious combinations. They can be round, heart shaped and many other unique shapes. You can find plenty of stores that sell original candy shapes. Choose some shapes that you think go with your wedding concept such as shell shaped candy or the regular round ones. Make sure that the size of the candy can also fit the containers you’ve chosen.

If you want to stick with the bottles then make sure you choose clear ones. Colorful ones can also be a choice but if you want the candy to be more noticeable then you should sticks to clear glass bottles. They can have your initials engraved on them or maybe a personalized sticker with your names or a special quote that you and your husband both love. The candy can be one color or it can be a variety of shades. If your wedding them is a black and white one, then you can choose white candy to add into the bottle.

138542 candy filled bottle wedding favors 2 Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors

Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors (Source:

If your theme is a pink and blue one opt for some pink and blue candy colors. Just think about it and go for whatever combinations you like. The bottles can also be embellished in lots of ways so that they look a lot more original. You can wrap them in some tulle or use some colorful bows.

138542 candy filled bottle wedding favors Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors

Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors (Source:

You can also give the guests some bottles of wine and even put a fake tag on them but instead of wine when they get home they will discover that the bottle if full of candy. Just give this some though and decide how you want to do it. The prices for such wedding favors are not expensive and there are endless possibilities. No matter what you decide to use you can be sure of the fact that the guests will remember such a lovely wedding.



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