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Wedding Dresses | October 29 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

It is not about judging, it is not about blaming, but when a wedding dress is not a white one there is no bridal gown. I mean for years, from ancient times, the white dress became a symbol for a bride. Indeed, this does not mean that everyone should stick to this plan- modernism has a great influence as well and so, more and more brides choose the wedding dresses with color accents. But when the dress becomes a totally colored one, I believe that nothing can define it as a bridal gown.
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How types of wedding dresses have passed over the bridal image? The camouflage wedding gowns. You think you seen them all but this is way over the imagination. But for those that dare to have such a wedding dress I can only say that modernism is on their side.

To start with, camouflage wedding gowns are dedicated firstly to those brides part of the army. Not only are these, but hunting or fishing domain are as well related to this. Probably the brides are directly involved in such things or probably their grooms are. One thing is sure: camouflage is representative of such domains, not an option for a usual bride. So, inspired from here, the bride brings the experience, its desire to make the whole wedding representative for its life style.

The options are to include some of the parts with camouflage or to make it totally this way. Indeed, a wedding dress white with camouflage on different parts has double role: to make it a symbol for the active domain of the bride, of the groom or both of them and at the same time to put value, accent on different parts; it is like adding another color.

After all, I believe that the whole wedding concept and including the bridal outfit should be representative firstly for the main character of this scene: the bride and its groom. Their personality and life style is the first reference when planning the wedding. And so, wanting to mix the things the bride makes the result of a traditional white wedding dress adding the camo style.

Now the only thing remain is the suitability and the matching aspect. If the bride wears such a dress, for sure that the groom will have an outfit in the same consent. If they both wear camouflage, for sure that the entire wedding will include camo style elements. And lastly, the bride’s features should be in concordance with what she is wearing. A person with white skin should choose a light green and if the dress has white as well then the nuance has to be darker, to make obvious the mixture.11

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  1. JoAnne Schnepp

    November 20, 2010 at 1:34 am

    We sell camo wedding gowns….mostly a combination of white or ivory with mossy oak accents on the style somewhere….but SOME all mossy oak with full trains and very bridal in look. They are VERY popular all over the USA and Canada. We’ve even had sales from Finland and South Africa. It is totally possible to be classy, elegant and have a wedding that shows the world what your interests are without it being a wedding from ‘My Big Redneck Wedding’!! Give our site a look and see if you don’t agree. We are currently having a big sale too!


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