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Camouflage Wedding Cakes

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Camouflage wedding cakes are quite funky and unique wedding cakes. These wedding cakes are not that elegant nor too classy because just the image of camo as a fabric don’t inspire too much elegance.Even though, there are couples that like and that wish for a camouflage wedding cake. This can be easily explained if you think who wears camo and who likes camo.

The people who wears camo are the one in the army or in the military service. It’s enough that one of the lovers to have any connection with the two things i’ve mentioned above and the army theme will be a presence at their wedding. Maybe they like outdoors so much that they think having a camouflage wedding cake is the perfect way to express this.

Some other couples might like hunting, this might be their hobby, In this case some camouflage features in their wedding are the things that make them happy. Passions are the ones that make us happy. This is why a lot of creative couples chose to decorate their wedding and their wedding cake in relation with their true passions. A camouflage wedding cake for such couples is the best idea.

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The wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, It’s very important and it has to look amazing. Having a camouflage wedding cake it’s a very interesting idea and it can look really pretty if you find a good cake designer. Do your best in find a talented cake designer, he will make sure your camouflage wedding cake looks its best. You can have a simple camouflage wedding cake or a tower one. You can chose to have many tiers or you can stick to just one, it’s your choice and before taking any decisions talk to your cake designer.

Tell him/her all your ideas, your expectations, how you want you wedding cake to look etc. I don’ think you would like any unpleasant surprises regarding this centerpiece of your wedding. Decide together whether to use fondant or ice-cream, or maybe both, but don’t forget you are the boss, you get ton chose what you think it suits you the best.

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A camouflage wedding cake might require for a camouflage wedding dress. If it’s not too much for you should probably try it. There are a lot of styles and designs and it can look pretty amazing. Try to keep all your wedding in line and if this means camouflage then go camo for all the item in your wedding!

Camouflage might be too funky for some of your wedding attendance, so before doing anything else, give them a hint about your wedding. They should know what to expect and maybe what to wear. Also, talk to your husband and to your parents and ask their opinions about a camouflage wedding cake. I know it’s your wedding cake, but I’m sure that some nasty looks won’t make the best night for sure. Fight for your choice if  there’s the need but be sure you know when to give up.11

Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.



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