Cambodian Wedding Dresses

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Cambodian weddings are always impressive and unusual for those who never heard about their traditions, religious culture or style of clothing. But when one enters the Cambodian real remains absolutely stunned with their amazing way of being and living. The same thing is happening with your brides-to-be, who become absolutely fascinated with the Cambodian wedding habits and rituals.
But most of all, women from all over the world fall definitely in love and in lust with the Cambodian wedding dresses and their unique style. As long as she is not part of the same religious cultural region, a woman could choose to wear at her wedding day precisely the Cambodian wedding dress, or any other wedding gown from another attractive and unique culture from all over the world. As we all know it, women are very changing and expansive, that is why not all brides love and wear the traditional white ball style wedding dress. Many of those are looking for something more grandiose, magnificent and totally exclusive.

In Cambodia, brides are allowed to wear different colors for their wedding dress; any color one bride is attracted to and thinks she will look more beautiful in. the Cambodian wedding dresses are usually extremely adorned with all kinds of remarkable jewels, gems or rhinestones. That is the main attraction of the Cambodian wedding dress, especially for women who are not form the Cambodian region.

A Cambodian wedding dress is usually made from three pieces: the very Cambodian wedding dress, followed by another piece of skirt and a specific falling sash named in their language “the sbbay”. Over all these a Cambodian bride wears usually lots of jewelry embellishments.

The jewelry can be traditional or modern, and the bride can choose any type of style, depending on her preferences. Cambodian wedding dresses aren’t very expensive, but not very low cost either. A traditional Cambodian wedding dress is priced at about $300-$600. The traditional dress means in many cases one-strapped and very colorful design.

The Cambodian wedding’s ceremony and reception usually lasts for three day and nights, because of a special tradition that implies three of the most venerated mentors: Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. There are three ceremonies, for each of these mentors. The first day of the wedding is held in a Buddhist temple, where the priest is blessing the couple and the families, and no one else is allowed to enter the temple and participate at the ceremony.

The best part of these ceremonies is that the bride changes at least 10 wedding dresses, especially to honor the family traditions and for the photographs. The first dress is the traditional one afterwards the bride can choose any kind of gown she wants. This sounds very good for those brides who are not Cambodian and still want to get married in the Cambodian style.11

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  1. Ashey

    April 13, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    I might adopt this style. I like the fact that these dresses are not voluminous but the fabric used and the ornaments make them very special and thick. I like this thickness of the fabric, its richness and I think it might be very appropriate for a fall wedding. I will look more into this style, since I begin to like it and since the pictures you posted are not quite full, but I might just do it. I was searching for a theme for so long and to find a different nationality that I could use. I love international weddings but the types of weddings I’ve attended used all the ideas I had. So I needed something unusual, and this might be it. Thanks.


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