Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | August 30 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

A calla lily wedding invitation is that extra delicate touch that your wedding, no matter the concept, can use. This is one of the most elegant flowers you could integrate inside an original design. Lilies go perfectly with a formal, traditional ceremony but they will look great in the scenario of a casual, modern wedding. It is all about how you create the entire design, how you want the illustration of the flower to be and what color combination to use. When it comes to colors and shades there are some boundaries. A calla lily needs soft color touches, to use strong, bold shades might take some of the delicate flair these flowers have. Now, if you don’t collaborate with a talented designer then all your ideas will remain just ideas on a draft.
Take, for example, Your Invitation The specialists here have prepared not one or two but a long list of calla lilies wedding invitations. What is the deal with this company? Well, it is simple: you get to purchase for your special day quality invite cards at reasonable prices. They offer a 20 percent discount for every order. Your options are varied but mostly they have the same idea of elegant, simple beauty as the center piece. For example, embossed calla lilies can be printed on the corners of eco-friendly paper or you can order an ecru invitation adorned by exquisite calla lilies. You can also choose a purple calla lily embossed on the border or a die-cut calla lily on a trifold bright white invitation. Every model has a number of identification which simplifies the ordering process. So, the collection combines quality papers with unique designs and some great discounts. Nobody can resist these elegant wedding invitations. The success of the preview is now assured.

On 50 Free Wedding they pride that this collection of calla lily wedding invitations is better than ever. They have updated all the models and have introduced the newest trends on the market. The design for these invite cards is signed by the world famous Carlson Craft. With a simple click you can have access not just to their presentation but also to discounts and special promotions. One click after another and the collection starts unfolding under your eyes. Some of the models can be purchased exclusively online. What would you prefer? Maybe you would like an Elegant Calla Lilies in Ecru, Calla Lily Captivation, Calla Lily Connection, Pearlized Calla Liles, Buttersoft Bouquet or Tucked Away. Each model has a short description and the prices for 100 pieces. If you like a model make sure you write down their code. This way you will be sure that no mistakes will be made with your order.A calla lily wedding invitation is so much more than just another flower.

It is a modest statement of grace. If you combine the calla lily with a satin ribbon, blush jacket or a translucent overlay then the picture is perfect. So, from modern touches to traditional assemblies a calla lily will match perfectly your vision.11

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