Calla Lilies Wedding Invitations

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Calla lilies are very lovely flowers which can be used for lots of things when it comes to your wedding. You can have a wonderful calla lily bridal bouquet, centerpieces or even incorporate this flower into your wedding invitations. They come in a variety of shades and colors and they all look lovely no matter what shades they have. You could use colorful images for your invitations or opt for a simple and elegant white lily. The models can be either hand painted or drawings or they can be simple images downloaded from the internet. These flowers can be placed in the corner of the invitation, in the center, top or bottom of the invite. You will need to look into these details once you have chosen the models invite that you like best. To make the invite more shinny and to make it stand out, these calla lilies can be embellished with some glitter and sparkles to make them be more appealing to the guests.

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These invites can also be hand made ones and they can be very special. The calla lilies can actually be made from rhinestones or be sowed onto the invite. There are many different ways to interpret flowers patterns on invitations. So if you want something special this would be a great choice. Just keep in mind that hand made or custom made invites will cost more than regular ones that you buy online. They require skills and a lot of time invested in them so they turn out the way the clients expects them too.

121412 calla lilies wedding invitations Calla Lilies Wedding Invitations

Calla Lilies Wedding Invitations (Source:

So look online and find some stores that you like, look at the samples and place your order. Include some verses or some pomes if you wish the wording to be special as well. They can be typed or handwritten, whichever you like best. Make sure to go with some RSVP cards and include a phone umber so that the guests can call and ask for direction or whatever other questions they might have. So find the invitations designs that you like and make sure they are exactly what you’ve wanted. Given the fact that the invitations are the first thing the guests will see, they need to be flawless.



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