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Green eyes can have different shades from pale jade color, up to a deep green or blue-green turquoise. Whatever the shade, you can choose the right color of makeup!
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If you think that you can hear all this from a wedding planner you are wrong, but if you consider the choice of buying wedding planner in Chicago, then you can see a little shine of hope. With money you can do whatever you want. I know that the introduction has no relevance considering what I am writing now, I say this because you may ask how can you have all these information.

┬áThe option of buy wedding planner in Chicago is recently introduced in the modern world, this on the white market, because on the black market you can buy whatever you want, but we won’t talk about this now, because here we talk about wonderful things, happy and shiny, not terrifying aspects of life.

Concerning weddings you can extract all these pieces of advices from the internet, from this article( a small part of it) or from a wedding planner.

Here are some tips about makeup for green eyes( this to make a connection with the introduction).

Green eyes can have many shades. Try to determine how dark the color of your eyes. A dark green eye makeup suits them open. Makeup experts believe that almost every color and shade is suitable for people with green eyes.

However, if you get a spectacular wedding makeup, use combinations of darker colors that match, and makeup for subtler, lighter shades that will look great.

Enhances beauty green eyes eye shadow buying different colors such as deep purple, plum, mauve, gold, green and shades of green, scarlet, brown, pink and peach. You can use a brown eyeliner, gold or copper. Avoid black. Draw the eye contour, both on the upper eyelid, and the eyes.

Choose pale to blush in shades of brown, pink or peach. The most suitable shades of lipstick would be: brown, metallic brown, pink, purple, plum or burgundy.

Skin tone: purple, bronze or purple to dark skin, purple, purple and brown tones for a medium complexion, brown – medium pink or purple light or pale skin.

Brown, bronze, gold brick will match the colors green eyes like a glove. Metallic shades can be used on special occasions to brighten eyes.

Another suitable option would be to use dark shades of purple or plum. Silver and blue are colors to avoid for those with green eyes. Do not use a heavy black eyeliner, choose the best one dark gray, brown or plum.

Mascara in brown color accentuates green eyes . Try smoky eye makeup, eye shadow stretching well. Makeup should always match your skin tone. Put as much emphasis on eye shape. Young women may opt for bright makeup.

For wedding makeup recommend you use a professional, should look better and you can not afford to do experiments, especially if makeup is not very often.11

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