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When you are planning a wedding you also need to be fully aware of the costs involved. Everything costs from the menu to the adornments. So if you have the chance to save up some money or economize, why wouldn’t you? You can do so when it comes to your wedding invites. Of courser you can still buy some cheaper invites from online shops, but a better option is to make them yourself. This is a lot easier than it sounds. You just need some colorful cardstock, a pair of scissors and some creativity. This is the perfect combination for you to obtain your perfect wedding invites. You should start by browsing the internet to get some ideas.

Budget Wedding Invitations (Source: wedding-maps.com)

Budget Wedding Invitations (Source: wedding-maps.com)

You can look at online pictures and various tutorials that will also show you how you can actually design and create these invites. The elements that you want to incorporate into your wedding invites need to based on the theme of your wedding. They can be any items that you like, any drawing or any pictures that you wish to use. You can opt for modern styles, vintage or country looks.

Budget Wedding Invitations (Source: dilshil.com)

Budget Wedding Invitations (Source: dilshil.com)

The choice is up to you. For a beach inspired theme you could even choose some scroll wedding invite which can be very fun and easy to make. You can even insert the invites into a bottle to create that “message in the bottle” effect. It would be a fun idea to play around with. For a country theme wedding you could use some rope to tie up the invites instead of the typical silk and pretty bows. The invitations need to reflect the idea from which you planned your entire wedding.


Make sure you type in the information regarding the reception and the ceremony. Include an RSVP or a reply card which will help you figure out how many people will come to your party. The whole idea of creating these invites is for you to let your imagination run loose and use funky and funny elements. The invitations need to have that one thing that will catch everyone's attention.


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