Budget Wedding Ideas

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A wedding celebration is composed of many elements and at the stage of preparation is necessary to understand what can you afford and what you do not. Saving, of course, is necessary, but first you should determine the priorities. Budget wedding ideas, in this context, will be very helpful, especially if you want to create a dream wedding with a limited budget.

 Budget Wedding Ideas (Source: dilshil.com)

Budget Wedding Ideas (Source: dilshil.com)

The wedding banquet

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You should not save here because all the restaurants have the minimum cost for the banquet menu. Pricing restaurants in major cities can be divided into different categories, so you could definitely find something to match your needs. In order to save on the banquet, be ready to modify the format of the event. You could invite guests to a dinner party and not to a feast. Also focus on the atmosphere, rather than on food. In this case, it is appropriate to make invitations that reflect the specific focus of the celebration.

Wedding decor and flowers

This is one of the most expensive components of any wedding. But if you want to save, let us focus only on some elements.  It is important to consider the point where the flowers should be placed to design a wedding look complete and without empty seats. Everything rests on your willingness to compromise and seek innovative solutions. If you are lucky and do not need saving, let decorators and florists to show imagination.

 Budget Wedding Ideas (Source: static.oprah.com)

Budget Wedding Ideas (Source: static.oprah.com)

Wedding photography

Here the word ‘save’ should definitely be forgotten.  The average price of a good wedding photographer ranges from 700 to 1500 dollars. If you are offered lower than the price, be confident that it is either a novice photographer not entirely confident in his abilities, or he does not have a very high-quality equipment.  Budget wedding ideas cannot find their place in this area. Your wedding album will last for life and you surely do not want to have unprofessional photos.

Wedding ceremony

Here I mean not only a master of ceremonies, but also a set of other components: musical design, décor, programs. I am deeply convinced that the wedding ceremony is one of the main components of any wedding. Even if it will exit the ceremony and choose a light buffet, all guests will remember this touching moment. And why not? Since we want to find optimal solutions, we can take risks and do as we want and afford.

Musical arrangement

The most economical option is to hire a skilled DJ. But this is already quite an extreme measure. I strongly recommend having a band. If you want to save money, you can invite a novice team, which is happy to perform for a small fee. But in this case it is important to understand that the quality of performers in any case will be considerably less than that of professionals.


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