Budget Wedding Cakes

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Everyone fears that a small, simple and un-artistic wedding cake can ruin the whole wedding. Large, fancy, sophisticated and creative wedding cakes cost thousands of dollars and not every bride and grooms have a generous wedding budget to allow them to buy a lavish and extravagant one.

But with so many modern and hot options and alternatives to the big, elaborated traditional wedding cake, one can have a pretty elegant, trendy and unique budget wedding cake that can represent the main attraction of the wedding. There are several ways to be creative and inspired when it comes to a budget wedding cake design and style. One can choose to home-make and bake their own wedding cake with no stress and too much money spent.

Square or rectangular wedding cake designs are extremely elegant, attractive, trendy and popular these days. They are renowned for their economical prices and power of feeding more people. Instead of going with a pompous huge tiered wedding cake one can choose to buy several small on-layered cakes and place them on top if each other in a very interesting design and them decorate them with different flavors and elements.

Alternatives wedding cakes go perfect with any wedding especially because they are so fashionable, elegant, non-conventional and well-received by everyone. Chocolate truffles, Austrian tortes and fritters, candy bars, fountains, iced muffins, tarts, fruit pies, carrot cakes, cheesecakes, cupcake wedding cakes, mini wedding cakes and fake wedding cakes.

Each one of these unique alternatives to a wedding cake is elegant, sweet and attractive, perfect for any contemporary wedding. For instance, cupcakes can be beautifully displayed on a tiered tall stand creating a very impression appearance. Fill the cupcakes with different flavors and decorate them to suit every guest’s preferences and tastes. Any diversified wedding cake is elegant, trendy, sophisticated and inviting.

One can also choose to rent a wedding cake. There are many bakeries that allow couples to rent a fabulous and fancy wedding cake just for the cutting moments and then serve the guests cheaper sheet cakes.

Fake wedding cakes are gaining more and more popularity these times when couples only want to show off a glamorous and magnificent wedding cake and then cut another one, cheaper, simpler and more affordable. To be able to buy a budget wedding cake brides and grooms can play a different role when purchasing for wedding cakes from bakeries.

They can ask for a simple cake, made for a special occasion, but not for the wedding. This way the baker will show you a regular cake that you can buy and decorate it the way you want at home, to make it look more bridal. As you can see, there are lots of inspiring ideas of buying a budget wedding cake and still make the best of your wedding.11

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