Bridesmaid Dresses For Beach Wedding

Wedding Dresses | June 24 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

When planning the wedding dress most brides of today must think in terms of coordination and functionality. For instance, they have to buy the dresses for the bridesmaids in the same time, in order to obtain a more unified and themed wedding and look.

It’s really important to coordinate your wedding dress with the bridesmaids wedding dresses. This way the wedding atmosphere will appear more inviting, more attractive and more romantic. As for the functionality, most modern brides are usually choosing more practical and comfy bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again, in a different occasion.

Choosing the right coordinates of a bridesmaid dress is something that every bride must do, in order to have the bridesmaids happy, thrilled and grateful for what you have chosen for them. But if we are to speak in general, bridesmaid dresses have always been more comfortable, more casual, loose and more informal than the wedding dresses of the brides. No matter how formal and rigorous the wedding is, bridesmaid dresses are only meant to accompany the bride’s beauty and add a new level of attractiveness, beauty, style and elegance to the bride.

That is why is many cases the length of the bridesmaids dresses is shorter, the design of the dress is more simplistic, while the color is more accentuated, vibrant and provocative. It’s very important to make the bridesmaids feel beautiful, sexy and confident in what they wear on your big day.

So, when shopping for their dresses make sure that they have a word to say in buying the dresses just to be sure that they are happy with the choices you made. Assuming that you’re planning a sensual, exotic and more natural wedding affair on a beach, you must need to find the most suitable bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding. Now that the bride is free to wear all kinds of short wedding dresses beautifully accentuated with subtle or even bolder splashes of color, the bridesmaid are more than advised to wear dynamic colorful short bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding.

The exotic environment of the seaside or of the ocean can only be complemented by a suite of tropical colored short bridesmaid  dresses. Among the most suitable colors that a bride can choose for her girls are: fuchsia, magenta, hot pink, burgundy, turquoise, chocolate brown, purple, orange, peach, pearl gray, silver, plum, navy blue, teal, ruby rose, deep red, ivory, champagne or beige.

In case you are not pleased with a very colored themed wedding, you can opt for a more sensual and classy dainty color scheme. Black and white short bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding are perfect and totally in vogue at this moment. The length of the dresses can be chosen depending on how much skin the bridesmaids want to show and also depending on the formality of the wedding. Knee length short bridesmaid dresses or above the knee short bridesmaids dresses for a beach wedding are the most suitable ones.11


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  2. mariana jones

    January 31, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Good article. Really good. I’ve discussed about the dresses for my bridesmaids with them and I told them what I what, they told me what they want and then we put together the features of the perfect matching dresses. We decided that they should all wear the same dress, but to be unique, we are going to choose different types of accessories. I will let them do that. They can accessorize their dresses any way they want, with either embroideries, appliques or jewels, but the line and color should be the same. Now, of logically, I am having a beach wedding and I was looking for some models that would fit our choices. I think the firs, gray one is closer to what we have in mind. I think they will also like the color.


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