Fall Weddings KY

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Having to a plan a fall wedding will take time and effort. You and your groom have to be collaborating at all times and deciding everything. Choosing a venue for your wedding is a very important decision. It can be a park, a restaurant, a club and so on. You will have to look for the perfect location and once you have found it make sure that it’s available. Then you will need to find the perfect wedding decorations for your fall look. Using pumpkins and leaves is a good start.

These two items can even be combined. For instance carve the pumpkins and use them as vases in which you can add some leaves and some flower arrangements. You may also add some candy in the pumpkins which will be the perfect look for a Halloween wedding concept. Acorns can be used in some bowls along with some tea lights candles and some extra flower petals. For a more detailed look choose to add some submerged flower decorations on your tables and surround these arrangements with candles.

Fall Weddings Ky (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Fall Weddings KY (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Instead of candles you can also use lanterns which can be found in different sizes and shapes. Fruits are also a good choice for your tabled decor. Use caramelized apples, pears, nuts and so on. Choosing your fall wedding cake might also be a though decision to make. Given the fact that there are so many wonderful designs and models to choose from. The flavors is also up to you, just make sure that since its fall you choose some spices such as cinnamon or whatever other flavors you love.

Fall Weddings Ky (Source: blog.koyalwholesale.com)

Fall Weddings KY (Source: blog.koyalwholesale.com)

The cake can be decorated with fall flowers which can be real or edible ones or it can be adorned with some comical bride and groom topper and have some abstract leaf designs on it. It can be a chocolate cake, a white marzipan one or some other fall inspired shades that you’ve also used for your reception décor. Your wedding favors if you are planning to give any, should also be fall inspired and they can be leaf key chains, maple syrup, gem jars, cupcakes and so on. It’s all in your hands.

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