Ideas For Wedding Centerpieces Fall

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There are plenty of elements you can use as centerpieces if you are planning a fall themed wedding. You can start off by picking out the colors for your reception and then browse some stores to see if you can find the elements that you need. They can be pumpkins either small or big and you can add candles or treats in them. Using the pumpkins as centerpieces means that you have to choose a smaller size so that you will have room for all of the other items as well. You can add pillar candles and leaves in the pumpkins or some colored candy. These pumpkins can be white or they can be orange ones.

Another element you can incorporate as part of  your table décor are leaves. They can be garlands which you can scatter on some mirrors or you can use them in some tall looking containers. You can add some nuts in these containers as well or some other fruits. Prepare a basket and fill it up with some grapes, nuts, apples and so on. You can also caramelize the apples and display them on some silver trays. These trays an also be a brushed gold color so that they match your whole color scheme. It is important to be aware of these small details if you want everything to look flawless. You can also buy some silk or some dried flowers and place them on some round bowls.

Ideas For Wedding Center Peices For Fall

Ideas For Wedding Centerpieces Fall (Photo by: Polly McMillan Raymond)

Next to them add some tea light candles. You can also add the tea light candles in some large containers filled with water and some colored crystals at the bottom of the vase. Find a way to use all of these items to your advantage. You can buy or you can rent most of them depending on the total budget you allocated for this day. There are stores you can browse and blogs you can read to get more idea for a very whimsical fall wedding décor. Remember that your centerpieces will be the ones standing out.

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