Bride and grandpa wedding dance songs

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The wedding is such a precious event, not only because you finally said “yes” after the wonderful experience of engagement, but also because in this day, all your dearest persons and your closest friends are with you, celebrating the love and sharing joviality, having fun and wishing you all the best in the world. Nowadays, the routine means “I’m running out of time!” or “Yes, we’ll meet some day!”, “Yes, I’ll come to dinner, grandma!” and you actually visit her in winter holiday.

Yes, modernity means you’re running out of time, now you don’t have those free moments which can be shared with your dearest persons. I’d like to say that brides-to-be who still have their grandparents alive are lucky women and they should dedicate at least one moment of the wedding party to them.

Personally, I’m not a married woman but soon I’ll be, and I’m feeling very bad that all my grandparents passed away and they cannot be with me in such a wonderful day. But you, the brides who have the grandparents alive, you must celebrate with them your happiness and your love. In such a special day, you should thank them for all their support and for all their pieces of advice.

The easiest way to dedicate a moment to your grandparents is to invite them to dance, or if they are too old, at least you can dedicate them a song. Still, I’d like to suggest you some bride and grandpa wedding dance songs which I’m sure will help you to highlight the moment: “ Turn around” performed by The Brother Four, “Grandpa” performed by The Judds, “Long line of love” performed by Michael Martin Murphy, “Dream a little dream of me” performed by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, “Your song” performed by Elton John, “Reach out” performed by The Four Tops, “Dreams come true” performed by Norah Jones and Willie Nelson, “When I’m sixty four” performed by The Beatles.

One thing we have to mention is that you should never let your DJ surprise you with a playlist. This is one of the top bridal regrets! You can find more real bridal regrets in our complete wedding planning course.

My favorite songs is “Turn around” performed by The Brother Four because its lyrics are truly perfect for such a special moment: “Where are you going my little one, little one/ Little drendils and petticoats, where are you now/ Turn around and you’re tiny/ Turn around and you’re grown/ Turn around and you’re a young wife/ With babes of your own/ Where are you going my little one, little one/ Where are you going my baby my own…”. These are some bride and grandpa wedding dance songs suggestions to emphasize the moment of your dance with your grandfather. Still, I recommend you to ask your grandfather is he has some favorite songs or if he’d like to dance with you while a certain song is played.

There must be a special song of your grandfather and you know, little touches go along way.11

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