Bridal Registry In Wedding Invitation

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Marriage implies a lot of decisions and a lot of choices, so you need to be prepared to face all these demands and plans. Introducing a bridal registry in your wedding invites will help the guests figure out what kind of guests are you expecting. Even if it may not seem proper to introduce a registry in the invites, some couples don’t even mind these etiquette rules anymore. Just make sure your cards are the right size and that they state the name of the stores where you and your groom are registered. You will need only one card on which you will have to list the name of all the stores. You will also have to choose the stores at least 5 month in advance. This will make things easier for the guests and they will be able to purchase all your required gifts.

109997 bridal registry in wedding invitation 2 Bridal Registry In Wedding Invitation

Bridal Registry In Wedding Invitation (Source:

You could choose any writing style that you like for the registry cards and for your wedding invites. Make sure that whichever model you choose for your invites matches your wedding concept as well. For a fall inspired wedding, choose elements that are representatives for the fall season. You can opt for some leaf design or some pumpkins patterns. For a spring and summer wedding choose brighter colors such as red, yellow, green and so on. The colors should also match your wedding concept.

109997 bridal registry in wedding invitation Bridal Registry In Wedding Invitation

Bridal Registry In Wedding Invitation (Source:

The wording you can either type it at the computer or ou can hire a calligrapher to deal with this part. You can find a lot of sayings and quotes online which can be very useful for the introduction part. You can also use some jokes or even some small riddles if you wish. The style of the invite can be either a vintage one, a modern one and so on. Make sure that whichever style you choose it represents your personal taste.


You can find these invitations online at craft stores or you can make them yourself. They are not hard to make especially with all the online guides and tips that you can find online. You just need to let your imagination run wild and crate things that are representative for you.



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