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Planning a wedding is a difficult task and, most often, a stress factor for those involved in the organization. A wedding is not just about fulfilling your childhood dreams, browse magazines searching for bridal dresses or accessories, but it also mean numbers, choices made in accordance with real possibilities. In short, you must be careful that it does not bury you in debt.
Because many people encounter difficulties in starting the actual planning, we thought we’d offer you some advice, hopefully, useful. Here is a bridal list, a wedding planner for the most important steps you need to take into consideration.
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1. Choosing the date
First, you must choose a time of year when you could and you’d like to have of the event: spring, summer, autumn or even winter. Then you can stop at a particular month that seems to you favorable for the event. The wedding Day (Saturday / Sunday) is again an easy choice: weddings are usually held in a Saturday or Sunday. Sunday is easier to organize the church because it is not crowded and you are more likely to find a free events hall if you want to organize your wedding at the last minute. However, your party may suffer: Monday is working day and that guests might be forced to leave early or not have enough fun for fear of the effects that may be visible the next day.

After you have established and the day of the week, you can make a list of dates and months. Maybe something special to celebrate at that time: the day that you meet, your first date, etc. If your special day falls in a holiday in which weddings are not officiated, you can choose a date close to it. Continue to eliminate days that occur with various inconveniences until you find the best day. It’s good to have at least two options so you can determine the availability of restaurants.

2. Budgeting
Before you proceed to calculations it is best to consult with family members and how each of them may help you. Research the agency offers for suppliers and prices and put on paper what is really important to you. In short, establish priorities. For example: you want to invest more in pictures and less in favors. A wedding can be done with (almost) any budget. Make sure you are realistic about the costs and what you can afford in very real terms. Then make the bridal list / wedding planner that helps you prioritize.
3. Choice of provider or agency
Carefully select the companies with which you would like to work, study as many offers as possible, go to meetings, ask for prices and portfolios.

4. Setting the details (decorations, cake) bands, menu, invitations, favors etc.

During this time you also have to choose and order the wedding rings, try on as many dresses / costumes as you need to make sure that you have made the perfect choice. Purchase accessories: jewelry, cufflinks, shoes etc.. Do not let seemingly unimportant issues for the last minute. You’d be surprised how many will be gathered and before the wedding, when you need to be rested, you’ll be exhausted.

Good luck!11

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  1. Mireille

    July 21, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Preparing for your big day should be memorable and fun. The period from engagement to wedding day, is the beginning of your life as a couple. Both of you, bride and groom have decisions to make and tasks to complete so that yours, will be the wedding day you always dreamed about.
    Before utilizing the checklist, you have to read the articles on the Internet and consider obtaining a wedding planning organizer. It will take drudgery and stress out of planning your wedding, and keep you organized and on task. The proper wedding planning organizer is the best answer to the following common dillemma:
    ” We got engaged. So, what do we do now?”.


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