Bridal Hair Updos

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We all want the perfect look for your wedding. For some brides it’s easy to achieve the perfect look of her dreams, while for others it’s more difficult due to all the unique choices available nowadays in field. Weddings have become highly fashionable events based on all things aesthetical. However, there are a few changes that we can point here. For example, the modern type of elegance featured nowadays in weddings is slightly more simplistic and chic.

On the other hand, the romantic vibe is also more whimsical and personalized. In many cases, the modern brides prefer to go naturally and feminine. And when we’re talking about the natural look we can refer to the bohemian, eco-friendly, rustic or hippie style. There are many other unique themes you can focus on when planning a natural bridal look. But these ones are the most popular ones. The most common type of hairdo for a bride is the up-do. Nevertheless, we can discuss here about a myriad of ways of arranging your hair in an updo.

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The choices are numberless and they are different from one case to another. It all depends on the formality of your wedding. The venue of the ceremony and reception can also influence your decision. For example, if you’re having a ballroom wedding, you must find a sleek elegant updo to suit the formality of the event. On the other hand, if your wedding occurs on a sandy beach, anything loose and curly can work. There are many beautiful up-dos that can be achieved by the bride herself. Those who are on a budget and want to save more money for the wedding can choose a DIY wedding hairstyle. You might not be able to make a bun on your own but you can create a simpler hairdo to go with your casual look.

137942 bridal hair updos Bridal Hair Updos

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The decision of the perfect wedding updo should also be influenced by the length and texture of your hair. If you are a short-haired bride you can create beautiful ringlets and then arrange them in a romantic updo. Brides who have a chin length hair can make the best of this look. The curls can be thick or looser, depending on how voluminous you want your look to be. Brides with long hair can also choose a romantic appearance by curling their hair. The trick to obtaining soft rich curls is to use a lot of cream and hair serum before making the curls. For a wavy hairstyle to suit a beach ceremony, you can use sea salt spray. This will add more volume to you hair and help you create instant messy curls to suit the seaside venue. Half up-dos and braided up-dos are also trendy choices.



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