Bridal Braided Hair

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Brides of all ages are curious to try a totally different look for their wedding and this is great news! Our designers may have just the type of look you’re searching for, so don’t hesitate to browse through the other articles we have here. On our website you will be able to find lots of inspiring ideas and pictures of different types of trendy bridal hairdos and accessories. We believe you will fall in love with something adequate and wedding-appropriate for you among these designs.

One of the hottest types of hairstyle a modern bride can pick for her big day is the braided hairstyle. We’ve seen this style adopted by different brides: young and mature, formal and commodious, glamorous and eco-friendly, rich and budget-conscious, tall and petite, modern and vintage. But the most adequate wedding theme for a braided hairstyle is definitely the bohemian theme. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a big fan of the boho-chic style to like these hairdos.

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We are fascinated by the multiple variations of the braided hairdo and the many ideas that are still emerging for this trend. The greatest thing about bohemian braids is that they don’t have to be perfect! The contrary, this style is ideal for the nonchalant bride who seems a bit careless. Anything messy and loose can fit the boho-inspired bride. We like this concept and the idea of allowing your hair to look natural on your wedding day. Why make it look so sleek, so stiff and fixed when you can let it behave normally.

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Many celebrities from Hollywood like the braided style just because it doesn’t pose so many problems. It’s easy and practical to make a braid and go out without spending hours arranging it in a too formal way. If you are a busy woman and you can’t afford to waste time on sleek updos and French buns, you can at least braid your hair in a soft and elegant way and enjoy a natural look. There are many ways to braid your hair as a braid. The vertical braids are not the only ones to consider.

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Try a horizontal, circular or side type of braiding for a more eye-catchy and unique look. Braids work nice for both long and short hair. The greatest thing is that even those who have a frail and scanty type of hair can use braids to add more volume and camouflage in an elegant way a messy look. You can do it with side swept bangs or by letting a few strays off to frame your face in a nice and feminine way. Keep your braids loose to obtain a softer look. Pull your loose braids out and create a wavy look.



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