Bridal Bouquets with Hydrangeas

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At a fairytale wedding the bridal bouquet plays an important role. The bridal bouquet is not just a simple bouquet; the bridal bouquet should express everything you want. Sometimes flowers can say more than words.

The language of flowers has been used for centuries to express different messages. The top choice for bridal bouquets is rose, but if you want something different you can choose any other flowers as much as beautiful as roses. The rose is considered ‘’the queen of flowers’’, but if you want something non-traditional and if you want to transmit a special message choose Hydrangea.

Bridal Bouquets with Hydrangeas

Bridal Bouquet with Hydrangeas from

Hydrangea has its name from the Greek word ‘’ hydor’’ meaning water, and ‘’angos’’ meaning vessel, because of its cuplike shape. The star shaped flowers of the hydrangea are treasured for both their boldness and delicacy. The colors of the hydrangea are in shades of white, pink, and blues. A Japanese legend says that an emperor used a bouquet of hydrangeas as an apology to a girl’s family with whom he was in love. Since then the flower was considered a symbol of apology. In the Victorian language of flowers the hydrangea is a symbol of coldness and heartlessness. Today the flower says ‘’thank you for understanding’’. Hydrangea also has negative connotations because of its showy beauty hydrangea symbolize boastfulness and vanity maybe because of the abundance of petals. Hydrangea is also the 4th wedding anniversary flower. Hydrangea in general means friendship; devotion and understanding, depending on the colors can have different meaning. The flower was brought to England in 18th century and since then its popularity spread. The hydrangea blooms in summer and fall so it’s the perfect flower for the bridal bouquet if you are having a summer or fall wedding.

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Bridal Bouquets with Hydrangeas

Bridal Bouquets with Hydrangeas from

Hydrangeas look beautiful all by themselves they look like pompoms, or mixed together with other types of flowers. White hydrangea is a good choice if you want a traditional white bridal bouquet. This is a rare type of hydrangea usually because of the soil composition the flower turns into pink and blue. Pink hydrangea is a popular choice for bridal bouquets because pink is such a joyful color that express happiness and well-being. Blue hydrangeas are more calming and relaxing appearance and symbolize purity that is why is the tradition for the bride to have something blue on her wedding day. So choose blue hydrangea bridal bouquet. Purple hydrangeas are more romantic and luxurious, because color purple is associated with royalty. Purple is an unusual color for hydrangea and originates in Eastern Asia, in China, Korea and Japan. Folklore and myths says that this flower also have magical power and is used as a protection against evil spirits.Hydrangea is a good choice for a modern, unique and beautiful bridal bouquet.11

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