Branch Centerpieces For A Wedding

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Branches might seem a bit strange to use as your wedding centerpieces. But sometimes these unusual things tend to stand out more. These branches can be combined with all sorts of items starting with some flowers, stones and even feathers. You could place the branches into some tall vases and wrap some silk ribbon or some materials all around them. You could also hang some miniatures doves which you can purchase online. Butterflies are also a good idea and these arrangements will go perfectly with a spring or summer inspired wedding. But some colored butterflies and hand them all around the branches.

111066 branch centerpieces for a wedding 2 Branch Centerpieces For A Wedding

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You could also paint the branches either gold or silver. Hanging some fake snowflakes or some mini globes will create the perfect winter wonderland centerpieces. Some couples like to hand pictures on these e branches. You can hang all sorts of unique items. Using some crystals jewels could also add a pop of color to your table area and you can also add in the branches or create a very modern look. Instead of the colored crystals you could also add some stones or some colored rocks. The branches can be different heights and sizes, you don’t have to worry about them being all the same.

111066 branch centerpieces for a wedding Branch Centerpieces For A Wedding

Branch Centerpieces For A Wedding (Source:

Around these arrangements you can place some white or some colored candles. You can buy the candles form online shops and if you buy them in bulk they will be a lot cheaper. Or instead of candles you can hang some small lights all around the branches. Theses centerpieces can be either simple adornments or you can create some relay complex designs. You just need the right items and the right ideas. Look online to see more inspiring pictures and designs and start from there. Keep in mind that the centerpieces you cerate need to be base son the theme of your wedding. Use colors , funky fabrics and just play around with these branches. You never know what might turn up.



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