Bow neckline wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | August 31 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Do you wish to look more romantic, feminine, delicate, graceful, soft, stylish and unique on the wedding day without trying too much? Then perhaps a bow neckline wedding dress can help you do that.

More and more modern wedding dress designers are willing to create artistic pieces of outfit for the contemporary bride to wear on the special day without looking too ostentatious or too pompous, extravagant, dramatic and unsuitable for a wedding.

Using a few accents, like subtle flower appliqués, lavish bows in the back or in the front of the dress, color accents, sashes, ribbons, or other jewelry appliqués, lace embroideries or delicate ruffles, frills or tiers is the way to a more remarkable and appreciated successful bridal look.

The modern bride is now more relaxed, more confident in her skin, independent and bold enough to stand out for what she likes, for what she wears and for her life style in general. But a bow neckline wedding dress does not require too much from a modern bride but a little patience and naturalness in movements and acting.

This type of wedding dress can be worn by even a traditional bride or one who is planning a classy dainty and sleek romantic wedding. The bow infusion is quite new and trendy in the industry of wedding dresses and it still continues to attract more and more followers especially among young brides.

You will be able to see all kinds of wedding dresses embellished with lavish big bows in the back of the dress, in the waist of the dress attached to a sash or a ribbon or in the neckline of the dress. This is exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article, namely about bow neckline wedding dresses.

We simply love the way this type of dress looks like and mostly the way it can make a bride look like: feminine, refined, seductive, flirty, sensual, sexy, whimsically romantic, natural, subtle, hot and trendy! The bow effect is definitely one of the most clever and ingenious one thought by wedding dress designers to promote.

The big bows resemble almost perfect the vintage era, or the bohemian Victorian era with all the nonchalance, sophistication, grace, sensuality and romance characteristic to these periods of time. The contemporary bride who is planning a more Hollywoodian wedding must definitely stop and try on a bow neckline wedding dress and see whether the diva subtle fragile look suits her or not.

The bows can be attached to the straps of the neckline if case, to the halter neck, to the one shoulder neck, to the off the shoulders neck, to the high neck, to the bodice or to the round neck line in order to give more shape, texture and contrast to the dress.11

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  1. Rhoda

    January 27, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Hi. I wanted to thank you for the article and the photos you have here. They helped me realized what I was looking for. I knew that i wanted a dress with bows and I so much searched the internet for different types of bridal dresses that would have bows on them. And so far nothing really got my attention. These aren’t exactly what I am looking for either, but at least I now know that I want something as simple as these ones, where the bows add charm to the dresses. I know that the line of the dresses should fit my silhouette, so these gowns are not appropriate, but I like the way bows are used, especially in the last dress. That would suit my tastes.


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