Bluegrass Wedding Songs

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Although marriage is a very traditional and sacred event, young couples getting married can be as flexible and unique in their musical choices. The special flavor and contribution of the newlyweds can make the wedding special and memorable.

Nowadays couples have plenty of choices concerning wedding themes, locations and music genres. Many guests remember weddings by the music that is being played. If you think of a specific music style for your wedding play it and reveal your personalities.

I’m addressing below especially to those couples who like bluegrass music. You can plan a bluegrass-themed wedding. Bluegrass is a musical genre that has its roots and origins in the country music influenced by Irish, Scottish, Welsh and West African traditional music. It was inspired by the music played by immigrants from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Bluegrass music is a sub-genre of country music. The bluegrass is using vocals accompanied by the acoustic sound of instruments with strings, such as the acoustic guitar, the mandolin, fiddle, banjo, the upright bass and many others. Blue grass as a music style developed during the mid-1940s and was initially used for a dancing style in the rural areas, known as buck dancing, flat footing, or clogging.

One thing we have to mention is that you should never let your DJ surprise you with a playlist. This is one of the top bridal regrets! You can find more real bridal regrets in our complete wedding planning course.

The father of the bluegrass style is considered to be Bill Munroe. His music is considered to be composed out of his heart with the only purpose of touching the audience’s soul. In 1938, Munroe formed his own band called The Blue Grass Boys. The name of the band also inspired the name of the music.

If you want to play such music at your wedding, the best choice would be to hire a live blue grass band. It’s the best sound of blue grass music. But if you don’t afford a live band then you can surf the internet for famous bluegrass artists such as Bill Munroe, Alison Krauss and Union Station, The Country Gentlemen, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, The Dillards, Dolly Parton and many others. Still, there isn’t too much information out there.

You can use bluegrass music for your wedding ceremony, for the cocktail hour and especially for the wedding reception. You must know that bluegrass has several sub-genres such as: traditional bluegrass, progressive bluegrass, bluegrass gospel and neo-traditional bluegrass, the newest of them.

Bluegrass wedding songs bring joy and variety and their lyrics tend to be  simple and beautiful. The songs are about normal things anyone can identify with such as: love, relationships, poverty and stuff like that. Here are also some titles of bluegrass love songs by various artists, old and also modern ones, for you to consider:

Let Me Be Your Friend

Dreamed of an Old Love Affair

I Traced Her Little Footsteps in the Snow

Love Chooses You

Home-Made Love

Never Ending Love

My Dear Someone

I Love You Because

The Wedding Song

Dueling banjos


Big Rock Candy Mountain

Sweet Blue Eyed Darlin

Before I Met You

Put my little shoes away (perfect for the mother-son dance)

A good woman’s love

January Wedding 11

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