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If you decide to have a color to rule over the entire atmosphere of your wedding then think of a color other than white, not because white is not appropriate, on contrary, but because you need to go out of the ordinary with the biggest day of your life. So, why not pick up the color blue? It comes with its meaningful palette of hues that relate to the spirit of a wedding, not to mention that blue color was initially thought of the color to match more to the wedding gown’s significance, that of purity which nowadays the white color claims to stand for.

Some reasons for which you might think of picking up the blue color: considering blue as a color that is part of the nature, the blue sky, the blue water of rivers and oceans, blue delicate flowers you have to see it as a universal color that brings a calming effect to your senses.  Not to mention that in some religious beliefs, blue is the color that brings peace leaving your spiritual side free from any outer disturbance. Darker blue, on the other hand, is related to stability, intelligence and unity this is the reason why many corporations color is represented by this dark hue of blue. So, pretty convinced?

blue-wedding-invitationsOk, now that we’ve set a clear image on what blue stands for let’s go back to the wedding planning where you definitely have to start with your invitation cards. Blue wedding invitations allow you to use your imagination in that you can combine deep royal blue with a light blue background color for the cards. This combination confers a note of trust, distinction, and truthfulness and what can more desirable than these features to accompany your wedding card when being received by your invitees?!

You can attach forget-me-not flowers on a light blue colored invitation to send the message of non-forgettable day that awaits your guests to attend to. Or you can use dark blue ribbons to tie your blue scroll shaped card adding a plus of mystery as well.

Blue in combination with other colors render different effects, for instance if you mix blue with green, which is another color descending from nature, then you get a watery natural palette, this one being ideal for a springtime wedding celebration.  In combination with metallic silver your wedding card gets an aspect of a distinct richness and elegance.

The language of blue can be used also in the wording of your wedding invitations, such as: “true blue” that means someone loyal and faithful, “out of the blue” which is translated as something unexpected takes place or even “the Blues” when it comes to the music that you plan to have t your wedding party. Since we came on the wording subject you have to remember to include in your invitation card tiny drops of poetry lines to represent the romance that connected you both and determined you to take the further steps into the upcoming event. Blue is a color rich in symbols so do not hesitate to use it in case you decide to have a color themed wedding and not only then.11

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