Blue Snowflake Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | April 28 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Designing the perfect invitations for your wedding is the first difficulties you will have to manage in creating your perfect wedding. This important event must be planned in the smallest details. Although the sizes of a wedding invitation might confuse you about. It’s importance, keep in mind that this wedding invitation is the first impression you give to your guests about your wedding to come. With  the style and design of your invitation,  you  say so many things about this important event : surprise your guests, let them be amazed, make them curious! In case you like winter very much and you decide to have your wedding based on the theme of the winter, make sure that the season is right, the colors you use for the decorations are the proper ones ( white, purple, blue, grey) .
A blue snowflake wedding invitation may be a very good idea if you want this kind of wedding.  There are so many styles available in stores or on the internet. Also, any wedding accessories store must have a collection of snowflake invitations, because they are very required and very appreciated  for their simplicity of the color palette , yet the snowflakes have a symmetric harmonious and complex form that reminds the infinite beauty and equilibrium of nature.

In case you want to design your wedding invitations yourself, choose quality: buy very good materials,paper,a good printer, silver glitter and so on.  There are many samples on the internet that you can download and print. Go check them out, you may find something you like, although they have a simple design. But you can always add some extra ; for example, you can add  some special blue snowflakes you can buy from different stores.  And don’t forget to add glitter to your invitations ! If you are looking for a style a bit different than the snowflake one, but that could still remember the magic of the winter, why not choosing a wedding invitation that uses Christmas ornaments  as layout. This is a good solution in case you want a bit more warm colours in your wedding. You can keep using the frosty colors and add also a bit of yellow-gold or red, which in the perfect combination may really amaze your guests. You can also use a spot of green , that next to gold looks really nice !

In case you want something a bit more subtle to remind the Christmas spirit, use a nice Christmas envelopes or postage. In case you don’t want to use Christmas ornaments in your wedding invitation, but still want to remind your guests about the Christmas spirit, you can use those warm colors in your ornaments such as candles, flowers and so on. There are so many ways to express winter in your wedding invitations! just find the one that suits you and your wedding better! and don’t forget: everything must have very good taste! don’t underestimate the importance of the wedding invitations!11

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