Blue Romantic Wedding Reception Ideas

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The message that you want to convey to your guests in how you organize wedding should be evident in all the details. The most simple and efficient messenger for you is color. Blue is a cool color that symbolizes faith, tenderness, distinction, kindness, so it is appropriate for blue romantic wedding reception ideas that will mesmerize everyone.

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Blue is a color that you can dress very elegantly, so dress your bridesmaids in blue will distinguish your wedding as special. Between color and shades that you will use to decorate the room is good to have a great similarity, if not identical. If the room is already decorated you will choose the color and material for the ​​bridesmaids’ dresses in the same color palette and intensity. Definitely the way you are dressed is essential. If you remain faithful to classic white, you can still bring a blue detail of the shoes, hairstyle, bouquet and accessories. Blue can be combined beautifully with various colors, from yellow, green, lilac. To break the monotony it worth thinking about bouquets in which blue is not dominant.

Table decorations that you will use in the restaurant must go further with the dominant theme of the wedding. So if you choose nest theme, develop the idea and propose bird-shaped table numbers, blue table cards, candles, flowers, tableware to complete your idea. If your wedding is outdoor blue is perfect because it matches with the sky, so the largest setting is natural and free. You do not have to invest too much to provide amazing favors for your guests. They can be packaged so as to constitute themselves an aesthetic enhancement for the wedding hall. A well-chosen ribbon can rise up your little attention to the level of decoration. In this way you kill two birds with one shot: you have some blue romantic wedding reception ideas and superb favors for guests.

118233 blue romantic wedding reception ideas Blue Romantic Wedding Reception Ideas

Blue Romantic Wedding Reception Ideas (Source:

All the decorative details should be placed on a stand in order to be highlighted. You have to choose right the color of tablecloths so as not to blur the message that you have, but also not to monopolize the chromatics. And remember: blue is not only sober and balanced. If you harmonize it correspondingly by choosing a bold vivid color you can transform it into something very dynamic and powerful. Blue can thus become passionate, a feature that never hurts to a wedding party. For example, the combination of blue and red or blue and orange boasts your senses. However, if you want to preserve the ethereal heavenly feeling that blue is capable to render, it is better to combine it with white, beige or any pastel color you can think of.



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