Blue And Pink Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 10 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

As more and more colors burst into the wedding dress designs and styles, innovative, exciting and non-conventional combinations of colors appear as well to create a more exotic, attractive, enchanting and stylish bridal attire.

The black wedding dress as well as the red wedding dress colors are now extremely popular and appreciated among modern brides, that everyone is looking now for more interesting and unique colors for the contemporary wedding dress. One of the most appealing and charming color combination for any inspiring and romantic trendy wedding dress is pink and blue.

Can you imagine how chic, adorable, feminine, classy, soft, delicate and magical a blue and pink wedding dress may look on you? Do a simple an exercise in your mind and picture the most splendid, flowing, trained, floaty romantic and bohemian blue and pink wedding dress that you would like to wear on your special day to make you look like a princess.

The blue and pink wedding dress is definitely one of the most special and refined color choices for those of you who are looking for exclusiveness and stunning effects. Make a statement by choosing a wonderful and magical blue and pink wedding dress for a fairy-tale wedding day.

You could wear this kind of dress in a very extravagant and exquisite local or perhaps in a more natural and colorful context such as a botanical summer garden, a public park or crystal clear sandy beach are. The dress is also suitable for a spring wedding, to express the delicacy and the thrills of the resurrected nature.

What better way to evoke the romanticism and the magical feeling that are part of any wedding then wearing a memorable blue and pink wedding dress that can amaze everyone! Blue is considered to be the color of many popular significations such as: tranquility, inspiration, meditation, nostalgia, clear blue skies and seas, mysticism, romanticism, affection, warmth and cool breezy feelings, emotions, inner beauty, spirituality, devotion and faithfulness.

Contrary to what many critics may think, blue was the traditional color for wedding dresses long time ago, before the Queen Victoria changed the trends with her splendid white colored wedding dress. Before 1840, women wore blue to express the same innocence, chastity and purity features that the white color is expressing today.

On the other hand, pink is the most suitable complementary color that can join a blue shade because it signifies the romance, love, desire, fidelity, daydreaming, femininity, gracefulness and sensitiveness. Combining these wonderful colors into a single bridal outfit can be a splendid choice for any bride who is looking to make a statement on the wedding day. Wear a breezy, puffy layered, flowing or simple elegant and comfortable blue and pink wedding dress for a casual beach or riverbank wedding.11


  1. jenna berney

    October 01, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    where do i find the pink and blue wedding dress at the top, i want it so bad.


  2. Anna

    October 03, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Hello Jenna! Find more information about the dress here:


  3. ariel

    January 17, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    no, I don’t like the first one. That’s no wedding dress. C’mon, that’s a bridesmaids dress, if you want bride in the equation. But a bride to wear such a dress it means she’s no longer a bride, but just a common guest at the wedding. I’d rather wear the second dress, though it’s too short for my own taste. Longer, with those pink and blue flowers right there it would be the most beautiful wedding dress I could wear. I’m looking for a pink and blue wedding dress that has the colors in the equation, but not the whole dress to be in these colors. That’s because of the theme of the wedding I chose for my wedding. And white is a must in this equation.


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