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You know you should not invest in dozens of new products to look great when you go to a party? Only by changing lipstick or eye makeup, you look different and charming.
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For an evening wedding, maybe you should take into account a foundation that will make your skin glow, a shade that give life to your complexion. For eyes, you could be a little more daring than during the day, longer than mascara on lashes and a fine eyeliner will accentuate your personality. For lips, just add lip gloss will give you an instantly glamorous appearance. You can try something stronger color than what you use during the day. Add some accessories, assorted earrings and a necklace and boldly walks the biggest party of the series.

You probably wonder how to create your perfect wedding makeup? Well, the answer is not so difficult, I mean the method. In order to help you a little, or, a little bit more, well said, bliss wedding planners had come with some incredible ideas about creating the perfect makeup ever! You have to follow just a few steps, and after that you will be amazed, when you will see yourself in the mirror.

Remember a little about the story for the kids called the White Snow. Do you remember how the step mother has always asked her magic mirror: who is the most beautiful women? And the mirror was responding her like this: you my master are beautiful, but White Snow is purer and more beautiful than you. Well, imagine that you are in the posture of the White Snow. Beautiful, pure and charming. You will have all the eyes just for you. You will be in the spotlight, highlighted and amazing. All will stare and they will be fascinated by your beauty and your fantastic personality applied in your makeup, outfit and party.

Look what bliss wedding planners are advising you.

Start by cleaning your face. Make sure you have a clean makeup base. Apply concealers and pigments to cover blemishes, or with a suitable brush or with your fingers. Then apply a good quality foundation with a makeup sponge. Apply dots of foundation on the face, and then start them along the lines and mix them into your face. Put a small amount of eyeliner on the eyelids, as can be close to the eye. Choose three shades of eye shadows that fit together. The lighter shades of apply it all over the eyelid, the eyebrows to below the edge. Medium shade on the eyelids and apply it in the folds of the eyelid and a darker shade of the genes next to apply and blend. Then comes the mascara, which we apply the best putting brush piece by piece along the gene, from bottom to top.

Apply a blush to the cheeks, but one that suits you.  Smiles broadly and puts makeup on those areas of your cheeks higher.

Choose a lipstick or lip gloss in natural colors, and apply it with a small brush. Do not overdo it with lip gloss, not to look fake.

Finish the look by spraying some water in finely over the front to sit the appearance.

And, finally, I wish you to have a great wedding party. Have fun!11

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