Black onyx men wedding rings Washington Dc

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For the modern groom who is looking for something truly dramatic, ravishing and elegant perhaps a black onyx men wedding ring can really make a stunning choice.
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The onyx stone is one of the most mysterious, imposing, rich-looking and sought-after gems in wedding rings. Compared to other types of stones the onyx is quite and affordable option to consider. Nowadays more and more birthstone wedding rings or wedding rings with gemstones are becoming popular among modern brides and grooms who are planning a modern or a vintage inspired look.

There is something truly unique, sensational, phenomenal and magical about gemstones that diamonds don’t have it. No matter how expensive, glamorous, exquisite and intricate a diamond wedding ring is, gemstone wedding rings are always a more romantic, timeless and original alternative.

You can see the onyx stone often incorporated in wedding rings along pearls. The final look of a white pearl and black onyx wedding ring or of a black pearl and black onyx wedding ring is definitely fabulous and magnificent. The onyx stone can be found in many types of colors, from lighter ones like gray and white to darker ones like red or brown.

The original name of this type of gem is actually “Sardonyx”, and if we are to translate for you the meaning that comes from Greek language we would say that the “sard” means “reddish brown” while the “onyx” means “veined gem”. The name of “onyx” was popular or more commonly used by the ancient Romans.

They used to wear back then all kinds of onyx talismans to protect them from enemies, to bring them luck in the fight and to give them braveness and courage.

The onyx became a more appreciated, honored and respected stone during the Renaissance era when orators or public speakers used to wear onyx because they believed in its power of bringing eloquence to their discourse. For a very long time onyx was considered a more precious gem than other stones or metals like sapphires, gold or silver. In our days, onyx is considered a healing stone that can help the wearer to strengthen up the heart, the eyes, the kidneys or the nerves.

As in birthstones, onyx stones stand for the July month, while as in mystical powers they are believed to bring more wit, intelligence, spiritual inspiration and positive thinking to the wearer. The black onyx in particular it is believed to help the individual change his old bad habits or to vanquish his obsessions.

Hope you enjoy looking at these pictures with black onyx men wedding rings and that you will find the inspiration you need in choosing more wisely. If your wedding is going to be held in a beautiful sleek, elegant and fancy local in Washington Dc, don’t shy from this wedding ring choice.11


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