Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

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The black and yellow combination is not as classical as black and white, but the effect is special. If yellow is your favorite color, but adding black to the dress, you give it more elegance. A yellow dress is considered more like a casual, day event. How to make a yellow dress more elegant and make it suitable for a special event such as a wedding? Yellow means optimism, enlightenment, and happiness, the color of summer, perfect for summer weddings.
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If you want to be ‘’miss little sunshine’’ wear a yellow dress, it will have a joyful and fresh effect. Yellow has both positive and negative connotation. But I guess when you like a color, you remove all the negative connotation and you focus only on the positive. Yellow is cheerful, denotes happiness; and joy but on the other hand is the color of cowardice and deceit. It also represents courage. Not so many people think about the connotation of the color they wear, and how that will influence them.

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Yellow is great in combination, and the most used combination is with black. If you are invited to a summer, day wedding, wear a dress with more yellow, a short dress, you can use black accessories, like black shoes, black handbag, a black belt. But if the event is more elegant, if the reception will be in a fancy restaurant, an evening event, then a long black dress is required, with golden accessories. Yellow is the symbol of gold, of rich and wealthy, so if you add, golden accessories on your black dress, some embroidery, a golden belt, you add more elegance to your evening dress.

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If is it a theme wedding, from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, yellow was a popular color in that time, was part of the color revolution, the dresses were in joyful colors, in all kinds of combination, A-line skirts, yellow ribbons, yellow accessories were in fashion. You can wear a dress inspired from that time, a knee length dress with A-line skirt, yellow, with black dots on it, black belt, and yellow hair accessories. The choice is yours, play with these color combination.

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Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dress from

The type of the fabric you choose is very important. You should select the fabric according to the type of event. Satin or silk for an elegant appearance, for day time weddings, for an evening event you can choose black velvet with golden accessories. Yellow came strong back in fashion in the last years, and many designers, created beautiful yellow dresses for special events like a prom, for weddings. You can find many beautiful dresses in the collections of many famous designers such as Alfred Angelo, Jim Hjelm.11


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