Black And Turquoise Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invites can be very unique and different. They can have very interesting color combination. These colors need to reflect the entire theme of your wedding. For instance for a fall wedding you will need to choose colors that best suit the theme, you can opt for brown, red tones, purple and so on. For a classical wedding you can go fro black and white, but you can also add a pop of color instead of the simple white, add for instance pink or better yet a blue tone such as turquoise. This shade will go perfectly for a beach inspired wedding or even for a spring wedding. You can combine the two shades and pick some wedding invites that have some interesting designs on them. If it’s a beach theme wedding you could choose some oysters and some sea start designs.

110370 black and turquoise wedding invitations 2 Black And Turquoise Wedding Invitations

Black And Turquoise Wedding Invitations (Source:

You may also opt for some images of the sea or some palm trees. Your inspiration is the surroundings, use any ideas you can come up with and incorporate the designs and style into your wedding invites. You could also choose a funny aquarium model or some sand castles. You will be able to find these invites at craft stores and various online shops. You could also try and create the invitation yourself. All you need is some colorful cardstock, some imagination and the proper computer skills because you will also need to type the wording for the invites. This will include finding the proper introduction and respecting the etiquette.

110370 black and turquoise wedding invitations Black And Turquoise Wedding Invitations

Black And Turquoise Wedding Invitations (Source:

Choose any type of fonts and script style that you like as long as the guests will be able to understand the writing. Include the time and hour of the church ceremony along with the reception. If you wish you may include a reply cards so that the guests may decline or accept the wedding invite. This will make your job a lot easier and you will know exactly the number of guests attending your reception.


And remember that you can always add a person touch to the invitations. That will only make it special and memorable. Use ribbons to tie them up or other sorts od decorations if you wish. There are no rules when it comes to having the perfect wedding invitations.



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