Black And Red Wedding Reception

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Modern weddings are based on a lot of color. In fact, we’ve all got the chance to notice the importance of using colors in a reception party. Colors are rich and vibrant and they can add more uniqueness and attractiveness to any event. When it comes to weddings, the classic white themes are not the only choices anymore. The contrary, the myriad of palettes recommended by our wedding stylists can flatter even the most exigent couple.

If it may seem an inappropriate thing, a colorful wedding can turn out to be one of the most cheerful and beautiful event you’ve ever planned, hosted or attended in your life! However, it’s never easy to make the last choice when the options are so many and diversified. All colors are unique and each one of them can make a fabulous selection for a wedding. It depends on the way you choose to incorporate them in your setting and items. You should start with your invitations and stationery suite and continue with your own bridal attire.

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Then you can look for clever ways to insert it in the décor and cake. The most important thing when playing with a bold color scheme is to pick the most adequate shades. When it comes to red and black hues, things seem simpler than in other cases. Black doesn’t have too many derived shades to select from. Black can only be exploited in its darkness. But you can perhaps pick a black hue with a colored tint, like a plum, dark burgundy or maroon.

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Or, if you prefer something lighter, use gray nuances. Red on the other hand is richer in options. You can use softer types of reds, like tomato red, or you can go for something more dramatic, like ruby or burgundy red. One of our favorite color schemes that include black and red nuances is the one accented with a white splash. Black, red and white themes are great for modern couples who want something romantic and classy with a whimsical tint. Now, it all depends on how much white you’re planning on using. If you prefer something elegant and timeless, you can use more white.

142468 black and red wedding reception Black And Red Wedding Reception

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But if you care for a more whimsy palette, focus only on red and black. White usually equilibrates the balance and makes the black and red mix a bit easier to understand and assume. When it comes to wedding cakes, black and red themes look very whimsical and trendy. But we prefer the ones accented with white. Take a look at these pictures and see which one you prefer. The ones with black and white chevron patterns and stripes are our favorites. We adore the first model which features both the chevron and damask patterns.



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