Birch Tree Wedding Cakes

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More and more brides are choosing original designs for their wedding cake. Not only the designs are original but the wedding cake also is in harmony with the wedding theme. The wedding cake became more like a piece of art, it is an important element for a successful event. After the wedding dress the wedding cake will get all the attention, will ‘’catch’’ the eyes of your guests.

Outdoor wedding has always been more romantic than indoor wedding. If you are planning for a wedding in a park, or in a garden, in a forest, the wedding cake should reflect the theme of the wedding; you can choose a birch tree wedding cake. In this case you will want to use the colors of the birch tree to decorate your wedding cake like grey, white, black, silver, birch yellow and brown to create the wood appearance.

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The birch tree is an important symbol if you are planning a cultural wedding. For example in Celtic culture the birch tree is the symbol of renewal, growth, stability, adaptability which in fact are the characteristics of a wedding. As the birch is highly adaptive and able to sustain harsh conditions, also the bride and the groom should have the power to resist during the trials and should adapt to any situation. The birch tree can take roots in any landscape, it is a metaphor for our lives that we should also adapt and take ‘’roots’’ anywhere. The birch is the symbol of renewal, stability and structure. We tend to give much more attention to symbols, to the meaning of different elements on the wedding day. Maybe because we want to communicate something through the details we use in the wedding decorations, on the wedding cake. The birch is a perfect igniter, it starts to burn even when is damp, as a symbol if you want to use on the wedding day, the bride should also follow the groom with a fire in her heart all her life. Mystical or not the birch tree will make a great statement if you use it as a symbol on your wedding day, including choosing a birch tree wedding cake.

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You can admire such a cake on cake central website, a butter cream cake with white chocolate and brown chocolate for birch accents, decorated with Alaskan Fireweed flowers and pinecones, the cake is filled with blueberry filling. You can choose any decorations you want like flowers, leaves, pinecones, forest fruits, nuts, mushrooms, butterflies, birds. The cake can be presented on a wood plate. You can choose wood wedding cake toppers. There are so many ideas you can use.


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