Best Spanish wedding songs

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Spanish songs are definitely suitable for a wedding party and I don’t say this thing just because I like Spanish. I’m sure you already know that Spanish artists are very talented, they obtained lots of prizes, and their songs are heart touching due their lyrics, but due their rhythm too. In my opinion, some Spanish songs are very passionate, sensual and heart melting, while others simple push you to get on the dance floor and relieve your energy.
Also, lots of dancers use Spanish melodies in their tours and lots of movies have Spanish soundtrack. There is a thing with Spanish rhythm. As reggae music makes you bubble over with high spirits, as well Spanish songs help you in expressing your feelings, in expressing your need of sweetness and being cuddled. If you’ll carefully listen a Spanish song, you’ll notice that its lyrics are more a long love declaration than just simple lyrics with rimes. And also the Spanish accent is very sweet and smooth. During time, lots of artists tried to create wonderful songs, and some of them are eternal, I even dare to name them veiling masterpieces.

Such songs are those created by Cesaria Evora and I must write my favorite song: “Besame mucho”. Each time I’m hearing this song, it offers me goosebumps and desire of loving and being loved. Cesaria Evora is just a famous name of Latin singers (in my opinion, the most suggestive), but many other artists can enchant you with their work. Thalia, Natalia Oreiro, Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias are also much known. Nelly Furtado and Jennifer Lopez also tried to impress their fans with Spanish songs.

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Personally, I like very much Bebe, a Spanish singer with wonderful voice and amazing lyrics. “Siempre me quedara” is my favorite melody performed by Bebe. In the following lines, I’ll suggest you the best Spanish wedding songs perfect to be incorporated in your playlist. “A flor de piel” performed by Julio Iglesias, “Chiquitita” performed by Abba in Spanish version, “Cuban fantasy” performed by Puerto Rico All Stars, “Mucho Mambo-Sway” performed by Shaft, “Como la flor” performed by Selena, “Aventura” performed by Obsesion, “Fotografia”  and “Te busque” performed by Juanes and Nelly Furtado, “Tu y yo somos uno solo” performed by Frankie Marco, “Cancion de mariachi” performed by Antonio Banderas, “La vida es un carnaval” performed by Celia Cruz, “ Lambada” performed by Kaoma, “Ole” performed by Azucar Moreno, but certainly you must include in your playlist as many songs performed by Gipsy Kings: “Bamboleo”, “Baila me”, “Volare” and “Bem bem bem Maria”. I hope that these best Spanish wedding songs will create a wonderful atmosphere and all your guests will fill the dance floor to celebrate the love!11

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