Best Songs Seating Of Mothers For Wedding Services

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Many of the modern young couple choose to have their wedding celebration in the free spirit of a wedding, to them being more important to be officially joined together without the express presence of a church officiate for after this part ends to throw the party that marks the wedding reception meant to be performed in an atmosphere of music, dancing, eating and drinking. This way is the less formal and less traditional way to celebrate a wedding event, but there are also couples who choose to have their wedding celebrated in the ceremony of church service considering that their marriage wouldn’t work unless they are blessed by the symbolic presence of God which is to be found in place of worship.

And they are right, because the celebration of a wedding can not be complete without the act of holy marrying in the presence of a minister or a priest. The religious service in itself is meant to percolate inside the souls of everyone present the holy agreement upon the act of marriage. Therefore the planning of a ceremonial is guided with a lot of care for everybody to be aware of the importance of the act and the way the divine presence blesses the wedding couple. The ceremonial takes place in a displaying of parts, each one of them is accompanied by its specific music.

In case you have your minister’s assistant to help you with the music and you are totally satisfied with it, than the aspect of music inside the unfolding of the religious ceremony is already settled and you don’t have to be concerned. But there are couples who consider that the ceremony, being the part of the wedding that introduces the couple as bride and groom and ends up with their new status as wife and husband, has to be accompanied of choices of songs selected on their own and having the father’s approval as well.


In this respect you might want to choose the songs to accompany the guests arrival inside the place of worship, after that the songs to honor the presence of the two mothers who are normally introduced by either the bride’s or groom’s brother or by any other usher. Following these moments is the entrance of the groom, best man and the officiant that come close to the altar and wait there for the other characters to enter the stage of the ceremonial.

And as such the bridesmaids, the flower girl and the bride escorted by her father enter one after the other, all these entrances being accompanied by specific songs as well. After the bride walks the aisle she reaches at the end where she meets her groom to whom she is handed over by her father. The other songs chosen for the ambient could be the song for vows and rings exchanging, the song to light the Unity Candle, all these being of course optional in the displaying of the wedding ceremony.


If you want to honor the presence of your mothers inside the atmosphere of the ceremony you can choose one of these best songs seating of mothers for wedding services:  “The Lord’s player” – by Malotte, “Ave Maria” – Schubert (two versions one in English and the other in Latin) or you can go for the less formal best songs seating of mothers for wedding services some of them being: “One hand one heart” from the West Side Story, “All I ask of you” the excerpt from Phantom of the Opera or “Grow old with me” performed by John Lennon.11

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