Best Dress Color For The Mother Of The Bride

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Your beautiful daughter is getting married and you are called to make a good impression at her wedding. To be able to lift up to the bride’s expectations you need to find yourself a gorgeous outfit. Mothers are usually the most excited persons in the bride’s family. They are so enthusiastic about their daughter’s wedding that they even forget about their own role and look. When it comes to choosing the mother of the bride dress you should know that the etiquette say that the bride is the one who usually chooses the design and the color.

If your daughter doesn’t want to impose you her wedding style you can consult her on the best color to go. It’s very important to do that because your look must suit the bridesmaids dress color and the wedding theme. You can’t just show up dressed in whatever you think it would fit. Discuss with your daughter and find out what type of outfit she thinks it can suit her wedding. Consult her on the color to make sure your gown will match the color-scheme of the wedding. Anything can fit a bride’s mother gown, starting with white and ending up with hot pink shades. There are many modern brides who want their mom to wear a white or off white dress.

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This is a trendy choice but not all brides seem to adhere to it. Try to respect your daughter’s wishes, no matter how weird may seem to you at a first sight. She is in charge of planning the wedding and you will have to trust her expertise. Giving the fact that weddings today are so coherent and unified in terms of colors, you have to play by her rules. But what are the most appropriate colors for a mother of the bride dress you may ask yourself! Well, as we said before, nowadays anything is doable. Even the boldest hues can be worn with success by a modern mother. Fuchsias, plums, silvers, golds, deep reds, magentas, royal purples, metallic blues and emerald greens are just a few of the hottest colors at this moment for mother of the bride/groom outfits.

136784 best dress color for the mother of the bride Best Dress Color For The Mother Of The Bride

Best Dress Color For Mother Of The Bride (Source:

Choosing the most adequate one depends on the wedding style. If your daughter is planning a formal dramatic wedding, perhaps you can use a more decent color, like chocolate brown, dark gray, violet or blush pink. Try to avoid colors from the white family, like ivory or champagne, and black. If you’re wearing a long dress, be careful with dark tones. Some hues are just too powerful to suit a floor length design, like burgundy or hot pink. Take into consideration the length and style of the dress when choosing the color.



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