Best Dance Songs For A Wedding Reception

Wedding Party | July 12 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Putting together an important event like a wedding is always challenging, no one knows this better than those who have already done it or who are about to go through it.
We all know how things could get out of control whenever it comes about planning a wedding. One of the problems could represent choosing the right music for the wedding and the reception afterwards.

If you happen to be planning a wedding you might find it an obstacle what kind of music to play at the party that would satisfy everyone’s taste and would be proper for dancing as well. But finding the best dance songs for a wedding reception shouldn’t be so hard.

But still, choosing the music for your wedding may represent some sort of difficulty, you may be indecisive about it because you might fear the guests won’t like what’s playing. But you could never fail with anything that’s popular and it’s easy to dance to it.

The best way to please everyone’s requirements is to have all kinds of music. Now this may seem a bit vague, you might think that having a bunch of mix tapes isn’t the best solution after all. And you would be right, when I say all kinds of music I don’t mean that you should ask around from all your acquaintances for their favorite CD’s.

Since it’s your wedding day first of all you should have some music that you and your partner like and your family, friends. You could ask for some professional opinion regarding the choices you are about to make about the music but if you got some friends or someone in the family whom you know about has a good taste in music you’re good to go.

After the wedding ceremony comes the reception, in other words: it’s party time! Depending on what music genres you’d prefer you can have all sorts of party music.

If you decide to have ballroom dance music you could have:

Rock n’roll: Elvis Presley – Blue suede shoes, Jail rock/ Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode, Roll over Beethoven/ Bill Haley– Rock around the Clock Foxtrot: Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack/ Vaya Con Dios – Nah Neh Nah
Cha cha: Santana – Smooth, Corazon espinado
Slow fox: Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther
Samba: Julio Iglesias – La Gota Fria

If you would like to have something more contemporary, pop music is more than ideal for partying. If you are not that big of a music specialist all you should do is to enter a music store or to watch two hours a music channel and you will know what’s that’s popular and you can dance to it as well.11

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