Beautifully textured wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 08 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Brides who are not satisfied with the simple plain look will surely be more interested in these beautifully textured wedding dresses pictured below on this page. These creations are made by Douglas Hannant for his newest 2011 bridal collection. Contemporary brides should appreciate the fact that they are the most privileged brides of all times and the luckiest ones especially because they have so many choices in stunning one-of-a-kind wedding dresses – some more modern and bold, others more vintage and chic.

Every bride is now free to go with the exact style she wants on the big day because there are no more limitations or restrictions that might prevent her from purchasing and assuming a certain style, more or less unconventional. Nowadays brides can find both modern and antique inspired wedding gowns, because both of these styles are available or contemporary. The old preconceptions about how the wedding dress should be all white or about how encore brides or pregnant brides should not wear white are finally gone from our minds. We are ready to embrace new styles and new directions or perspectives. This is the biggest reason for why the vast majority of modern brides have higher expectations of a wedding dress and new preferences that are more picky and pretentious or simply hard to please or measure.

In this article we are going to talk about modern couture wedding dresses and show you a few relevant images with charming beautifully textured wedding dresses that we think you might like. These pieces are created especially for independent brides who are willing to invest more in their look and assume a more unique and outstanding wedding dress. The general line that transpires from these Douglas Hannant gowns is based upon simplicity of cuts and rich elaboration of embroideries and surface embellishments. Overall, due to these nonchalant patterns and adornments, these dresses surely look pretty, discreet, feminine and eye-catchy. There is a beautiful type of ultra elegance and sensuality hidden in these wonderful gowns that only the voguish bride can observe.

The details are bold but not imprudent, irresponsible or ostentatious in anyhow. Off the beat brides who are willing to assume a more radical and perhaps noncomformist look get the chance of selecting from colored bridal gowns, beautifully decorated with vibrant colored floral prints and patterns. Light weight diaphanous fabrics, romantic thick daring ruffles, seductive textures, multiple tiers, airy tulle overlays and asymmetrical cuts are only a few examples of the many interesting and original details made on these dresses. The silhouettes are very feminine, light and sleek, perfect for brides who want to look both sexy and elegant on the big day. You can browse for more sensational designer beautifully textured wedding dresses on our website.11


  1. Kristi

    November 12, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    I MUST know where to find the dress w the belt in the top picture banner. Please!!!


  2. darkyn

    April 19, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    I love the last dress you posted here, I just love it and think it’s fabulous. it’s so feminine, so elegant and so like a butterfly. the line and the cut, that shorter part makes me think of butterfly wings. an amazing dress that i like so much i have to find a way of buying it. and i find all of these dresses very nice because of the type of fabric used more than because of the lines and cuts. but the textured fabric is so nice and charming and i find it more than attractive i find it refreshing, magnificent. but as i’ve already said, the last dress is the most beautiful and i think it’s the dress with the best cuts for this type of fabric.


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