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If you’re tired of traditional weddings, if you want to try something new, probably the best option is to get married on a beach. Beach weddings are getting very popular nowadays, as most women have chosen a beach wedding and not the regular church ceremony.

For sure there’s nothing wrong with regular weddings. There are still women who love princess wedding gowns and high hills but most of them dream of a beach wedding, with an ocean view and maybe a romantic sunset. It’s the new trend and with this kind of wedding, you as the couple, don’t have to be stiff or formal, just be yourself and enjoy the sun!

A beach wedding is always funnier being colorful and refreshing. Imagine having your wedding somewhere in Bahamas or Hawaii, isn’t this refreshing? If you have your beach wedding at such an exotic location, you can transform the event in a short holiday with your family. In this way you will go on holiday and get married on the same beautiful beach.


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Another great thing about beach weddings is that you can make them as short as you want. You don’t have to respect any time schedule; you make it in your own personal time. Also, if you want to get married really quick and simple, you just need a priest, the maid-of -honor and the best man. You can also have one or two flower girls; it’s your decision to make.

There are hundreds of ways to make this special day fun and informal but a beach wedding might be the easiest. This is why so many couples choose to get married on a beach: because is so informal. You can walk bare feet and feel the sand tickling your toes. You can choose any theme or motif, anything you want and it will surely be perfect. The informality of beach weddings inspires you and creates a carefree atmosphere for everyone. This kind of locations can’t make you tense or shaky; you will feel the hot sand and maybe the cold sea-water so you can cool off in a second. You can even take into consideration wearing anontraditional dress, or just a scarf, nothing is forbidden. Your groom can wear a white shirt and some khaki pants.


When deciding the other wedding details, think about the fact that you can make them part of the beach. You can glue little seashells on your wedding invitations; they have to look original, so they will predict a fun, creative beach wedding. The sand around you can be decorated with palm leaves or petals and if you use bonfires or torches, they can be an amazing accent to your beach wedding. Also if the wedding take place in an exotic place, the flower girls can wear grass skirts and flowers in their hair, they would look really pretty.

Hope you will consider beach weddings as an alternative for your big day. For sure it will be so amazing that you will bound to remember it for the rest of your life.


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